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B2B wholesale platforms - Sales Force Automation

"An extensive B2B / SFA system supports all relationships with business partners"


  • Boost your sales

    Boost your sales

  • Business intelligence

    Business intelligence

  • Business Process Automation

    Process Automation

  • Affordable prices

    Affordable prices

  • Integrate with current systems

    Integration with current systems


Anna Wolanin
Anna Wolanin
eCommerce, Process automation
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The B2B / SFA system streamlines sales processes, from order placement to invoice generation and transaction completion. The system supports the relationships between the company and its business partners (suppliers, agents, distributors, points of sale).

Individual price lists, discounts, deferred payments, trade credit, the ability to repeat orders, company account service by several people with different levels of authorization, support for several baskets, and many other frequently used solutions.

We design and implement B2B wholesale platforms, as well as B2C sales systems dedicated to advanced customer service. Most often they are integrated with the ERP systems of partners and suppliers. They are effective Sales Force Automation tools that improve the functioning of the sales department, bringing measurable benefits to the company.

We have implemented sales support platforms for:

Top Custom Software Developer

The platform collects customer feedback on service companies. These opinions are verified continually and it makes them reliable source of recommendations. Based on the collected opinions, a report is prepared that recommends the best suppliers in a given service area. Ideo was indicated by Clutch as a leading software development company in the field of eCommerce (B2B and B2C) in Poland.

Sales Platform

As e-Commerce Software House, we implement sales platforms tailored to the client's needs. Thanks to the ease of development combined with high performance, they adapt to the requirements and scale of operation of your company. We usually implement sales platforms based on the Edito.eCommerce engine, which already supports many platforms that support up to several million SKUs.

  • Intuitive operation and easy-to-use administration panel.
  • The modular design allows for development with further functionalities.
  • Security. It is supported by the platform management rights granting system. The system allows track changes, the possibility of their acceptance before publication and much more.
  • Flexibility. The system can be adapted to the needs of small businesses as well as companies selling millions of products.
  • The platform supports integration with other IT systems and sales support tools used by the client.
  • Efficiency. The system efficiently handles even one million page views per day.
  • Responsiveness. The platform supports the operation of mobile devices, being a friendly sales tool.

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Solution integration

Very often, to achieve the full benefits of the implementation of an IT system, it is necessary to use data from another application. To facilitate the work with this data, we offer an application’s integration with the systems and databases currently used in the company.

The most common categories of integration:

  • product - with product information management (PIM), etc.,
  • logistics - integration with suppliers / regular customers, payment and installment systems,
  • warehouse - integration with the warehouse system / product base,
  • communication, which support ongoing contact with contractors and after-sales support,
  • business - connecting eg. to CRM systems.

We have integrated our solutions, among others with: SAP, IFS, ORACLE, TecDoc, Vendo, Wapro, Trawers, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, Perdix, Hermes, Subiekt GT, Navireo ERP and with other external systems and applications.

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Business Intelligence

We have extensive experience in e-commerce projects. We are able to collect data on each stage of processes related to it. Big Data repositories (data warehouses) built in such way enable, for example, building models or conducting predictive analysis.

It allows forecasting sales levels and its dependence, eg. rotation of goods in the warehouse, weather or classification of contractors in CRM systems.

‘Tailor-made’ B2B systems

We design and implement systems supporting business communication and applications, which facilitate enterprise management. In the process of their creation we can distinguish several main stages:

  • Needs analysis is a key stage in which we review real needs and expectations of both the client and his contractors. An important stage of the analysis is to plan available functionalities, reliable analysis of available and planned business processes and an attempt to optimize them. Ultimately, all these activities contribute to the quality and success of the project.
  • The functional project of the system is a document thoroughly describing all elements of the planned solution. It is created on the basis of information collected during the needs’ analysis. At this stage of work, individual system functions are prepared, along with their detailed specification.
  • Implementation, tests and launching are carried out on the basis of previously prepared documentation. After completing the implementation part, the work focuses on tests in which both the client and representatives of his contractors take part. After successful testing, the application is officially launched and published to the users.
  • Analysis and development - responding to evolving needs. After launching the application, the client and the product are still under our care. We offer warranty service and post-warranty control over the system. We analyze the use of the application and ongoing needs to efficiently carry out all work related to the development of the system

Whether you are just thinking about implementing a B2B sales platform, development or analyzing and optimization of an existing one, we will advise you the best solutions. Our common goal is to increase the efficiency of Your business.

Anna Wolanin, Project Manager

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    Trust of over 1000 Clients

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And last but not least. Projects that we create receive many awards and distinctions. So clearly, we do it right!


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How can your business maintain a competitive edge in today’s constantly evolving technological environment? One solution is to invest in the IT project outsourcing that we provide. By engaging with our software development company, you can access a wealth of knowledge and expertise that would otherwise be unavailable.

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The Power of Software Development - Our Rewards

As mentioned above, clients from all over the world rate our comprehensive approach to project implementation and business consulting, which is why Clutch has considered uss a leading eCommerce Software Development Team in Poland. That is, however, not all.


In our daily work, we help to develop our clients' businesses. Their trust and effective cooperation make us grow as well. In January, 2022, the new edition of the Forbes Diamond Award report was published and we were proud to be listed among the fastest-growing Polish enterprises in this prestigious report. And as we help to develop our clients' businesses by doing our utmost best, their thrust and cooperation mean a lot. Indeed, we will only continue to grow together!


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