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8 steps to a good IT investment, 08.11.17 Author: Marcin Wojtoń

Your company decided to implement the IT systems which aim is to optimize the work and generate measurable benefits? During the launch stage, it is possible to make mistakes that might affect tool’s performance. Even if the solution is going to be ‘perfect’, it might not be well-received by the workers. They must be sure about its quality; in the end, they will be using it every day at work. 

Based on facts

Over a decade ago, the team Paints and Varnishes Plant Sniezka SA decided to launch the document management system. Then, its prototype was created. The software was successfully implemented and received, and what’s important, has been operating to this day. This project proves that an IT platform can be improved over the years and without losing its utility and attractiveness.

Izabela Chmiel, Śnieżka’s Board Office Manager, explains: "The increase in a number of documents delivered to the company, and the difficulties with their proper and quick flow, made us search for the right solution. We defined our objectives and checked implementation in other companies. However, one of the crucial moments was the presentation of this idea to the Board. After their approval, the proceedings went smoothly, and new teams were being involved step by step."

There are many important aspects that will help to minimize the risk of system implementation and increase its approval in the company. We selected the most important ones and described them below.


1. Inform employees about your plans

The implementation of the new IT solution is one of those elements that your employess should know about as soon as possible. In the end, it will make their everyday job much easier. The system will also change previously known procedures which you should prepare your workers for beforehand.


2. Involve in the creative process

While informing your workers about plans is one thing, you should also consider involving them in the creative process of the platform design. In the end, they will be using it every day. You should ask them which processes are the most difficult or time-consuming as well as what would improve their work – tools, solutions, improvements. Not all ideas would be possible to execute, however, thanks to these suggestions the system will fully meet employees’ expectations. What’s more, the participation in the creative process itself is a sign of the appreciation and respect.

Tip: By participating in the creative process, employees do not only receive a tool that meets their requirements. They are also partially responsible for its success, which makes them use it more often.


3. Let them test

Allow your employees (all or just a group) to test the prepared solution. The control of the tool will allow to diagnose possible errors in early stages and improve the functions that require modification. The purpose of the testing is to make the tool more user-friendly. It will also help employees get acquainted with it, which might decrease the time of the training in the future.


4. Create nice, attractive IT system

It has to be intuitive, convenient and easy to use so that every person is satisfied with it. It is really important, especially when you promised a platform with such features. Otherwise, we might achieve the opposite of what we intended, and the work productivity might decrease.


5. Employee training

No matter if/or how involved in the creative process were your employees, it is worth organizing the training executed by the company that delivers the platform. It will help employees discover all platform’s features and fully use its potential. The training lasts no longer than a couple of hours, and it will certainly be beneficial for users of the system.


6. Ask for feedback

Similarly, as in each product, there are certain situations that occur in the IT system which affect the platform’s performance. All employees should know who to contact in case of an error. Encourage them also to report any ambiguities immediately after their occurrence.

Tip: The crucial practice is to conduct regular surveys among employees. In short questionnaires, you can ask for an evaluation of specific aspects, own observations and ideas for improvement. The next stage can involve individual interviews that might really help to find right solutions.

Michał Suszka, IT Director at Śnieżka explains: "The introduction of new modules resulted from the need to organize certain areas. Employees eagerly suggested new ideas for modules, i.e. business trips, employees  profiles, warranty service center, calendar, etc."


7. Platform monitoring

Most companies make the mistake that might potentially hurt their system. They often forget that after the implementation of the platform they have to monitor it constantly.  It is worth analyzing its performance and upgrading it on a regular basis. When you select the system's provider, make sure it offers monitoring tools. They automate and help to verify aspects such as the time spent in a particular module, the time of performing certain activities or the popularity of specific elements and functions. 

Marcin Wojtoń, Client Service Director at Ideo Agency, explains: "In spite of the constant development and the implementation of new modules, the Logito platform at Śnieżka did not lose its clarity and intuitiveness, which employees emphasize themselves. When expanding tools used at the company, it is crucial to keep the balance between those factors and the new improvements. What distinguishes works associated with the system at Śnieżka is its constant transformation. We work on many similar projects where IT tools are developed, but the improvements are not as dynamic as in the system for Śnieżka. When introducing bespoke online apps, our aim is to get as many details from the users as possible. In this case, it worked perfectly that currently, we receive requests for new platform modules directly from its users."


8. Expand, modernize, improve

In the process of expanding the company, you cannot forget about IT systems that are used in everyday work. In order to maintain their attractiveness and performance.

Tip: Try to create the mechanism that will allow users to leave suggestions that might later improve the platform.

Michał Suszka, IT Director at Śnieżka sums up: "Logito platform was quickly and effectively implemented – it is being constantly improved. It changed a lot for the last decade. It has 24 modules now that co-operate with 6 other systems used in the company. Every day there are 150 employees simultaneously working on our platform. So far they processed over 584 000 of official letters, cases or inquiries."



Marcin Wojtoń, Client Service Director

Read it at:, 08.11.2017r.

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