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A modern system to improve the management of warehouse logistics processes. Complementing the warehouse program is a mobile application for data collectors.
Marcin Wojtoń
Marcin Wojtoń
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WMS ( Warehouse Management System) facilitates control and management of warehouse daily activities. WMS manages the receipt and storage of inventory, optimizes order picking and shipping.

Moreover, it advises on restocking. The warehouse management system can be a stand-alone application, or part of the enterprise resource planning system – ERP.

Asiston WMS is a modern system designed to coordinate and control all key warehouse processes. It allows for maximum flexibility and adaptation to the individual needs of each customer and each warehouse.


Benefits of implementing a WMS

Reduction of warehouse operation time

Within the system it is possible to divide responsibilities into commercial and warehouse departments. As a result, tasks are performed more efficiently. Thanks to this, employees do not see documents that do not concern them. They are divided with a view to the status and level of completion of a given document.

Example: an order placed by a customer is accepted by the commercial department, which verifies it. As an order is accepted, it is transferred to the warehouse, which completes it by, for instance, packing it into a parcel. When the warehouse finishes their work, the commercial department receives the relevant information about a completed order. This allows for issuing a sales document, e.g., an invoice.

This division facilitates the performance of a large number of tasks. As a result, the efficiency is improved.

Reduction of administrative costs
by eliminating manual entering of data and their aggregation

One of its main purposes is to automate work in the warehouse. The  Asiston WMS  makes it possible with the automatic generation of documents.

Processes such as entry, release, inter-warehousing transfer, inventory, and other economic events are performed with the generation of the relevant document in the accounting and warehouse system. Thanks to this automation, the company can reduce costs generated by the time-consuming entry of documents in the ERP system.

Full integration and data exchange with ERP system

Full integration allows for the exchange of documents and information such as: status, updates, and information about goods or contractors, which are later transferred to the Asiston WMS or ERP system. Consequently, it is not necessary to complete or manually rewrite documents.

The data is exchanged in real time thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, that are another important benefit of the system. This allows for transferring data from the ERP to the Asiston WMS or the other way around (within a few milliseconds). Moreover, the system provides integration with couriers. With the modern technologies, it is possible to generate a consignment notes, and then print them on a printer located at a warehouse that prepared the shipment for release.

Supervision of the workflow of information

With the notification module, it is possible to preview information about the data workflow between the ERP and the Asiston WMS. If the transfer of data between systems fails, it is possible to quickly find the source of the problems.

User-friendly warehouse management

System was designed from scratch to be intuitive and user-friendly. With this approach, introducing a person to the new system is not as time-consuming as it was before. The data presentation was designed to provide users only with the initial information. This enables easy identification of information that can result in fulfilling the task.

An example is the release of goods by a warehouse keeper. When processing the order, the user already knows what goods to collect, how many of them are needed, and where to find them. This information is enough to perform warehouse keeper’s task correctly. The Asiston WMS system is also adapted to be used on mobile devices. This means that work on data collectors, tablets or other devices is easy and user-friendly.

Improved inventory control

A key aspect for the company managing a warehouse is the detailed control of goods. An ideal situation is one in which there are no discrepancies. Asiston WMS supports and strives for this. The system uses an intuitive configuration of a warehouse, i.e., defining zones, within which specific locations of goods are placed.

These may be spaces for the entry of goods, but also those in which the goods are stored, also, order picking, issuing zones, etc. This function allows for controlling whether the given state in the system matches the reality. However, even such functionalities will not provide full control over inventory. For this reason, there is a function that tracks every transfer of each good. Thanks to this, it is possible to identify the source of the discrepancy.

Better allocation of manpower

The Asiston WMS system provides a better organization of work in a company. Thanks to the use of authorization roles and individually designed conditions for the division of work in the warehouse, it is possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the performed tasks. For example, if the responsibilities are split between persons who manage only goods acceptance or release, it can be included in the system.

Individuals, seeing only their part of the tasks, can focus more easily and work much more efficiently. In order to ensure even greater automation in human resources management, Asiston WMS allows for the implementation of individual competences, through which the system will assign appropriate tasks to employees, e.g., employees with appropriate qualifications such as a forklift, may be given different tasks than others.

The use of this type of solution significantly improves the work of the managers. The warehouse manager has an overview on what an employee works on. As a result, this person is able to effectively manage the team in such a way that the work is as efficient as possible.

Intuitive management panel

An integral part of the Asiston WMS is the presentation of various types of statistics and dashboards.

They are prepared individually for each customer and present various types of charts and summaries that can be later used in the analysis of, for example, bottlenecks, product inventory planning, and a selection of the most efficient employees.

Automatic reports creation

The system has a number of reports that can help management in the effective planning of warehouse processes. Different types of reports bring several benefits, such as:

  • easy operation
  • real-time data update
  • possibility to export to an external file
  • quick creation

In the Asiston WMS it is possible to customize the reports to the requirements of a given company.

Integration with devices

The Asiston WMS system allows for integration with external devices, e.g., printers, and scales. As a result, a warehouseman can print on them labels, waybills, etc.

The system also can connect to barcode readers. They pass a character sequence encrypted in the barcode, which is then processed by the system. In this way, the correctness of the code is quickly verified.

Integration with couriers

Assiston WMS enables integration with numerous courier companies. This solution allows for easy generation of consignment notes that are printed and glued to the issued goods.

This solution also enables a quick find of the parcel number when some unexpected problems occur, and it is necessary to find the reasons.

Data safety

The data stored in the application guarantees: data encryption (application protection and confidentiality of information and data stored on servers is ensured by data encryption), login security (access to the system requires the use of a unique identifier and password; passwords are subject to a restrictive security policy), and also a limited access (depending on the preferences of the organization, it is possible to configure a platform that will limit access only to the internal network of the organization).

Using the Active Directory, the service ensures the convenience of automatic login to the application. Moreover, the access to the system can be additionally secured by a VPN.

Modules supporting warehouse management


It contains a list of stored products, allows for efficient browsing and searching by categories. The orders for issuing and receiving goods are created. Also, the system enables generation of labels with barcodes.


The application provides information on receipts, releases, and transfers of goods. The generated document is a confirmation of the work performed.


The system allows for previewing the distribution of products. The general view is a plan of the warehouse, on which the racks are marked with various colours. The detailed view consists of levels of the segment with slots and pallet places.


This module allows for, among others:

  • zone management – the possibility to determine all racks, shelves and places, i.e.,
  • locations in a warehouse; location configuration – the possibility to determine the shortest path in a way that the warehouseman collecting products moves the shortest way;
  • printers – this will ensure that printouts from the system will be sent directly to a device;
  • configuration of settings – the possibility to configure interactions, e.g. with ERP systems. Moreover, it is possible to create an account with couriers to generate consignment notes

Admin panel

The module responsible for adding, editing, and deleting app users. The possibility to define user's role in the application.

Warehouse entering

In the entry module, there are orders that are waiting for entry to the warehouse. With the use of scanning devices, the conformity of delivery of goods is verified. On their basis, an external entry document is generated in the ERP system.

Warehouse transfers

The system provides the transfer of goods or materials between racks, levels, slots, and storage locations.

Warehouse releases

The system allows for locating and scanning barcodes on ordered products. This way one is able to complete an order. After the completion, a release document appears.


Helpdesk is a module responsible for receiving requests from users and finding solutions. In self-learning organizations, recurring problems are solved at the helpdesk level.

In addition to the above system functionalities, we also offer services related to the design of dedicated modules that are tailored for the individual needs of our customers


Asiston WMS app – mobile warehouse management

Asiston WMS is designed for devices such as tablets, or data collectors. It cooperates with barcode readers, which enable communication between the tablet and the main application.

System updates the distribution of products in the warehouse and sends and receives orders for the issue and receipt of goods.

Moreover, the system is integrated with scales. It allows for shortening the time for filling in the product card. The weight of a particular product can be read from the device and then reduced the weight of the packaging.


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