Magento 2 implementation and development

  • Increase sales and leads

    Increase sales and leads

  • Improve Customer XP.

    Improve Customer XP.

  • Affordable costs

    Affordable costs

  • Security and quality first

    Security and quality first

  • Satisfied Buyers

    Satisfied Buyers


"Attract satisfied customers, not just visitors"
Anna Wolanin
Anna Wolanin
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Flexible sales platform

As an experienced e-Commerce Software House, we design platforms tailored to your needs. Their design allows for easy functionality’s development and their capability guarantees that they match the growing requirements of your company.

With success, we increase the number of customers and the value of their purchases. The most important function of an online store is generating sales. Only part of the users who will visit your online shop will make a purchase. We have one aim - generation growth of customer’s percentage.

Efficiency, automation and the use of data are a precondition for competing in sales today. Magento Commerce makes it easy to become an effective, data-driven organization with the goal of continuous development.

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Top Custom Software Developer

Clutch is a platform that researches and analyzes customer opinions on service companies, making it a reliable source of recommendations.

Clients rate our comprehensive approach to project implementation and business consulting very well. This is one of the main reasons we are considered by Clutch as a leading company creating dedicated software in the area of eCommerce in Poland.

Why Magento?

Magento is an ecommerce platform that allows you to create simple online stores as well as extensive sales platforms. However, in order to make full use of its capabilities, it is advisable to have specialized programming knowledge. Why, then, should you choose Magento?

  • Extensive functionality - in addition to the many ready-made modules, the platform has a fully flexible architecture that makes it possible to tailor it to the individual needs.
  • SEO optimization - The tools available in the Marketplace make it much easier to optimize your shop pages for search engines. This is beneficial for SEO and e-marketing.
  • Mobile version - the platform has a fully functional mobile version
  • Extensive analytics - The ability to combine the platform with multiple analytical tools allows you to monitor live traffic on the site and gather the most important information about user behavior.
  • Multistore - This feature is especially useful for companies that run multiple online stores (e.g in many languages) and allows them to be efficiently operated from a single control panel.
  • Ease of integration - Magento enables integration not only with ERP and CRM systems, but also with popular comparison shopping websites and social networking sites.

Comprehensive service

Effective operation on a competitive market requires simultaneous conduct of many activities that will allow the e-store to stand out and attract customers. That is why our actions often go beyond the Magento platform.

In our offer there is also a comprehensive store service. Using years of experience and knowledge, we can offer our clients such services as: sales support, conversion optimization, or SEO consulting for Magento-based online stores.

We also offer hosting services. In the case of more advanced business needs we realize efficient B2B wholesale platforms.

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Why you should choose us

  • Ideo Agency - 180 experts onboard

    180 experts onboard

  • We work in SCRUM, Agile, Prince 2, IPMA

    SCRUM, Agile, Prince 2, IPMA

  • Trust of over 1000 Clients

    Trust of over 1000 Clients

  • IT Outsourcing experience

    IT Outsourcing experience

  • We use Open Source platforms

    We build on Open Source

And last but not least. Projects that we create receive many awards and distinctions. So clearly, we do it right!

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