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eCommerce Development

  • Clients recommend our services

    Clients recommend our services

  • Numerous awards and distinctions

    Numerous awards and distinctions

  • Better control and reports

    Better control of the sales process

  • We grow with our customers

    We grow with our clients

  • We put Security and Quality firs

    We put Security and Quality first

  • 76% of our clients work with us for 7+ years

    Satisfied clients stay longer


The level of customer satisfaction and willingness to re-purchase depends on many factors. We offer sales support that will help with the ongoing functioning of your business, and its development.
Anna Wolanin
Anna Wolanin
eCommerce, Process automation
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A system that efficiently implements all purchasing processes is the main factor determining success in e-commerce. The appropriately designed online shop has a huge impact on both website traffic and sales level.

During implementation, we tailor the e-commerce system, to your needs. Such online shops are intuitive and easy to use what equals an increase in sales.

The Edito.eCommerce application is fully scalable and allows for easy development with additional functionalities. We often use also Open Source platforms - usually Magento 2 or Shopware 6. This allows us to create e-stores tailored to the needs of small manufacturers as well as distributors or wholesalers, who offer products online.

We treat each cooperation individually because we know that the solution we provide has a big impact on the client's business.

We have implemented sales platforms for, among others:

Proven eCommerce Software House

Clients rate our comprehensive services and consultancy very well. This is one of the main reasons why we were recognized by Clutch as a Top Custom Software Developer in area of eCommerce Solutions in Poland.

In our daily work, we help to develop our clients' businesses. Their trust and effective cooperation make us grow as well. January, 2022, the new edition of Forbes Diamond Award report was published. We are proud to be listed among the fastest-growing Polish enterprises in this prestigious report.

The most important goal of our daily activity is to support the development of your business. Every day more and more. That makes us carry out projects that meet expectations of our clients who recommend us to others. Projects we are siply proud of.

Polish IT specialists are valued primarily for their diligence and skills. We are currently ranked 5th in the TopCoder and 3rd in the Hackerrank ranking.

... and how can we help your business?


Outstanding sales platforms

In the "Ranking of Online Shops 2021" provided by, our clients took top places in their categories. This ranking is created based on clients’ opinions and their level of satisfaction after completing the purchase. We know that the level of client satisfaction results, among others, from the simplicity of use and functionality of e-shops that we create together with our clients.

The projects which we create receive a number of awards and honors. It is worth to mention: Webstar for BRW for the e-commerce platform and 4 nominations in the Ekomersy competition for the implemented platforms and sales support activities. According to the ranking, Ideo's e-commerce platform for is the best online store in the category of specialist stores in the automotive industry.

Our projects are also positively assessed in the Website Without Barriers competition. Its purpose is to highlight websites that are adapted to the needs of disabled and elderly people, counteracting digital exclusion.

Generate customers, not just visitors

With success, we increase the number of customers and the value of their purchases. The most important function of an online store is generating sales. Only part of the users who will visit your online shop will make a purchase. We have one aim - to generate growth of customer’s sales.

High performance & security standards

Our projects successfully passed numerous safety and performance tests, which confirmed their high quality. If digital data security is your priority - we work in accordance, i.a. with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP TOP 10) standard.

Our platform’s performance and infrastructure is affected, among others, by:

  • Nginx, which is up to 300% faster than commonly used web servers,
  • PHP 7.2, which has approx. 30% higher capability than PHP version 5.6,
  • Load Balancer, which balances server load thus increasing the efficiency of the entire infrastructure,
  • Performant CLOUD servers and NoSQL databases,
  • Dedicated solutions for cache support and graphic elements compaction,
  • and many other optimization tools and methods depending on project’s needs.
During the draw, the number of users exceeds 100 thousand simultaneously. Almost 12 million users visit the site monthly.
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eCommerce integrations

One of the possibilities of increasing the functionality of the online shop is integration with services or applications offered by external suppliers, but also IT systems and applications which are used in the company.

Depending on the seller’s needs and buyer's expectations, such integration, for example, automates certain activities, saves time, and reduces business costs. It also contributes to better customer service and builds a shop’s brand. What is important- synchronizing data in real time reduces the risk of misinformation and errors.

The most popular categories of integration:

  • product - integration with the product catalogue (PIM), product attributes or categories, and prices,
  • logistics - integration with suppliers, payment systems, instalment systems,
  • warehouse - integration with the warehouse system /group of products,
  • communication - allowing for ongoing contact with users, informing about order status or efficient after-sales support,
  • business - with CRM systems, a counterparty base,
  • sales support - integration with marketplace systems, auction sites, price comparison sites, etc.,
  • marketing - with marketing automation systems, mailing platforms, social media, etc..

We are able to integrate any number of IT systems, thus getting a synergy effect. We also implement database integration and data migration between applications.

Why you should choose us

  • We effectively support customer's growth

    We support your growth

  • Ideo Agency - 250 experts onboard

    250 passionate experts

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    SCRUM / Agile

  • IT Outsourcing experience

    IT Outsourcing experience

  • Partners for life

    Partners for life

We know that the world is getting smaller, and regardless of the subject of cooperation our mutual contact is supposed to be smooth. We have experience in this area too.


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In case of a temporarily increased demand for IT staff, it would not be easy nor profitable to hire a suitable specialist for a short time period. To help optimise the costs of running a business We could offer You:

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Fixed-price projects suit us best, but our services can be realized also on the basis of the following cooperation models:

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Top Custom Software Developer

Clients rate our comprehensive approach to project implementation and business consulting very well. This is one of the main reasons we are considered by Clutch as a leading eCommerce Software Development Team in Poland.


In our daily work, we help to develop our clients' businesses. Their trust and effective cooperation make us grow as well. January, 2022, the new edition of Forbes Diamond Award report was published. We are proud to be listed among the fastest-growing Polish enterprises in this prestigious report.


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