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B2B sales. How to attract new customers?

Even the best products or services are not a guarantee of success and income growth. It is the ability to attract new customers that is important. How, as now a good offer is not enough, is it possible to attract them?

Sellers conducting B2B business activity have to face strong competition and growing needs of their clients. Therefore, even the best products and services do not guarantee success and income growth.

It is the ability to attract new customers that is important. How, as now a good offer is not enough, is it possible to attract them? Here you can read about some tips.

B2B vs. B2C sales

It is very important to distinguish two sales models - B2B and B2C. Business to consumer (B2C) is a sales model in which the end customer is simply a consumer, an individual.

The process of sales itself is not complicated and decisions are made more spontaneously and are usually made by one person - the buyer. There are not many logistics problems. Payments are usually made immediately, with the use of popular methods, similarly, the delivery methods are fast and problem-free.

Business to Business (B2B) sales system is the one that is more complicated. It is based on complex business and decision-making processes.

The purchase of products or services is made by a company, so the choice of services/products must be justified and most often accepted by numerous decision-making persons who create the so-called purchasing committee.

The very fact makes the sale/purchase a multi-stage process in which participate at least a few people. Both the pricing policy and logistics need to be personalized and require dedicated solutions.

B2B sales is based mainly on cooperation with business partners. In order for it to be convenient and effective,sellers must take care of appropriate technologies and solutions that will improve the customer's purchasing path, as well as engage them in the whole process. These are key business features that will help you to attract new customers and will have a positive impact on the loyalty of present contractors.

Digital solutions in B2B sales

One of the factors that influences sales is the level of business digitization. Lack of digital solutions or inadequately matched processes make customers choose your competition that is more advanced in terms of technology and offers more practical functions.

It is not only about convenience, but also safety. The reality we live in has changed dramatically, and the COVID-19 pandemic has also left its mark on e-commerce.

Research conducted by McKinsey&Company shows that now almost 80 % of consumers prefer remote contact and self-service sales platforms when shopping. The change in approach of sellers is visible. They are now more willing to move their businesses to the online world. 

Own study on the basis of

The way sellers communicate with consumers is also in the process of changing. More than a half of entrepreneurs have changed their traditional sales model to digital one. Therefore, they connect with consumers via videoconference or chat.

Own study on the basis of

Further studies emphasize the need for digital platforms in B2B sales.

The Gartner Future of Sales 2025 report predicts that by 2025, 80 % of interactions between sellers and suppliers and customers will happen online - via digital channels. In order to meet expectations of customers, entrepreneurs should adapt to the changing world, which is increasingly taking the shape of digital reality.

It is high time to turn spreadsheets into functional and integrated sales platforms.

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B2B platform functionalities

Depending on the character and business model of the company, the platform is equipped with many practical functions that's aim is to improve the work of the seller, and customer purchases. Here are some of the mostly chosen functionalities:

  • Integration with an ERP system
    The platform smoothly integrates with external systems, for instance ERP. Because of this connection, the full offer is available on the platform, which can be quickly and conveniently presented to customers.

    What is more, all information about products/services is updated in real time, so the risk of a mistake or disinformation is rather low. Contractors have the certainty that the data, e.g., of stock levels, are always up to date.
  • Advanced search engine with filters
    Finding a specific product from thousands of those available in your store is extremely time-consuming. Therefore, it is so important of the platform to have a functional search engine that will help and facilitate the process of searching for the product.

    The advanced filters also help to narrow down the number of searched phrases. It is good to provide the option to find products, e.g., by EAN codes, or to search for compatible products (e.g., with the ones previously purchased by the customer).
  • Catalogue with an offer
    A transparent and attractively presented offer is a key element of sales. It is worth ensuring that the offer is thoroughly presented and includes information about the terms of the order.

    Aesthetical photos/graphics/animations are another benefit that can effectively encourage people to buy from you.
  • Individual price lists
    The specificity of B2B sales requires an individual approach to every business cooperation. It is worth offering many price solutions, such as discounts, trading limits, deferral payments, which are to increase the interest of customers.

    An intelligent management module offers users promotions and discounts manually. Integration with the CRM system guarantees that the price terms are set properly.
  • Order templates
    When well-designed, they support the process of both repeat and new orders. While creating a template, you have to remember that it should be fully intuitive and functional, without unnecessary options that may cause confusion.

    You should also focus on its appearance so that the whole process is not only comfortable but also easy on the eye.
  • Multiple carts
    A very practical feature that cannot be omitted. It enables contractors to create multiple carts and give them names, e.g., in the case of buyers, after the name of the company/customer for whom they do the order.
  • History of orders and documents
    It is important that both the seller and the customer have the opportunity to view the history of orders and generate contracts and invoices. On the platform, you can quickly and easily find a current or archived document, and see it online, or download and print it.

    The order history also makes it much easier to repeat a given order or even automatically place periodic orders.
  • Different delivery options, payment methods, currencies, taxes...
    As for the specificity of orders in the B2B model, the methods of delivery and payment should possibly be most favourable when it comes to time and finance.

    If the offer is also addressed to foreign customers, it is worth implementing on the platform support for multi-currency, tax rates, and languages.
  • Shipment status
    This is a useful feature appreciated by customers from all over the world. The ability to plan the delivery date and track parcels inspires in contractors trust to a given seller.
  • Complaints and returns
    Inseparable elements of sales that should function efficiently and without any problems. When the processing of returns or complaints is quick and convenient, it increases customer loyalty and positively surprises your customers even in the event of an unsuccessful purchase.
  • Sales report
    A feature that allows sellers to generate reports and summaries about sales levels.
  • Analytical module
    All kinds of statistics enable you to track the variability of processes over time. The more advanced they are, the more factors we can analyse and draw more accurate conclusions.

    Only by carefully observing what is happening on the platform are we able to identify problems on an early stage and effectively deal with them.

It is also worth remembering about creating experiences that we can offer our clients. One good example is creating a short video tutorial for new partners, like in onboarding.


Together we will analyze your needs and advise you on how to increase the efficiency of your e-commerce. Make an appointment for a free consultation.

Because of the introduction of the principles of cooperation and the functions of the platform, contractors will quickly find themselves in the new environment, which will certainly result in more effective cooperation.

Other functions that affect the usability of the platform, thereby increasing its attractiveness, are, for example, the option to repeat the last order, one-click payment, and same-day delivery, or recommended products based on previous preferences or purchases.

A properly designed B2B trading platform brings many benefits not only to sellers but also to buyers. Effective technologies, that consist of numerous functions are a great convenience for customers who often make massive purchases that require smart solutions.

Meanwhile, because of professionally designed processes, the sellers become reliable business partners for their contactors.

So, how to attract new customers in B2B sales - as you do not have a purchasing platform, it is worth investing in technologies currently needed in every business, and required by customers, especially in the e-commerce industry.

On the other hand, when you have a trading platform, but sales are rather low, you should analyse your processes, ask for an audit, and optimize your solutions. In both cases, you should remember that the technology itself does not guarantee success (although it makes work much easier).

The most important is the relationship the sellers have with their business partners. Another is the constant analysis of the processes, trends, and customers' opinions.

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