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Implementation of the PimCore platform

PimCore platform

GT Group Tomaszek is one of the leaders of Polish household appliances / RTV market. The company has been operating on the Polish market since 1991, so has a lot of experience.

Over several decades, the company has been developing intensively to be able to offer consumers products and services under six highly recognizable brands of household appliances, electronics sectors, and the interior design industry.

The company is the creator of the Max Kuchnie and Max Elektro network, and the owner of the Kernau brand.

Tasks and objectives

Due to the wide range of products, a large number of sales channels and suppliers, it was necessary to launch a tool that will help organize and distribute data to different areas from one centralized warehouse. In response to these needs of the Client, we took care of the configuration and expansion of the PimCore platform.

Modifications and dedicated extensions programmed according to requirements have improved the management of an extensive product base. As a result, the system also performs additional functions that go beyond the standard product information management. This allows the Client to achieve measurable savings, both time and financial.

The result of the cooperation of GT GROUP TOMASZEK and Ideo is the organization of all company data, which improved the functioning of the company, allowed for achieving better sales results, and had a positive impact on cooperation with partners and Customers.

In order to best respond to the Client's needs, we have implemented unique, bespoke solutions.


Tailored product tabs divided into specific categories

The Client is able to define different groups of filters for a given category on a basis of their characteristics in any order. This solution is not only intuitive and transparent, but also facilitates the quick introduction of new products and their attributes. Data management and editing are performed automatically from one system for different sales channels in accordance with the current needs of the Client.

Moreover, all information is properly organized. Add product form Creating a place for setting up products allows for adding goods from one system to different sales channels at the same time. The Client can use this feature to quickly enter and edit data.

The new tab is not removed after adding the product, so, in the future, it is possible to quickly edit the field data or attributes without rewriting everything, e.g., introduction of a new colour. The appearance of the form is defined in a template according to the Client's needs, which makes the introduction of new products quick and intuitive.

In addition, individual fields are assigned only to specific people, so that each user has individual, specific role in the system. The employee fills in one part, and then automatically transfers to the next person without having to fill in their fields. The product add form ensures that all information is organized in one place, and the whole process is properly organized and saves time.

Sending e-mails with promotions

The platform has been supplemented with additional functionality - generating promotions based on a ready-made template. On the basis of properly prepared data in Excel, the Client has the possibility to generate a promotional graphic with all product information and a photo from the database dedicated to a given category.

The general template is created based on the aforementioned data – each column has its individual place. Thanks to this, it takes only a few seconds to generate a promotional graphic.

The Client can send such an offer to a specific recipient or mailing group. This solution allows not only to save the time of the graphic designer (there is no need to create graphics for each promotion separately, the main task is to prepare a general template), but also to faster flow of information about current promotions inside and outside the organization.

Importer of new products with validation

The PIM platform improves functioning of various areas of the company – from the work of marketing specialists to product managers. To improve intuitive implementation of new products, we developed a personalized importer with extended validation.

On a basis of the unique template created in the Excel file, the Client has the possibility to manage data about new products. After the correct filling of the fields, the file is imported into the platform where the validation is performed.

The process itself is more in-depth than in a standard module, so that the detection of possible errors happens at the moment of uploading the data file, not during the creation of the product itself. If the Excel file has been completed correctly, according to the template, the import will not be a problem.

Thanks to this solution, the expansion of the company's product range is faster, and the risk of placing an incorrect product description is close to zero.

Product assets exporter

In order to streamline the process of transferring product data, we designed an exporter of assets. After setting the appropriate filters, the Client can download all the necessary product data – from photos to descriptions and other attachments. Each of the downloaded assets goes to a specific folder described by the product name.

Such functionality allows you to quickly provide important information to contractors without having to search for it in various systems or folders. Management of specific resources is performed in a single database, which saves time and introduces order in the product area.

Main benefits for the Client

  • Organization of product data
  • More attractive offer presentation
  • Sales increase
  • Savings in time
  • More efficient flow of information
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