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OMS - Manage your order process effectively

Understanding the full role played by an OMS is crucial for e-commerce stores, as it allows them to optimize the order-handling process and increase customer satisfaction. With OMS, stores can operate more efficiently, offering faster and more comprehensive services to customers.

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In the world of e-commerce, e-commerce stores must operate like a well-oiled machine to meet the expectations of today's consumers. One of the essential tools for achieving such efficiency is the OMS or Order Management System.

This technological solution has become an indispensable part of e-commerce retail strategies, ensuring that stores are competitive, reliable, and able to handle the growing number of transactions. However, an OMS is much more than just an order optimization tool.

OMS also includes delivery optimization and returns management and is generally aimed at faster processing of the entire order, from the moment the customer places it until it is shipped.

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OMS: Main Features

OMS, or Order Management System, is an advanced IT tool whose main task is to manage orders and their processing in e-commerce stores.

However, OMS is not limited to optimizing order management. While the most relevant purpose of an OMS is to efficiently process and manage orders, it can also perform several other functions and integrate with other systems. Here are some of the main tasks that an OMS can perform:

  1. Order management: An OMS allows you to track and manage every aspect of an order. This enables you to effectively control all stages of the entire process.
  2. Integrated order sources: The system integrates various order sources, such as online stores, mobile apps, desktop stores, and others, ensuring consistent order management regardless of the customer's purchasing channel.
  3. Inventory management: OMS monitors inventory and product availability in real-time, avoiding problems related to out-of-stock or overstock.
  4. Delivery optimization: With advanced algorithms, the OMS helps optimize delivery routes, resulting in shorter delivery times and lower logistics costs.
  5. Returns handling: The OMS facilitates the handling of the returns process, allowing customers to efficiently and transparently submit claims and monitor the status of returns.
  6. Personalizing customer service: The system collects data about customers and their preferences, thereby providing a more personalized shopping experience.

Advantages of an OMS system

The OMS (Order Management System) is a comprehensive tool that offers many functionalities to help manage orders and commercial operations in various areas. These include:

Real-time inventory
The OMS solution can provide accurate inventory information in real-time. This means that the store can monitor product availability and quantities in real-time, eliminating the risk of selling products that are no longer available. Every order or return placed immediately updates the inventory, helping to maintain and synchronize accurate data.

Process automation
By introducing automation into many order processing processes, it is possible to program the system to generate shipment labels, track order statuses, and notify customers of any changes to their orders. The entire process translates into time savings and reduces the risk of errors.

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Multiple sales channels management
The OMS system integrates different sales channels, such as online stores, mobile apps, desktop stores, and e-commerce platforms in one place. This means that customer and order data is consistent regardless of the source. The store can serve customers from different sales channels more consistently, minimizing the risk of product data errors.

Analytics and reports
OMS collects and analyzes data related to orders, customers, and store operations. It generates detailed reports and analyses to help make strategic decisions. As a result, the store can better understand customer behavior and market trends.

Customer communication
Many systems provide different options for keeping customers informed about their order status. For instance, they can automatically send notifications to customers with links to their orders and delivery details. Additionally, some OMS systems enable efficient management of emails and the creation of customer information pages.

OMS: Integrations with other systems

Integration with various systems is an indispensable part of complex e-commerce operations. OMS can be successfully integrated with several other tools, allowing you to effectively manage all aspects of your commerce operations.

Integration with ERP
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems manage various enterprise resources, including finance, warehousing, and human resources. Integrating an OMS with ERP allows you to synchronize information about orders, deliveries, inventory, and invoices. This helps avoid over- or under-stocking of products and effectively monitor operating costs.

Integration with CRM
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions collect information about customers, their purchase history, and preferences. Integration with CRM allows access to this data during order processing. This means the store can deliver more personalized offers and messages, positively impacting customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

Integration with payment systems
Payment systems support financial transactions such as credit card payments, PayPal, or bank transfers. Integration with them enables automatic verification of payments and updating of order statuses. This increases the security of transactions and provides customers with immediate order confirmation after payment.

Integration with logistics systems
Logistics systems allow efficient management of transportation and deliveries. Their integration with OMS enables you to optimize delivery routes, track shipments, and provide customers with information on delivery status. This reduces delivery times and minimizes logistics costs, which affects customer satisfaction.

Integration with other applications and solutions
The OMS can be integrated with various applications, such as analytical and marketing tools or fraud risk assessment systems. This provides the opportunity to customize the platform to meet individual needs and business strategies. Through this integration, the store can access several tools and data, resulting in more efficient customer service and management of retail operations.

Integration with other systems is the key to achieving consistency, efficiency, and competitiveness in e-commerce. By working together, stores can operate seamlessly, serve customers at the highest level, and adapt their strategies to a rapidly changing market.

The most popular OMS solutions on the market

Order management systems for the e-commerce market are gaining popularity as technology and digitization advances. With them, companies can automate and optimize their operational processes. The most popular tool on the Polish market is BaseLinker. Are there other competing solutions?

BaseLinker is one of the most popular e-commerce order management systems. Using BaseLinker, you can support foreign marketplace platforms and conduct cross-border sales. Additionally, the system has several partners to help implement the tool and automate processes. BaseLinker's developers are systematically improving it, such as with features based on artificial intelligence.

Apilo is an advanced OMS platform for order management supported by Shoper. This tool provides the opportunity to use AI-based solutions to optimize product descriptions. Unlike BaseLinker, Apilo works on a smaller scale. It offers comprehensive support, taking into account suggestions and comments from the community, and regularly introduces new solutions.

BaseLinker and Apilo offer an open API, which allows tool customization. Apilo has only a handful of implementation partners but provides a dedicated service - Apilo BOX - to handle implementation, automation, and other e-commerce solutions.

Linker Cloud This is a cloud-based order management software designed for several business types, including 3PL warehouses, manufacturers, and retailers. The system significantly reduces manual work and errors, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions. It also offers advanced reporting and monitoring tools, eliminating the need for manual data tracking.

One of the key differentiators is the ability to quickly and easily connect to various sales channels and external systems. The software is trusted in the industry, handling more than 800,000 orders per month.

IdoSell is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for online stores, which allows you to manage multiple stores on a single platform. It enables process automation, such as status changes and report generation, and supports desktop sales and marketplaces. The platform also provides employee control and efficient configuration. It is a comprehensive tool that addresses the diverse needs of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

OMS: what can we do for you?

In the e-commerce industry, choosing the most appropriate order management system can be crucial. Regardless of the OMS solution you select, you can rest assured that our Software House will assist you. We are a company that implements OMS systems and a partnership to meet your needs and expectations.

Our company specializes in designing and customizing OMS systems to fully meet your business needs. No matter what challenges your e-commerce business is facing, we are ready to meet them. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can integrate any solution you choose to provide you with efficiency and optimization of your e-commerce processes.

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