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INTRANET: Effective internal communication in a distributed organization


Its latest edition is a collection of knowledge and experience that comprehensively covers the vast topic of intranet and internal communications in an organizations. At the same time, it considers the changes in the enterprises' functioning that occurred during the pandemic.
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Navigating the intricacies of an organization's internal communication landscape is crucial for fostering seamless operations and propelling growth. In this realm, an invaluable tool emerges - the intranet. It is a digital conduit that bridges gaps between individuals, departments, and fuctions, facilitating the flow of information, ideas, and collaboration.

Delving into this intricate web of connectivity, a comprehensive guide about intranet for internal communication awaits your exploration, brimming with insights to revolutize your approach to the subject.

Changes in the labour market and the spread of remote and hybrid work have made it necessary to revise and update the knowledge presented in our previously developed textbook and eBook.

We have teamed up again to produce a new instalment of the publication, which extensively covers the topic of intranets, their design and development, as well as the influence that using intranet for internal communications has one the organization. We have placed special emphasis on collaboration and communication in distributed businesses.

One of the most important publications
in the area of Digital Workplace.  

E-book „INTRANET: Effective internal communication in a distributed organization” is the most up-to-date and comprehensive compendium of knowledge on internal communication internal systems. Everything is supported by practical examples, including a case study of one of the best intranets in the world, described in an interview with Artur Wichlinski - Director of the Technology and Operations Division at the Wschowa Bank.


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"I really like the statement in the book that "a good intranet is one that makes its users dread the thought of working without it." A company intranet should be like the Internet.

The book contains everything we, as internal communication specialists, should know before we sit down to work on designing such a system in our companies. I recommend you to read this publication if you are planning to implement or develop an intranet in your companies or are looking for new knowledge about intranets. Bravo to the authors for this publication!

Maja Biernacka, Internal Communications Consultant, author of the Behind the IC scenes blog



Effective Intranet Platform - Digital Workplace Intraten for internal communication - who should reach out
to our guide?

Whether you hold a position of authority or expertise or aspire to elevate your organization's efficiency, the guide on the intranet and how it improves internal communication stands as a beacon of knowledge, illuminating pathways to enhanced productivity and harmonious teamwork. It provides practical tips and advice that will mainly benefit:

  • Directors and managers: Those responsible for providing solutions for the efficient operation of the company will unravel strategic solutions to fortify the foundations of operational excellence, gain a competitive edge and propel the company forward.
  • Executives, those looking for optimal and effective ways to generate savings will discover an array of optimal and effective methods for maintaining fiscal stability and generating substantial saving. The guide will point them towards avenues of resource management that may have previously eluded one's purview.
  • HR Department, those,  entrusted with cultivating a nurtuing environment for employee growth are about to find a treasure trove of insihts. Delving into the guide empowers them to amplify the workplace's quality and the workforce's satisfaction. 
  • Marketing specialists, those, for whom internal knowledge bases and efficient  internat communications mean better implementation of external and internal promotion activities will learn that intranet's knowledge bases are not solely confined to the realms of operaions - they transcend boundaries.

However, the guide's embrace extends beyond these delineated roles. It beckons to anyone who would like to improve the efficiency of their organization, offering a reservoir of knowledge that can uplift every facet of one's estabilishment!

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Strengthen the competitive edge
of your organization

"The book is a very interesting publication discussing Intranet topics. The solutions presented will certainly be of interest to people who are encountering the problem for the first time, as well as to specialists in the industry.

The publication describes in a very accessible way how looks design and develop Intranets to serve daily internal communication. The guide provides tips on how to build a competitive advantage for your organization and thus improve your business. This is a very good case study and mandatory reading for anyone who is not familiar with internal communication issues.

Artur Wichlinski, Director of the Technology and Operations Division at the Wschowa Bank



What can you find in the eBook?

Over 110 pages, filled to the brim with the knowledge of the masters of internal communication, unravel the intricate threads composing the tapesty of intranet for internal communication. The guide navigates your through this digital domain, charting a couse through its nuances, possibilities and tangible benefits. You will realize that the intranet is a dynamic tool that, when wielded adeptly, can prompt enhanced collaboration, knowledge sharing, and seamless information flow within your organization.



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What does the latest edition
of our new eBook contain?

Intranet is still an unexplored area. We will introduce you to the subject and provide valuable leads about the effectiveness of the intranet for internal communication. The latest edition contains!

  • Practical tips implementation of intranet systems – case study
  • Design - pre-implementation analysis, user needs, promotion strategy
  • Tips and advice on how to manage an intranet portal
  • Discussion of survey results: intranets in Polish enterprises
  • Experts - comprehensive and practical knowledge of specialists in the field
  • Interview - a conversation with Artur Wichlinski - an intranet success story
  • Innovations - modern solutions to expand digital workplace functions
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center for dialogue and analysis

"In addition to addressing a relatively rarely discussed topic, its great strength is the combination of academic and practical perspectives.

As a result, in addition to an introduction on the origins, essence and goals of an intranet, the reader will also find in the book practical advice related to the management of this system, a description of case studies of implementations on the Polish market and the results of a survey of experiences in using such systems.



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