Bespoke platform for the Costa Coffee loyalty program

Costa Coffee Polska S.A. is a Polish operator of the second largest coffee shop business in the world. It owns more than 3 000 coffee shops in over 30 countries, with over 2 000 in the UK. Costa Coffee baristas constantly improve their skills by participating in cyclic Coffee Academies. The best of them regularly take part in International Barista Championships.

Tasks and objectives

We created this bespoke platform from scratch. It manages the loyalty program which is available for customers via the mobile app and the website. The goal of the project is to eliminate previously used plastic cards and boost the attractiveness of the program.

The bespoke loyalty program platform to handle thousands of transactions daily

The users of the old program can transfer previously collected points to new accounts during the registration. The intuitive loyalty program allows to collect virtual “coffee beans” that can be later exchanged for drink vouchers. The buyer will receive the one coffee bean for each product included in the promotion. Later, users can select prizes by giving baristas the QR code generated in their mobile app.

Administrators of the system have the opportunity to create their own promotions, discount coupons from the partners, vouchers for seasonal products as well as set the happy hour or give the customers special prizes, i.e. for their birthday. The program also provides special promotions for Costa Coffee employees.

Based on gathered data and parameters regarding users’ activity, administrators can create individual promotions. They can i.e. segment customers who often visit the coffee shop in a given period of time and reward them with a special promotion. They can also send out a discount coupon to people who haven’t visited the coffee shop in a while. It gives an opportunity to target promotion in any chosen way and engage customers that belong to specific age groups, i.e. students.

The system that operates the loyalty program is integrated with coffee shops’ cash registers. It ensures that points and discounts are properly calculated for users of this program.

During the execution of the project, we used the .NET Core platform that supports the creation of the apps. We also used the Vue.js library that enables the design of interactive components on the websites. The other helpful thing was the web development practice - Continuous Delivery. We also provide constant technical support for the system that operates the program.

Main benefits for the client
  • A loyalty program that is intuitive and attractive for customers,
  • migration of users from the old program,
  • possibility to segment users and create special promotions,
  • integration of the system with cash registers,
  • access to the program via the mobile app and the website,
  • technical support services.
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