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Product configurators

  • Increase sales and leads

    Increase sales and leads

  • Improve Customer XP.

    Improve Customer XP.

  • Affordable costs

    Affordable costs

  • Security and quality first

    Security and quality first

  • Satisfied Buyers

    Satisfied Buyers

Let your customers design your products and services. Interactive configurators offer potential customers the possibility of designing something unique, something just for them.
Adrian Kaczor
Adrian Kaczor
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Sales activity used to be limited to mass-produced goods, wholesales, discounts, and price war. The times when it was enough to be successful are long gone.

Today, the first role in winning customers and their loyalty play personalization and positive customer experience.

Configurators of products or services give potential customers the possibility of designing "something unique", "just for them". Something that will be fully adjusted to their expectations, and because of which they will be more willing to make a purchase. Something that you actually already have on offer.

These types of web applications form a measurable added value, because they will make it easier for you to meet the consumers requirements. Thanks to them, you are ahead of the competition - in sales, sense of innovation, and creating the desired Customer Experience. Our product configurators are used on, among others:

What are the configurators?

The configurator let you customize and visualize a product or service that can be made by the Customer. Most often, the configurators are connected to the store's module that enables purchasing the designed product. In other words, it enables the customers to adjust products or services to their individual preferences. Because of the mechanism of visualization, it is possible to check the visual effect, see exactly the version one wants, and finally, pay for the order.

Such applications are most often available on websites or as applications installed on a laptop, tablet or even on the smartphone of the sales representative. It depends on the sales model and the way of contacting with the Customer preferred by the company.

The simplest example of a configurator is one that enables printing the name or logo of your company on the product. The more advanced ones enable designing a roof covering, or paving stones, and on the basis of the design calculate the demand of individual elements, while generating the order.

Apart from the consumer goods, we can also configure different types of services. On an everyday basis, customers use this option when choosing their favourite channels in a given satellite TV package, or choosing the form of delivery in an online store. Most commonly known are advanced configurators of insurance or banking companies' offers.

In the tourism industry, configurators are also very popular. On the basis of the buyers' preferences and their specified parameters, the configurator selects all the variables concerning the trip, from choosing the date and means of transport, to booking a hotel with the suitable catering facilities, to ordering a taxi or booking a table at a favourite restaurant. As a result, the buyer can fully enjoy the holiday.

The secret of sales growth lies in the point of the configurator design. It is an integral part of the order process and gives the buyer a sense of greater control over the ordered product.

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Types of configurators

When a customer is looking for the best offer, the decision of a purchase has probably already been made. Whether such a person is going to buy from your company depends on whether you stand out from the competition. Providing them with a configurator may be a factor that determines the purchase.

Product Configurator

In the era of personalization and ubiquitous customization, the customer wants to be able to choose, to be treated individually, and purchase unique products. In order to meet these expectations, they should be offered the greatest flexibility and the possibility of choice. As a result, the sky is the only limit of the functions your configurator provides. The most frequently used functions of configurators are:

  • placing the personalized text or available graphics on a product,
  • choice of colour, size or material, texture, and other similar parameters,
  • 2D or 3D project visualization,
  • dynamic modification of product during the design process,
  • possibility of rotating the product by 360 degrees,
  • saving a working copy,
  • possibility to use own images in the configurator,
  • 3D configurator with interactive instructions and tips for designers,
  • dynamic pricing of the finished project during the process of creation,
  • a summary printout in the form of a PDF file.

Service Configurator

In the case of personalized services, the main role is played by well-designed dynamic forms. Next to the fields to check or complete (e.g. text, additional notes), there may appear images showing a given service and the object connected with it. Similar to the ones we encounter when we book a car in a rental company, choose a mobile phone and Internet operator, or when completing the computer equipment out of separate components, during which the system suggests elements compatible with the already selected ones.

Depending on the type of services or products we offer, both the content and the number of fields will differ. On the one hand, as the customer wants to buy one service, such a person is able to combine it with others in various packages (e.g. individual, VIP, Premium) and receive the pricing immediately. The other possibility is that the process comprises, for example, the preparation of components to order in accordance with the guidelines made by the production department, so the pricing is delayed in time.

Interactive Configurator - good investment

No matter what industry you work in, your customers will always want personalisation. There are a lot of the configurators created for B2C sales on the Internet, the D2C sales model is constantly gaining popularity, and the ones used in B2B sales are mostly unpopular. However, many sellers indicate the need for an individual approach.

While observing the market, one may come to the conclusion that virtually every industry has the potential to benefit from the implementation of this type of solution.

  • clothing industry (e.g. T-shirts with prints, logos, embroidery, masks),
  • footwear industry (e.g. choice of material and colour of individual elements of footwear, personalized embroidery),
  • occasional and premium products (custom-made: engraving, cups, medals, and high quality materials),
  • personalized labels and packaging (e.g. imprinting of the name on the packaging, chocolates in a specified shape, or as sets of letters creating a message for the receiver),
  • computer industry and mobile accessories market (e.g. configurator of computers, laptops, case laser prints),
  • furniture industry (e.g. custom-made furniture, modular wardrobe system configurator)
  • "Virtual" products (e.g. gift cards and vouchers from popular clothing brands, gaming platforms, streaming services, and others).

We have implemented numerous configurators for our customers, e.g., in the automotive, jewellery, construction, interior design, and service industries.

What are the benefits for the client?

  • Building a brand that is focused on positive and unique Customer XP,
  • creating a modern sales channel to attract customers,
  • 2 in 1 tool both for designing and ordering a product or service, with smooth and efficient purchasing process: design, preview, placing and paying for the order,
  • reduction of the number of product cards optimizes the functioning of the online store,
  • information about consumer preferences and behaviours enables their analysis and creation of new products or services tailored to the needs of potential recipients,
  • simplifying of the Customer Journey by automating the process of composing and placing orders for products and services.

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