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 Focusing on innovation, improving efficiency, and understanding essential needs is the foundation for achieving business excellence. 

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The methodology we use emphasizes practical aspects, allowing participants to apply the knowledge gained directly to the daily challenges of the organization.

SCOPE workshops are designed to transform organizations. Their main goal is to enable companies to succeed in a dynamic business environment.

Through focused modules, participants will be able to fine-tune growth strategies to meet the unique needs of companies.

Going into the SCOPE workshop, let us look at the acronym that symbolizes the business transformation approach.

S - Strategic needs analysis

The first milestone is the "S". It is not just an analysis - it is a deeper dive into the essence of the organization. SCOPE workshops begin with a thorough understanding of current needs and identification of areas where the company can achieve maximum efficiency.

The meticulousness of the needs analysis allows us to personalize the strategy, eliminate unnecessary steps, and focus on crucial areas for development. As a result, participants are ready to transform their organizations from within, starting with a solid foundation.

C - Creative development strategy

The next step is "C" - the holistic formation of a creative development strategy. In this module of the SCOPE workshop, we focus on developing comprehensive action plans that respond to current challenges and guide the organization toward long-term success.

Creativity plays a crucial role in the development strategy process. Through SCOPE workshops, participants not only gain knowledge of modern market trends. It's a combination of meritocracy and an innovative approach that makes strategies flexible and begins to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment.

The value of this module lies in the fact that participants create strategies and learn how to implement them in practice. The holistic formation of a creative growth strategy is the key to staying competitive and responding effectively to dynamic market challenges.

O - On exploratory world of innovation

This workshop module is a deeper dive into the area of creativity and cutting-edge solutions that bring competitive advantage to organizations. Through practical exercises and case studies, participants learn how to integrate innovation into everyday organizational processes.

P - Professional change management

The module focuses the element of the vitally important transformation, enabling the organization to adapt smoothly to new challenges and dynamic market conditions. In Professional Change Management, participants gain the necessary skills to successfully lead an organization through transformational processes.

They focus on eliminating resistance to change, building team commitment, and developing a positive attitude toward innovation. Professional management is about theory and practice.

E - Effective Adaptation

In the SCOPE workshop, the letter "E" primarily symbolizes efficiency and evolution. It refers to an organization's ability to efficiently and effectively adapt to the changing business environment.

Participants in SCOPE workshops gain the skills necessary to respond flexibly to new challenges, remain competitive, and continue to grow in a changing business environment.

We will analyze the needs of your business and suggest how to understand business needs and manage change!
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Module: Discovery workshop - the key to development and innovation

Creating a functional product is a matter of technology, understanding, and meeting the target audience's needs. The entire process begins with a deep analysis of the idea until the most appropriate way to solve real user problems is found.

In this context, the product discovery process is the foundation for systematic product discovery and effective customer requirements identification.

  • Idea analysis
    This is the essential stage where the entire product development journey begins. It is here that we define how an idea can best respond to real user problems. Combining knowledge of the target audience, their needs, expectations, and habits creates a solid foundation for a project that has the potential to meet expectations and deliver real value.
  • Product discovery process
    Product discovery is a process that focuses on analyzing information about users. By exploring the motivations, problems, and needs of the target group, we can accurately determine the product requirements. The application documentation created during this process becomes a map that precisely guides the creation process, answering all perceived problems and delivering maximum value to potential users.
  • Facilitating creation with order
    Workshops become an essential tool in the ideas and information process. Through interactive sessions and effective tools, they help organize knowledge, which speeds up the product creation process while keeping things in order.

Three-phase process - maximizing the chances of success

The three-phase process of structuring knowledge is a crucial part of product discovery. It has the unquestionable benefit of minimizing the risk of cost and manufacture of an unsatisfactory product, and it also ensures that the end result will bring real benefits to both the creator and customers.

Phase I - Identifying the problem to be solved

In the first phase of our project, we focus on thoroughly identifying the problem posed by potential users. We collect data related to the market, target group, and competitors. With this information, we can verify business ideas and decide whether it is worth investing time and resources in them.

The workshop in this phase begins with a relaxed discussion, during which we explore the project idea and the client's expectations, which is the foundation for further decisions.

What will you get in this phase?

  • Getting to know potential users, their goals and motivations.
  • Identifying how your product can respond to customer needs.
  • Understanding the emotions and expectations of users.

Phase II – Questions

After completing the first phase, we collect detailed information to better understand customer requirements. We focus on specific actions, leading to the best version of the product, tailored to the needs of customers and the target group. In this phase, we will get answers to the questions:

  • Who are the users? What market will the product be aimed at?
  • What devices will be used most often for this application?
  • What functionalities will users prioritize?
  • How familiar are the users with the available technologies?

Phase III - shaping the idea

The final stage of product discovery is summarizing all the information gathered and conclusions developed. We want to provide you with the highest quality of cooperation and workshops to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your project.

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Benefits of participating in SCOPE training courses

Staying competitive requires adapting to change and actively shaping the company's future. In this context, SCOPE and Discovery workshops become an ideal tool for organizations looking to grow and succeed. By attending the workshop, your team opens up to a deeper understanding of the market in which your company operates.

Learning about the latest trends, identifying competitive strengths, and discovering previously unexplored areas will support you in establishing key growth points. This workshop is a source of information and a platform for finding new business opportunities.

Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, you will learn to see your business from a perspective that can open the door to unlimited growth opportunities.

An undeniable benefit for workshop participants is the increase in team competence. A strong team is the foundation of any successful organization. The workshop provides knowledge and enables you to build competence in your team.

What other competencies result from participation in training?

  • Increasing business efficiency - adopting best practices will contribute to effective management of operations, and mastering strategies for dealing with dynamic changes in the market will undoubtedly increase the organization's efficiency.
  • Generating innovative solutions - developing creativity and ideas. It is also access to tools that support rapid implementation of innovations.
  • Team motivation - the team becomes more engaged through inspiring meetings and acquires practical skills that translate into effective work.

Who is the SCOPE workshop designed for?

SCOPE workshops, like Discovery, are designed for a wide range of professionals looking to improve their skills and gain a competitive edge. During them, you can develop creative thinking, as well as analyze the competition while building your strategy. This form of workshop will work best for:

Managers, at any level of the hierarchy, seek to better understand markets and manage their teams more effectively. Through SCOPE workshops, they will have the opportunity to explore the latest market trends, improve their data analysis skills, and create innovative strategies to effectively adapt to the changing business environment.

Team leaders looking for tools to effectively motivate and develop their teams. They will have the opportunity to learn best practices in leadership development, which will allow them to effectively inspire and support their teams on the path to success.

Strategy professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills in strategic planning and identification of new business opportunities. The workshop will enable the development of critical thinking skills, and rapid response to changes in the environment to meet current market needs.

Entrepreneurs and business owners wishing to gain insight into the latest market trends and adapt their strategies to changing conditions. In addition, this workshop will enable entrepreneurs to build networks with other professionals and exchange experiences, which can lead to valuable business partnerships and open the door to new growth opportunities.

Individuals who are interested in their professional development and wish to invest in their professional growth by gaining knowledge that will benefit them and their organization. In this way, these individuals can meet their development needs and add value to their organizations, contributing to their success and growth.

Methodology and tools

  • SWOT analysis

The SCOPE methodology begins with a deep SWOT analysis, allowing the identification of the greatest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Together, we will analyze what distinguishes your company from the competition, what areas need strengthening, and what potential opportunities are worth taking advantage of. SWOT analysis is a crucial step on the path to strategic success.

  • Brainstorming

In the SCOPE methodology, we attach great importance to creativity and innovation. That's why we use dynamic brainstorming sessions that stimulate participants' creative thinking. During such meetings, participants learn how to effectively generate new ideas, how to focus on solutions, how to break down thought barriers and effectively search for solutions.

  • Design Thinking

Participants learn how a designer thinks, taking into account the needs and expectations of users. You will learn how to create solutions that meet expectations and create positive experiences, building customer loyalty.

What can we do for you?

We aim to provide knowledge and support your company in achieving exceptional business success. At SCOPE, we see a process and a partnership journey during which, together with you, we discover new horizons of business opportunities.

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