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INTRANET and effective internal communication within a distributed organization

We introduce a new edition of our Digital Workplace ebook, enriched with issues related to today's realities of operating distributed organizations.

Corporate internal communication experts have been observing various changes caused by the pandemic. They are more and more aware that there is no return to "old normal".

Today, we are a part of the process of shaping a new reality - the one that is more technological and aims to determine the grounds of companies' functioning.

Hybrid and remote work, once perceived as a sign of a distant future – now are considered as a regular practice.

In order to respond to new challenges that organizations encounter while looking for solutions for a comfortable and effective work environment, we have decided to create a new, refreshed version of our eBook "INTRANET: effective internal communication within a distributed organization." Remote and hybrid, distributed environment, and changes resulting from them are reflected in our updated guidebook of Digital Worplace.

Intranet is a tool to build a comprehensive digital workplace that responds to the needs of various processes implemented in companies. We want HR managers, directors, and other representatives of organizations with a distributed structure to expand their knowledge on this subject.

Read our guidebook and find out:

  • Where to start designing – pre-implementation analysis, user needs, promotion strategy.
  • How to implement an intranet system step by step?
  • How to manage an intranet portal to encourage employees to use it?
  • Which of the modern solutions will be the right extension of the functionality of your digital workplace?
  • How is an Intranet used and evaluated in enterprises in today's world? – research results

During the design of the new guide, the authors supplemented their knowledge with external experts in internal communication and related technologies. An extensive interview with Artur Wichliński, Director of the Technology and Operations Division at the Wschów Bank Spółdzielczy provides a history of the one of the world-best intranets, which is proven to be true by numerous awards.

We know that effective internal communication is not only an IT platform. Therefore, the guidebook is enhanced with the knowledge of Maja Biernacka, Internal Communication Consultant and the author of the blog Behind the IC scenes. Maja described the grounds for building communication in organizations with a distributed structure.

We encourage you to broaden / update your knowledge about intranets and internal communication with our latest e-book.

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