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Intar - new e-Commerce opportunities in the furniture industry

Ideo has been supporting Intar's e-commerce development for many years. Learn more about partnering with an industry leader.

Intar is a reputable distributor of high-quality materials used in the production of furniture and interior design elements.

The company has eight branch offices in Poland, and has earned a trustworthy reputation as a reliable supplier of products from prestigious companies in the furniture industry. Furthermore, Intar provides advanced processing services for furniture materials, making it a comprehensive partner for businesses operating in this field.

Client issues

After conducting a thorough analysis of our Client's needs and challenges, we successfully implemented advanced e-commerce solutions through a multi-stage cooperation.

The project included the creation of a multifunctional platform that caters to both B2B and B2C customers, as well as integration with various systems such as ERP, PIM, Abrys, and Baselinker. The result of implementing these modules is a modern, functional, and transparent e-commerce platform.

B2B platform

Intar's B2B platform was designed to deal with three main challenges: managing a broad range of products, streamlining order processes, and providing customers with personalized offers and wholesale prices.

The new platform enables Intar to efficiently manage purchasing and commercial processes, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This solution also positions Intar as a prominent leader in the furniture industry.

B2C platform

The Client decided to develop the B2C platform to offer customers not only products, but also inspiration and professional advice in the interior design industry. With the Inspiration module, Intar is now able to share ideas that can easily be converted into real purchases by platform users.

The ability to communicate with interior design professionals further enhances the value of the offering. The result is not only increased sales, but also the development of long-term relationships with customers who now see Intar not only as a supplier, but also as a partner in the implementation of their interior design projects.

"Our partnership with Ideo has greatly expanded our horizons in the e-commerce sector. With advanced solutions, like integration with ERP and PIM systems, we have significantly improved our offer management and customer relations. Ideo has helped us strengthen our market position by providing modern and functional shopping platforms that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty."
Tomasz Kasprzak – Head Office Manager 

Integration with ERP

Integrating the ERP system was a strategic move to optimize pricing and inventory management. This has enabled Intar to offer personalized and competitive pricing to different customer groups in both the B2B and B2C segments.

The real-time synchronization between the e-commerce platform and ERP system has facilitated faster and more accurate order fulfilment.

Additionally, estimating transportation costs based on customer data has increased logistics efficiency. Consequently, Intar has not only improved customer service but also increased its competitiveness on the market.

Integration with Abrys

Through integrating with the Abrys system, Intar has achieved a significant milestone in improving purchasing processes and customer service. The primary goal of the project was to establish a coherent communication between the B2B Intar platform, the Abrys system and the ERP system.

The project consisted of several key phases:

  • B2B integration with ABRYS: Users can now seamlessly move between platforms to create furniture panel cuts.
  • Streamlining the furniture creation process: Customers can access Abrys tools without logging in multiple times.
  • Costing automation: The costing process has been automated, and payments can be made online.
  • ERP integration: After payment, orders are automatically sent to the ERP system for further processing.

The benefits for clients include faster access to tools, reduced order turnaround time, accurate cost estimation, improved service quality and full transparency.

PIM integration

The main aim of this project was to streamline the management of a diverse product portfolio and tailor the offerings to meet the needs of various customer groups in both B2B and B2C segments.

By integrating PIM with the Edito platform, we facilitated efficient data exchange, including product descriptions and multimedia files.

This resulted in the Client having a powerful tool for dynamic and precise offer management, which significantly boosted its market position.

"Our longstanding partnership with Intar is a testament to the importance of building relationships based on mutual trust and understanding. Through our collaboration, we have been able to deliver exceptional results, turning challenges into opportunities."
- Łukasz Dziadosz, Project Manager, Ideo

Integration with Baselinker

As part of this comprehensive project, we also integrated Intar with Baselinker. The integration aimed to automate and optimize the management of assortment and orders on various e-commerce platforms, including the Allegro marketplace.

The result was an increase in operational efficiency, a reduction in the risk of errors, and improved competitiveness in the dynamic e-commerce environment.

The implementation process involved several stages, such as data structure analysis, API implementation, data mapping, testing, and optimization. As a result, the Client now has an automated, effective, and reliable system that has positively impacted the optimization of their internal processes.

Benefits for the Client

  • Modern and functional e-Commerce platform
  • Creating personalized offers for Business Customers
  • Strengthening the market position
  • Building expertise in relations with Individual Customers
  • Reduction of errors in product information
  • Efficient and precise order management