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Online customer service

  • Quick access to information

    Quick access to information

  • Applications 100% tailored to your needs

    Tailored to your needs

  • Integrate with current systems

    Easy integration

  • Warranty and technical support

    Technical support

  • Affordable prices

    Affordable price

Effective communication with your customers guarantees their satisfaction. It helps to build your company’s positive image and hands you the competitive advantage on the plate.

Today, customers expect the best quality of services and products. They long for and lack satisfying CX while dealing with companies. Now, you can change that by implementing a customer-oriented online service desk. It is the ultimate recipe for building brand loyalty.

Digital customer service is a unique spot. It is like a regular customer office but online. Here, your customers can get the information they need and solve many matters at once. It is fast, convenient, secure, and available on smartphones. We offer a rich range of activities they can manage in the online customer area. Customers can view or pay invoices, access information about services. It is even possible to check the existing contracts or sign a new agreement.

Move Customer Service online



The LOGITO platform allows you to select from many ready-to-use components. They would help to accommodate the section for customers in the best way. Among the 150 modules, we have designed basic and complex ones. Based on their popularity, we could devise a set of practical features for you. Here they are:

  • Quick account activation,
  • Mobile device support,
  • Digital access to documents like invoices, contracts, and application forms,
  • Easy access to key information provided by integrated suppliers’ systems. These can be service packages, their level of consumption, or utility consumption,
  • Invoice management and direct payment within the application (integrated with payment system providers),
  • Possibility to personalize the website further (e.g. push or email notifications),
  • Loyalty programs and systems (promotions, discounts),
  • Easy implementation of further bespoke services (chatbots, widgets etc.).

We also offer integrations with other systems e.g.:

  • EDM (Electronic Document Management)
  • CRM (Customer service and complaints)
  • Helpdesk (an alternative communication channel with clients)
  • E-commerce platform (sale of services and additional products)

Application allows you to automate the process and reduce employees’ involvement in standard customer issues. As a result, they can invest their time in handling less common and more complex customer inquiries.

Tell me more about the platform


Straightforward customer eService

Customers appreciate the speed and simplicity of the systems they use. Thus, it is vital to design a quick and straightforward account registration process. Apart from that, navigating on the website should be functional and intuitive. It should enable the user to find a document, change the payment method, or update the details in a contract. Online customer service reduces the call centre workload and inquiries’ frequency. You can end up generating significant savings up to 50% on those services.

Access to eDocuments

EDM (Electronic Document Management System), gives clients access to their contracts and invoices. The system allows signing a new or changing an existing contract. It is possible with no physical contact between the customer and the supplier.

Handling complaints

We may include a module designed for managing the complaint process. It allows seeing forms submitted by customers. You can either accept or reject them and afterward transfer them to the platform. It is essential to ease the online service experience, as it is beneficial for the customer and company. Clients do not have to reach out to the company representative. It saves time, speeds up the complaint process, and provides quick feedback to customers.

Paying invoices

The platform supports most popular online payment systems. The customer can pay one or several invoices within the application. It can also track the current payment status.

Mobile app

The digital customer desk built on the LOGITO platform supports the mobile application. It is transparent and convenient to use on Android and iOS operating systems. The customers can use and enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Online customer service personalization

We made sure that the users can adapt the system to their needs. They can customize the application desktop. On the homepage, it is possible to place many widgets. These may include summaries on account balance, package consumption, utilities, or payment status. Besides, they can use a push or email notifications, e.g. on the upcoming payment. We also included the “Deals” section with current offers and promotional campaigns.

Secure personal data

The platform gathers personal data, business entities and financial information. Therefore, we use the newest and proven security mechanisms.

Only those users, who could confirm their identity, can access the platform. Each person has a customer ID and a password. We can set more advanced security options, e.g. a two-factor authentication (2FA).

Employees who manage the OCS platform could access only the information necessary for performing assigned tasks. We have used the MLS (multilevel security system). Access to information depends on employees’ rank within the company. The higher the rank - the more data they can view or change. Personal data management within the platform complies with the GDPR. For sensitive operations, we have used complex mechanisms. The aim was to provide the highest level of security.

Implementation benefits

Online customer service platform brings mutual benefits to customers and service companies. The key advantages are mainly digitization and automation of many standard processes.

What do you gain?

  • unlimited access to contracts, invoices, and other client documents,
  • document workflow optimization among contractors and service providers,
  • reduce the number of standard customer inquiries, shortening response times (customers can perform certain tasks on their own) and relieving Customer Service staff,
  • savings related to printing, shipping, and paper documents storage (incl. office equipment services),
  • positive impact on the natural environment i.e. the limited flow of paper documents within the company and beyond,
  • improvement of the company’s image among customers (CSR initiatives, innovative company approach).

Become ECO-friendly

The OCS itself makes it easier to convince clients to select digital invoices. Customers are more willing to say adieu to traditional paper documents. Since customers receive quick responses to their inquiries online, it is no longer necessary to print anything (almost). As a result, the suppliers save lots of resources related to printing while their customers’ satisfaction level is growing.

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And last but not least. Projects that we create receive many awards and distinctions. So clearly, we do it right!


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