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  • Increase sales and leads

    Increase sales and leads

  • Improve Customer XP.

    Improve Customer XP.

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    Affordable costs

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    Security and quality first

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    Satisfied Buyers

"PimCore is a Powerful Data Warehouse. And much more..."

There are many publications about customer acquisition strategies and the battle for the clients. A proper strategy contributes to increasing the company's turnover. But what if too big numbers of orders become a problem in themselves?

Platforms like PIM (Product Information Management), bring together many areas that are related to sales. Both from the customer level, as well as from the e-commerce owner level.

By implementing PIM, sellers receive an integrated and convenient tool that positively influences, among others, the increase in conversion, cost reduction and a comprehensive support for promotional activities.

In turn, the platform provides customers with a convenient shopping experience, always up-to-date product information and an even higher level of User Experience.

Our specialists are aware of the developing trends. We are happy to advise our clients on what tools and methods will allow them to optimize and develop their businesses. We strive to provide the highest quality of services, especially in areas such rapidly growing as e-commerce.

We are constantly expanding our competences, as evidenced by the title of PimCore Silver Partner. Thus we became one of 9 companies in Poland that have the title of Pimcore Partner.

Our specialists are also certified as PimCore Consultants and PimCore Junior Developers. The certificates confirm our knowledge and experience in the implementation and development of the PimCore platform. Our active participation in Pimcore Academy courses ensures that customers gain not only an implementer, but a business partner who supports their development.

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Dynamic growth vs. company infrastructure

At first glance, the dynamic development of the company and its popularity among customers are not problematic. The stage of acquisition and fight for the customer has passed and you can focus on taking actions conducive to sales growth. However, the company's development must go hand in hand with the top quality of services. Most often it is necessary to prepare the company in the area of technology. You should provide tools or a platform that will support development without disrupting the company's previous activities.

We would like to introduce to you the multifunctional tool which is PimCore. The platform operates as Open source and is used by over 80,000 companies in 56 countries. PimCore will likely become a pioneer among omnichannel tools that will revolutionize traditional sales and customer communication.

Product Information Management

The data manager at PimCore fulfills the role of data warehouse for offered products. It means that it places all data in digital form in one place with easy and quick access. The next step is the consolidation and integration of existing and incoming data in various sales channels.

To illustrate these dependencies, we can use an example. A clothing company has a chain of stationery stores in many countries. It also sells by phone, and online store. They company links all these channels with social media services and price comparison websites. It launches the new product to the central database and after a while it is visible in all the company's channels anywhere in the world.

Also, any modifications or editorial of a product (eg. price, graphics, description, or technical information), are updated in real-time in many sales channels.

Digital Resource Management

PimCore DAM is used to manage digital assets and metadata. The integration of digital resources is similar to PIM / MDM. The manager, in addition to managing and monitoring data, has a built-in data editor. A user-friendly interface makes editor’s navigation easier and provides many useful tools, among others a tagging module that allows you to quickly find a given resource, save the file in one of 100 file formats, or crop your photos. The Resource Portal multimedia gallery is a module that can be very useful in creating or modifying a page or resource.

In particular, automatic conversion and transcoded video are an invaluable feature. Having multiple sales channels, you may need to have a few versions of a given digital asset. This tool will ensure that the photo or video will be compatible with the potential customer's device when displaying its content.

It is worth mentioning about the Workflow Mechanism. It allows you to plan activities and monitor work progress. These can be both business and editorial activities. It is also possible to create multiple action plans, run them simultaneously, and track all processes.

User Experience (UX)

The Pimcore platform also includes the Experience Manager module. It supports creating UX in relation to a brand in many sales channels at the same time. Also, the content depends on the client’s preferences at a specified time.

The user can follow previous and current activities looking at the effects, which are already obtained. If they are not satisfactory, you can smoothly customize them by using the editor. We can easily modify the content or graphics of the page. Changes will be visible in all sales channels or devices of a potential customer in a few minutes.

Multi-channel e-Commerce sales

PimCore is an impressive tool, but it also fulfills the role of a large-scale sales platform.

What definitely distinguishes this multi-module application is the centralization of product data and digital resources, metadata (including the Workflow module), which is integrated into an e-store operating in many channels.

Having all this information about the customer and thier preferences, you can prepare an attractive offer that will meet the customer's expectations. PimCore will definitely speed up a new product launching with a relatively low investment.

PIM - benefits of implementing

  • The Centralized database makes it easier to find information,
  • the ability to manage all types of data, in real-time,
  • saving time and costs associated with ensuring that product data is up to date,
  • easy integration with other company’s systems,
  • quick new products launching in many sales channels,
  • transparent data editor for modifying text and graphic content,
  • the ability to design and track product marketing activities,
  • significant reduction of financial expenditure when purchasing a multi-module platform.

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