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Online Customer Service

  • Quick access to information

    Quick access to information

  • Applications 100% tailored to your needs

    Tailored to your needs

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    Easy integration

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    Technical support

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    Affordable price

Effective communication with your customers guarantees their satisfaction. It helps to build your company’s positive image and hands you a competitive advantage on the plate.

Today, consumers expect the best quality of services and products. They long for and lack satisfying customer experience while dealing with companies. Now, you can change that by implementing a digital customer service solution. It is the ultimate recipe for building brand loyalty.

At Ideo Software, we understand its importance, so we offer a unique and efficient figital customer service platform for businesses to engage with their customers. 

It is like having a traditional customer office but one that is conveniently accessible online. Therefiore, your customers can get the information they need and solve many matters simultaneously. It is fast, secure, and compatible with smartphones, making it convenient for consumers.

The online customer service provides a wide range of activities  that customers can manage effortlessly. They can easier view and pay invoices access information about your services check existing contracts or even initiate the process of singing a new agreement. This level of accessibility and convenience not only enhances the digital customer experience but also streamlines your company's operations and solidfies your position in the market. Unimately, embracing online customer service allows you to stay ahead of the curve and meet the ever-evolving demands of today's discerning customers.

Move Customer Service online


LOGITO - The Best Digital Customer Service Platform

LOGITO, our digital customer service platform,empowers you to choose from a vast array of ready-to-use components that are meticulously crafted to cater to your and your customers' needs. With 150 modules at your disposal, you can effortlessly customize your digital customer service solution with basic and complex functionalities. Based on their popularity, we could devise a set of practical features. Those include:

  • Quick account activation,
  • Mobile device support,
  • Digital access to documents like invoices, contracts, and application forms,
  • Easy access to essential information provided by integrated suppliers’ systems. These can be service packages, their level of consumption, or utility consumption,
  • Invoice management and direct payment within the application (integrated with payment system providers),
  • Possibility to personalize the website further (e.g. push or email notifications),
  • Loyalty programs and systems (promotions, discounts),
  • Easy implementation of further bespoke services (chatbots, widgets etc.).

Within this digital customer service software, we also offer integrations with other systems, e.g.:

  • EDM (Electronic Document Management)
  • CRM (Customer service and complaints)
  • Helpdesk (an alternative communication channel with clients)
  • E-commerce platform (sale of services and additional products)

Ultimately, our digital customer service solution is equipped to enhance your consumer service capabilities and elevate the overall customer experience. The application allows you to automate the process and reduce employees’ involvement in standard customer issues. As a result, they can invest their time in handling less common and more complex customer inquiries.

Furthermore, by adopting digital customer experience solutions, you can effectively respond to customer inquiries, automate routine taskt, and create a seamless online experience that fosters lasting customer relationships. Therefore, whether automating responses, providing real-time chat support, or streamlining ticket management, LOGITO empowers your team to deliver expectional online customer service.

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Simplified Online Customer Service

Customers appreciate the speed and simplicity of the systems they use. Thus, designing a quick and straightforward account registration process is vital. Apart from that, navigating the website should be functional and intuitive. It should enable the user to find a document, change the payment method, or update the details in a contract. Online consumer services reduce the call centre workload and inquiries’ frequency. You can generate significant savings of up to 50% on those services.

Access to Online eDocuments

EDM (Electronic Document Management System), gives clients access to contracts and invoices. The system allows signing a new or changing an existing contract. It is possible with no physical contact between the customer and the supplier.

Handling complaints

Easier the digital customer service experience is essential as it benefits the customer and company. That is why we may include a module for managing the complaint process. It allows seeing forms submitted by customers, which you can accept or reject,  transferring them to the platform afterwards. As a result, clients do not have to reach out to the company representative. It saves time, speeds up the complaint process, and provides quick feedback.

Paying invoices

The digital customer service platform supports the most popular online payment systems. Whether settling a single invoice or managing multiple payments, your customers can effortlessly complate transactions within the application. That results in enhanced transparency and financial control.

Mobile app

The digital customer service desk built on the LOGITO platform supports the mobile application. It is transparent and convenient for Android and iOS operating systems, allowing customers to use and enjoy its features anytime and anywhere.

The Personalization of Online Customer Services

We ensured that the users could adapt the system to their needs, thus providing them with the best e-commerce customer service. They can personalize their application desktop, for example, by adding various widgets to the homepage. These can display summaries on account balance, package consumption, utilities, or payment status. Additionally, users can opt to receive push or email notifications, such as reminders for upcoming payments. Also, there is a “Deals” section featuring current offers and promotional campaigns. This level of customization ultimately enhances their overall shopping experience and engagement with the platform.

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Secure personal data

The digital customer service platform gathers personal data, business entities and financial information. Therefore, we use the newest and most proven security mechanisms.

Only those users, who can confirm their identity, can access the platform with each person having a customer ID and a password. We can set more advanced security options, e.g. a two-factor authentication (2FA) if required.

Furthermore, employees managing the online customer service platform can only access the information necessary to perform assigned tasks. We have used the MLS (multilevel security system) and the access to data depends on employees’ rank within the company. The higher the level - the more data they can view or change.

As for personal data management within the platform it complies with the GDPR, ensuring that user information is handled in accordance with strict data protection regulations. For sensitive operations, we have implemented complex security mechanisms to safeguard data. The aim was to provide the highest level of protection against potential breaches.

What are the benefits of implementation Digital Customer Service Software?

Online consumer services platform brings mutual benefits to customers and service companies. The key advantages are digital transformation and automation of many standard e-commerce development processes.

What do you gain?

  • unlimited access to contracts, invoices, and other client documents,
  • document workflow optimization among contractors and service providers,
  • reduced number of standard customer inquiries, shortened response times (customers can perform specific tasks on their own) and relieving Customer Service staff,
  • savings related to printing, shipping, and paper documents storage (incl. office equipment services),
  • positively impacted natural environment i.e. the limited flow of paper documents within the company and beyond,
  • improved company’s image among customers (corporate social responsibility initiatives, innovative approach).

Become ECO-friendly

The Web customer service makes it easier to convince clients to select digital invoices. It is pivotal in facilitating the transition from tradiional paper documents to digital invoices. Since customers receive quick responses to their inquiries online, printing them is almost no longer necesseryConsequently, this contributes to an overall increase in customer satisfaction level as clients embrace the convenience and efficiency of digital communication and document management. 

Digital Customer Service Software - For Whom?

Our digital customer service software benefits various organizations across different industries. It is an essential tool for businesses that priortize providing exceptional customer experiences, empowering them to enhance their digital customer care intiatives and streamline operations. Additionally, it is valuable for organizations seeking to leverage digital experience solutions to deliver top-notch support, improve customer satisfaction, and stay competitive in today's market.

It not only facilitates efficient consumer support but also serves as a valuable resource for gathering valuable customer data and insights, aiding businesses in making informed decisions to enhance their overall digital strategy.

With its adaptability and scalability, it accommodates the diverse needs of organizations. Therefore, no matter the industry, it will help you thrive, strenghening customer relationships, optimizing operations, and ensuring you remain at the forefront of the digital age.

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And last but not least. Projects that we create receive many awards and distinctions. So clearly, we do it right!


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In our daily work, we help to develop our clients' businesses. Their trust and effective cooperation make us grow as well. In January, 2022, the new edition of the Forbes Diamond Award report was published and we were proud to be listed among the fastest-growing Polish enterprises in this prestigious report. And as we help to develop our clients' businesses by doing our utmost best, their thrust and cooperation mean a lot. Indeed, we will only continue to grow together!


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