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PimCore is a Powerful Data Warehouse. With custom plug-ins, it can give your business much more...
Piotr Zamielski
Piotr Zamielski
Account Manager, Business Digitalization,
Product Information Management
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When implementing projects, we design custom-built PimCore extensions to widen the functionality of the PimCore platform. Our experienced developers can design any kind of extension that will make PimCore take even better care of your needs.

It provides a possibility to fulfil diverse needs of our Clients. PIM (Product Information Management) is a tool for comprehensive management of product information from a single, centralised warehouse.

This platform combines many sales-related areas - both from the level of the customer and from the level of the e-commerce owner.

We are constantly expanding our competences, which is proven by the PimCore Silver Partner status.

Thanks to this, we have become one of 9 companies in Poland having the title of Pimcore Partner.

In addition to the extensive database of standard solutions, PimCore allows for adapting all functionalities to the individual needs of a Client. When working on various projects, we often design dedicated modules that extend the basic functionalities of the platform.

We have implemented sales platforms for, among others:

    Examples of extensions we've built

    Rich cards generator

    The function of creating so-called extended descriptions, dedicated to a given sales area, allows for creation of personalized descriptions adapted to the form preferred by a given seller.

    Texts are automatically generated basing on specific templates, and graphics are downloaded from the database assigned to specific product categories.

    There is no need to add them manually. The appropriate, attractive-looking descriptions increase the interest in the Client's offer, and thus significantly affect sales.

    Personalized SEO descriptions

    On the basis of the created classification and attributes of the products, the Client is able to generate any descriptions for each product, and for each domain separately.

    Phrases dedicated to descriptions are randomly selected on a basis of a specific feature in a given category, so that the text is unique in each product. The descriptions can be freely mixed under a specific product or domain, provided that the attribute is met.

    The variety of content is a particularly initial functionality when selling in many channels. It is important that the description in each of them is different, but equally qualitative.

    Add products form

    Using this feature, platform users can quickly enter and edit data from one system to different sales channels at the same time. The layout of the form is determined within a template according to the needs of a Client, which makes the introduction of new products quick and intuitive.

    In addition, individual fields can be assigned to specific people, so that each user has their own specific role in the system. The product adding form ensures that all information is in one place, and the entire process is properly organized and saves time.

    Promotion creator

    It is an additional module that allows for generating promotional materials (leaflet designs, mailing lists, advertising banners) based on pre-defined templates.

    On the basis of prepared datasets, the Client is able to generate a set of promotional graphics with product information and a photo from a dedicated database of a given category in only a few seconds.

    The Client may send the prepared offer to a specific recipient or mailing group. Such a solution not only saves the graphic designer's working time, but also allows for a faster information workflow concerning current promotions both in and outside of the organization.

    Importer of new products with validation

    On a basis of the unique template created in the Excel file, the Client is able to manage data about new products.

    After the correct filling of the fields, the file is imported into the platform where the validation is performed.

    The process itself is more in-depth than in a standard module, so that the detection of possible errors happens at the moment of uploading the data file, not during the creation of the product itself.

    If the Excel file has been completed correctly, according to the template, its import will not be a problem. Thanks to this solution, the expansion of the company's product range is faster, and the risk of placing an incorrect product description is close to zero.

    Product assets exporter

    The extension makes it possible to streamline the process of transferring product data (e.g., to contractors or distributors).

    After the application of filters, the Client can download the necessary product data – from photos to product descriptions or technical specification cards.

    Each of the downloaded assets goes to a specific folder described by the product name.

    This functionality allows for quickly providing the valuable information to contractors without having to search for it in various systems or folders.

    Variant Generator

    If the Client has multiple suppliers for individual products and the store's offer is extensive, the variant generator can help to organize the data according to individual needs.

    By separating the range of attributes from the main product, and issues related to marketing descriptions, the platform user receives more detailed data on a separate object, i.e., product dimensions, or colours, which may depend on the supplier.

    In addition, the generator automatically completes data common to related products, which provides time savings for users and eliminates the risk of errors when copying content between products.

    By separating the descriptions of variants from the description of the main product, information management becomes easier, and the perception of the product in a given e-commerce positively affects the expectations of the final customer.

    PimCore solutions tailored to your needs


    You might have not found a module that will fulfill or streamline the functions you need? Contact us and we will help you develop a solution that fully meets the requirements of your business.


    The process of creating personalized plugins can be divided into several stages:

    • Needs analysis - stage without which the project cannot be implemented. Proper recognition of the Client's needs and expectations, and an adequate understanding of the processes, is the key to the success when implementing highly personalized solutions.
    • Functional project –a summary of all information and plans to launch the project. Such a document allows for a smooth transfer from the needs analysis to the implementation phase.
    • Project completion and implementation – basing on the documentation, we create the entire project, and after accepting the functionalities of the module, there is a test phase that allows for eliminating potential errors and making improvements. The next step is to launch and share the project with end users.

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