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Information and news service portals for Medicover in Romania, Poland and India

Information Portals

Medicover has been providing full medical care for over 20 years along with a wide scope of services. These include ambulatory care, dentistry, image diagnostics, highly developed laboratory facilities as well as complex hospital care. The company owns 41 ambulatory care centres and closely cooperates with its 1250 affiliates. Since 2009, the company established a brand new multidisciplinary healthcare hospital in Warsaw, Poland. Currently, Medicover employs 15.9 thousand people.

Tasks and objectives

Ideo implemented Medicover’s news service portal, in order to provide patients a functional and informative guide. The site itself is an extensive database, therefore patients have access to information on health-related topics, specialist medical procedures or services, as well as, practical tools facilitating the possibility to make use of Medicover’s services. Due to Edito in NET. technology used in the implementation process, the portal is able to prove high performance handling nearly 1.8 million page views per month.

News portal contains a wide spectrum of functionalities that will facilitate and provide efficient service for over 500 thousand patients per year.

Among many dedicated modules, it features a built-in doctor’s search engine containing over 3 thousand specialist doctors and 1 100 registered nurses. It is designed on the Elastic Search engine containing functional filters and enables to quickly find the desired specialist. The user can make a choice on what factors are essential whether it will be the specific medical centre, medical specialisation or command of certain languages, in case of foreign patients – it may be helpful. After selecting a specialist, the user is redirected to Doctor Appointment Form and at this point schedule the most convenient time for them to see a doctor. Search for medical facilities follows the same mechanism.

The portal offers users an integrated system that can easily assist them in contacting the company. Via dedicated forms found on the web, one can send various inquiries. They can relate to specific details on medical care offer, submit an idea or even express an opinion. As well, Job Offers tab is integrated with eRecruiter system enabling the Client to handle ongoing recruitments.

The portal has been updated with a new feature, “Check your health” tap. Each visitor has easy access to numerous online tools. Here are a few of them e.g. standard calculators or converters for BMI, Due Date, Ovulation or Blood Pressure or Blood Sugar Glucose Converter. Others would include more personalized and advanced tools, e.g. biomechanical assessment of the musculoskeletal system or an interactive plate for composing meals. These mentioned are merely a few out of full range of dedicated mini-applications created for the site.

Drug Database and health compendium were as well included in the portal, to serve as a source of information on specific medical topics and medical drugs. Patients are presented with detailed medical and psychological knowledge topics that in a meaningful way can help to handle their illnesses or acquire the necessary information on a used medical drug.

As a token of appreciation for the news portal, Medicover has already entrusted us with the next project to continue the new portals in foreign markets: Medicover Romania and Medicover India.

The websites have been updated in terms of a detailed location map for all Medicover’s medical facilities. By selecting a specific region, the user is automatically redirected to the page with specific contact details of each centre. In addition, the search engine has been extended to narrow the search results depending on the primary filter used. The solution allows patients to easily contact the selected specialist and schedule an appointment in an instant. Just after making an appointment the patient can see displayed details about admission hours in each of the facilities.

Apart from all the other improvements mentioned above, we have ‘revitalised’ the doctors’ business cards. News portal mobile version has been enriched by an introduction of a new feature i.e. adding phone numbers to a specific portal by using the administrative panel.

Main benefits for the Client
  • Functional and easily navigated search engine of specialist doctors, registered nurses and medical institutions,
  • integrated system for sending inquiries and recruiting employees,
  • intuitive drug database and health compendium,
  • standard medical calculators/converters to complex measuring tools.


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