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New website for the Indykpol Group

The new and improved website with a friendly interface and the clear division of content is the result of the cooperation between Indykpol and Ideo.

The Indykpol Capital Group specializes in production and sale of turkey meat and turkey meat products. It is a renowned exporter of meat and poultry products to European markets. Indykpol is without the doubt one of the leaders in this industry.

The new website is an element of the client’s new strategy that will refresh company’s brand image online.

"In the process of preparing the new website, we faced three main challenges. We had to create the intuitive and user-friendly website for our customers as well as include all necessary information regarding investments. Last but not least, the website’s system needed to be simple and allow us to edit the site in the future. I can honestly say that Ideo and their original Edito CMS faced this task really well", says Piotr Filip Kulikowski, Marketing Specialists at Indykpol Brand Sp. z o.o.

The main task was the systematization of website’s content. We decided to put particular emphasis on making an attractive graphic layout that would help to organize the website’s structure.

Thanks to the Multisite feature, the client has been given the full opportunity to use website’s resources according to their needs. It makes the management of the main page and subpages from the main panel very easy. This feature allows the client to create new graphically coherent subpages and theme websites as well.

Read more about the corporate website.

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