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Extended sales platform for Bien-Air (Magento 2)

Bien-Air Medical Technologies, Swiss-based company, operates in the medical market for over 50 years. It specialises in the manufacture of dental and surgical equipment. Their goal is to facilitate the daily workload of medical staff and increase the comfort of patients. The company is valued, above all, for the high quality of its products.

Tasks and objectives

The Bien-Air Dental brand was implemented with an extensive service on an OpenSource platform. A mutual decision was made to include Magento 2, as it can operate a large number of functions and significantly support e-commerce.

What makes it essential is the fact that the platform offers high flexibility and enables monitoring of all functionalities via online channel. Their mobile store reaches all great European, US, and Brazil markets. At present, it is available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. The service automatically adjusts the language version to each user based on their IP address and previous preferences.

The website was implemented with numerous bespoke features and purpose-designed solutions.

One of them, for instance, is an interactive presentation module containing the full product offer with built-in complex tabs. Those inform the client about technology used, technical details, download, and equipment maintenance on each company’s product. Still, there can be found an additional tool that can be used to edit product prices for a specific market or a PDF grouping module.

Modern design, attention to detail, compelling product presentation via multimedia materials allow us to prepare an esthetical, functional, and user-friendly store.

Due to the company's policy, the platform presently supports three types of services: payment for product, rental (monthly fee), and test orders (including a free 7-day trial period). The administrative panel was upgraded by implementing a number of solutions which facilitate store management and order processing.

Further cooperation with the client will initiate a second website implementation, dedicated this time to the Bien-Air Surgery brand.

Main benefits for the Client

  • A modern tool supporting business goals of Bien-Air Dental,
  • Increase of brand attractiveness,
  • Automatic language adjustment on the basis of user’s IP address,
  • Simplified process of adding products,
  • Enhancing the enterprise’s competitiveness on the market.
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