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Mobile application development services

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mobile app development services

As part of mobile app development services, we develop the best solutions that receive numerous prizes. For example, the LOTTO mobile application won the Mobile Trends Awards and the silver prize in the Polish Project Excellence Award 2022 competition.

Whether native or hybrid, our solutions offer excellent functionality and provide a high security. They also enable businesses to optimize a wide range of processes and operations.

Mobile applications constantly evolve and provide users with new features and solutions that make everyday life easier and more entertaining.

  ecommerce mobile app development

Marcin Lipiec
Marcin Lipiec
Business Development, eCommerce
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Work at total efficiency on any device.

Mobile applications are revolutionizing how we do business, communicate, and get things done. Their mobility and versatility allow them to work anywhere, anytime, making them invaluable in today's dynamic business environment.

Mobile solutions, such as applications for mobile devices, play an essential role in digital transformation across various sectors. They can increase the efficiency of existing solutions, like dedicated B2B systems, intranets, or e-commerce platforms.

As a result, smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming even more effective tools in the day-to-day work environment, often proving their ability to replace the traditional desktop computer.


Mobile applications development servicess tailored to your needs

mobile application development companies
Our mobile applications development servicess are 100% tailored to the individual needs of your business. Successful projects we carry out result from dedicated design and our team's creativity, based on  detailed-analysis beforehand.

This careful approach ensures optimization and convenience in executing business tasks.

The applications are designed to increase the company's efficiency while ensuring flexibility and smooth cooperation with various solutions like intranet platforms, B2B/B2C systems, warehouse systems, and accounting modules.

We use the most efficient technologies  

In today's digital age, technology plays a crucial role in the success of any mobile application. That is why, while offerin mobile app development services, we provide solutions for iOS/iPadOS and Android systems, using native languages such as Objective-C and Swift for the Apple platform, and Kotlin and Java for Android.

Java is a proven language that has been the foundation of many applications for years, while Kotlin brings modernity and security to Android. In addition, there are cross-platform frameworks like Flutter and React Native available for projects that need to be present on both platforms.

flutter app developmentFlutter provides tools to speed up the development process by creating applications for different operating systems quickly and effectively, while maintaining high quality and efficiency.

Flutter is now one of the primary technologies for mobile app creation. Companies like ours use it quite often due to its extensive functionalities. It allows us to build cross-platform apps from a single source code, including desktop, web, and mobile versions.

Check out an interview with Marcin Ochyra, Head of Mobile in Ideo Software, discussing the advantages of moving to or developing the Flutter platform.


Conversaely, React Native makes it possible to develop mobile applications with the help of JavaScript, which is highly popular among developers. 

Technology becomes not just a tool, but a strategic choice that can make or break a business.

How can we help you?
Forms of cooperation

As an experienced mobile app development company, we understand that each mobile application project is unique and requires a personalized development approach. Our method of working is based on a deep comprehension of your goals and requirements, enabling us to deliver solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

We provide three flexible and customized collaboration methods to offer optimal support at every stage of mobile application development, from new projects through expansion, maintenance and outsourcing.

1. Together, we will create a new application

If you have an idea for a new mobile application, our team of experts is ready to help you bring your vision to life. From the initial concept and analysis to full implementation, we will provide comprehensive support at each stage of mobile app development. Services include:

  • Research and Concept - The team of out mobile app development company offers detailed market analysis and needs assessment to better understand your target audience and establish strategic goals for the application.
  • UI/UX design - Our team creates an intuitive attractive user interface with an excellent user experience.
  • Development and Testing - Our mobile app development company team writes solid code and does testing, ensuring that the application works flawlessly.
  • Implementation and Support - Our specialist prepare to launch an application and provide post-implementation support.

2. We will develop and maintain the existing application

As mobile technology evolves, it is essential to ensure that your application stays up to date. With our mobile app development services, you guaranteed  that your existing product will continue to grow and improve over time. As part of this, we offer:

  • Updates and Improvements - We follow new trends and technologies to continuously improve the functionality and performance of your application.
  • Technical Support - We offer a quick response to any technical problems that may arise and provide ongoing support for the operation of the application.
  • Optimization - We provide performance analysis and implement optimizations to ensure that your applications continue to perform at their best.

3. Outsourcing selected project stages

If you need support for specific phases of the project or experienced hands, our mobile app development company is here to assist you. Our outsourcing services allow you to take advantage of our expertise in selected areas, including:

  • Dedicated expertise - We take on specific tasks, such as interface design, functionality development, or testing, and use our skills to the fullest.
  • Scalability - We can tailor resources to your project's needs of the project without the cost of full-time staff.
  • Efficiency - Our knowledge will allow you to achieve the results quickly, minimize risks, and ensure the quality of the work.

mobile app creation companies


No matter what project stage you are in, we are here to provide you with the highest quality cooperation and effective creation of solutions that will contribute to the success of your business. While choosing our mobile app development services, you invest in now and the future.

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Mateusz Bober
Mateusz Bober
Marketing Project Manager
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Application development and UX design  

As on of the most experienced mobile application development companies, we believe that a successful UX/UI project is the outcome of a thorough understanding of users' needs and expectations. Therefore, our primary focus is to create authentic user experiences that contribute to achieving desired business outcomes.

Our approach - step-by-step development

Our UX/UI design process is based on robust steps that ensure consistency and efficiency in every project. Although the individual stages may differ slightly depending on the specific project, here is an overview of our approach:

  1. Research and Analysis - We conduct in-depth research to understand your users' needs, preferences, and goals. That allows us to set the right direction and design strategies.
  2. Strategy and Planning- We create a project strategy that defines goals, priorities, and an action plan based on collected data. At this stage, we determine which interface elements will be key to success.
  3. Design and Prototyping - Our team creates interface prototypes that adhere to UX/UI best practices and established goals. We focus on intuitive navigation and attractive design that encourages users to interact.
  4. Validation and Testing - The prototypes are thoroughly tested, allowing us to gather user feedback and make any necessary corrections. This step is crucial in the creation of the final project.
  5. Optimization - We provide uninterrupted support after the implementation of the project, allowing the designer to adapt to changing needs. Our UX optimization ensures ongoing compliance with new challenges and requirements in a dynamic world.

Business benefits - efficiency and high quality

Our UX/UI approach brings several benefits to your business.

  • Better conversion - Interfaces direct users to specific activities, helping to increase conversion.
  • Greater engagement - Projects create experiences that engage users and encourage longer interactions. 
  • User engagement - Interfaces deliver value and build lasting relationships with users.
  • Error minimization - Testing and validation help minimize interface errors for a better user experience.

We understand that effective UX/UI is not just about aesthetics but a strategy that delivers accurate results. That is why, while undertaking e-commerce mobile app development creating a seamless and enjoyable digital experience. 

Promotion and distribution of mobile solutions

Ideo Force - the online marketing agency and a pioneer in mobile app development services - is ready to assist with other means you may require. 

We know that the distribution model is crucial for the success of any mobile application. That is why we consider the app's objectives and carefully analyze and recommend the best path. With an overwhelming number of apps available on the market, apart from the mobile app development services, we also provide promotionn services.

Notable, our applications are frequently used within corporate structures. In such cases, we take responsibility for the installation process and provide technical support for employee devices. We continually analyze how our applications work and research needs to ensure that the tools are continuously adapted to meet the needs of a dynamic business environment.

Examples of our implementations - success stories  

Mobile technology has become an essential aspect of our daily lives, and the effectiveness and variety of mobile applications are crucial for any business to succeed. At Ideo Software, we understand that every industry has unique needs and challenges.

We take pride in offering a broad range of sectors  we work with, including e-commerce, education, healthcare, and logistics. Our experience is as diverse as our clients' needs.

ecommerce mobile app developmentAutomotive

In response to the growing needs of its customers, Ucando tasked us with designing a mobile app for convenient car parts purchases.

MCommerce mobile application with a 2.5 million product catalogue.

The mobile application is built using Flutter, a Google framework for creating apps on both Android and iOS. Dart programming language creates apps that look and function identically on both systems.

mobile app development company

DHL is a global network with sophisticated tracking systems.

Our work begins with preparing and implementing an optimized courier tracking website.

MyDHL streamlines shipment monitoring and assists with managing parcels.

The next step was to prepare the MyDHL mobile application for everyone who wants to manage their shipments conveniently and quickly, regardless of time and place.

mobile app development services


The LOTTO mobile app is an innovative solution created using Flutter technology, which is known for its excellent performance.It is a visually appealing and intutive solution that ensures stable and efficient work.

LOTTO mobile app was recognized as the best in the mobile game category.

The mobile app faithfully reflects the graphic design provided by the customer, making it incredibly intuitive. It offers a vast selection of games, and users can track draw results and collect their winnings, providing an unforgettable experience of excitement and entertainment.

app development companyManufacturing

Bratex Deker Punkt is a loyalty system and program of a Polish manufacturer of high-quality roofing. The main task of the application is to execute Bratex point codes. Each code provides a unique number of points added to the user's account in the application.

The loyalty program application enhances product sales.

An "Installation Photos" module now allows users to submit photos of their projects and earn extra points.

... and how can we help you?   Free consultation 

Main mobile application types:  

When developing a mobile app, choosing the right technology and type is not just a technical decision. It is a strategic choice that can determine the future of the project. We offer several development paths with unique advantages and opportunities to meet individual needs and expectations  better.

  • Native apps
    These are recommended when creating an application tailored perfectly to a specific platform. We use Kotlin and Java programming languages for Android, as they offer high performance and access to a wide range of system features.  On the other hand, for iOS/iPadOS, we use Swift and Objective-C, which ensures optimal use of the capabilities of Apple devices.
  • Cross-platform applications
    These are ideal for projects that need to be available on multiple platforms. We use technologies like Flutter, which allows us to create mobile and desktop applications. Alternatively, we use React Native, which focuses on mobile applications and enables faster and less complicated maintenance of the application thanks to a code base based on the popular programming language JavaScript.
    When it comes to mobile app development, there are two important options that should be considered: PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and TWA (Trusted Web Activities). These solutions allow us to transform an existing or new web application to be installed on the user's phone and work like an actual real mobile application.

Each type of mobile application has its unique benefits and capabilities. Properly analyzing needs and expectations is essential when choosing the type and technology to use, as this is a crucial decision that can significantly impact a project's success in a highly competitive market. If you need help with the abovementioned, contact us and acquire our mobile add development services to ensure success.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your approaches to testing mobile apps for different devices and usage scenarios?

Our method of testing mobile applications for different devices and usage scenarios involves utilizing A/B tests. This technique compares two versions of interface elements or content to determine which performs better for a specific objective – for instance, testing two different page headers to see which attracts more clicks or conversions. It helps us to precisely identify changes that positively impact user behaviour, which leads to improved business outcomes. 

The cost of developing a mobile app can differ based on various factors, such as the complexity of the application, features, the platform on which it is designed (iOS, Android), and the development duration. To ensure we provide an accurate estimate, we conduct a thorough consultation to understand your objectives. After discussing your requirements, we will present a comprehensive cost breakdown tailored to your goals and budget.

Certainly! First and foremost, we act as advisors, offering IT consulting services and supporting companies in the transformation process. Every implementation is preceded by a thorough diagnosis of problems, an analysis of the market, and the needs and goals the organization aims to achieve.

We will answer all your questions and propose the best strategies for your objectives. At the same time, we will provide knowledge and tools for project management and ensure effective solutions for data processing and delivering high-quality services to your customers.

And, as we are aware of the multitude of applications available on the market, we will also see to promote mobile applications comprehensively. With the support of Ideo Force, our internet marketing agency partner, we will recommend the most optimal paths for success. Feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation.

We specialize in developing mobile apps for various industries, such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Entertainment, and Logistics. Our team is proficient in creating native solutions leveraging Kotlin and Java for Android and Swift and Objective-C for iOS/iPadOS.

We also utilize cross-platform frameworks like Flutter and React Native for projects that must be present on both platforms. If needed, we use Progressive Web Apps and Trusted Web Activities, converting an existing web application or building a new one.

These facilitate rapid deployment and seamless application updates, enhancing the adaptability and efficiency of managing your mobile ecosystem. Importantly, once installed, it works like a traditional mobile app. 

Yes, absolutely. We develop applications tailored to your needs, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your existing data store and collaborate smoothly with intranets, B2B/B2C systems, warehouse systems, and accounting modules.

That, in turn, guarantees flexibility and adaptability, allowing your app to effectively leverage your organization's existing infrastructure while meeting your specific requirements and objectives.

Our main goal is to create an adaptable, secure, and resilient app. That is why, along with technical support, ongoing maintenance, and optimizations after the development process, we employ industry-standard security practices and protocols, including robust authentication mechanisms, encryption techniques, secure data transmission protocols, and regular security audits.

Also, we stay vigilant with software updates and patches to address any emerging security vulnerabilities, ultimately safeguarding your app and data against threats.

Absolutely! We conduct comprehensive market research and conceptualization, performing a detailed analysis of the landscape and user needs to understand your target audience better and establish strategic goals for the application. At this stage, we develop a report considering market specifics, competitive actions, and potential technological limitations.

Collaboratively with the client, we establish the conceptual design of the project, the scope of work, and the timeline. Ultimately, this ensures that the project is technically feasible and strategically aligned with the organization's objectives and market dynamics, maximizing its potential for success.

Testing typically consists of three stages. The first is unit testing, which focuses on verifying the correctness of individual code units. The second is integration testing, which verifies the integration of software units. The third and most critical phase is end-to-end testing, which evaluates the entire system, replicating real-world user interactions and scenarios.

Unlike the other two, it focuses on integrations and interactions between elements, validating each feature and covering various usage scenarios to ensure the system functions correctly as a cohesive unit from start to finish.

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In case of a temporarily increased demand for IT staff, hiring a suitable specialist for a short period would be challenging and not profitable. To help optimize the costs of running a business, we could offer you, among others:

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Even though fixed-price projects suit us best, our services can also realized based the following cooperation models:

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Enhance Your Projects

How can your business maintain a competitive edge in today’s constantly evolving technological environment? One solution is to invest in the IT project outsourcing that we provide. By engaging with our software development company, you can access a wealth of knowledge and expertise that would otherwise be unavailable.

You will save time and resources, focusing on other core aspects of your business operations while leaving the demanding IT tasks to our world-class professionals. With their assistance, you will, without a doubt, elevate your projects to the next level, easily outperforming your competitors.


Why Outsource With Us

Working with us brings your business to entirely new heights. For once, we boast a team of the best experts within the field of IT, which guarantees that you can expect nothing but the highest level of services regardless of the magnitude of each project. All tasks are performed with exceptional precision and attention to detail, 100% tailored to your business’s needs and requirements. Moreover, processes are meticulously automated, resulting in savings in both time and money. If or when any doubts arise, we are open to conversation, always willing to apply any modifications and adapt to the changing needs of our clients, rendering us the perfect partner for all businesses.  


The Power of Software Development - Our Rewards

As mentioned above, clients from all over the world rate our comprehensive approach to project implementation and business consulting, which is why Clutch has considered uss a leading eCommerce Software Development Team in Poland. That is, however, not all.


In our daily work, we help to develop our clients' businesses. Their trust and effective cooperation make us grow as well. In January, 2022, the new edition of the Forbes Diamond Award report was published and we were proud to be listed among the fastest-growing Polish enterprises in this prestigious report. And as we help to develop our clients' businesses by doing our utmost best, their thrust and cooperation mean a lot. Indeed, we will only continue to grow together!