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How to use e-learning in business? Autor: Paweł Teper
Paweł Teper
Paweł Teper
eLearning & LMS expert

Although e-learning is primarily associated with training and education, this resource offers much more than this. E-learning platforms are becoming more popular in business.

This large increase in interest could especially be seen during the last few months when isolation became necessary. Now that we've pointed out all of this, what are the primary advantages of implementing such a solution?

It is a reality that e-learning platforms are increasingly gaining popularity and are becoming almost a must-have tool in the daily processes of many companies. This solution is primarily appreciated for its flexibility and functionality.

Thanks to this type of platform, it is much easier to carry out such tasks as, for example, implementing new regulations, standards or employees, conducting health and safety training, as well as providing customers with interactive instructional materials. Organizing all these activities with the help of online training saves a lot of time and money.

At this point, it is worth emphasizing the role of product training, which, as an integral part of the processes of manufacturing companies and distributors, is particularly becoming relevant.

Thanks to the use of e-learning, these processes can be executed remotely. What's more, all the relevant information, as well as analyses and reports, are available in one place and can be easily retrieved at a later time if needed.

So in which industries are e-learning solutions most commonly used? Is it true that the answer is educational institutions and training companies?

Contrary to popular belief, these sectors do not represent the largest percentage of companies using e-learning platforms. In fact, these are areas where e-learning has become popular relatively recently.

This is due to the prevailing belief that this type of training must take place stationary. However, the situation in recent months has effectively shown that it is high time to change this view.

Manufacturing and IT companies frequently utilize e-learning platforms due to their vast capabilities. They are used primarily in the creation of product manuals or IT systems, where rapid acquisition of knowledge and scale are very important.

In addition, a big plus is the ability to retake the training at virtually zero cost. These advantages of online training are some of the main reasons for e-learning’s popularity.

Is e-learning truly effective in fostering communication among employees? In which settings is this solution most successful?

It is not rare to hear that an e-learning platform is a set of many functions. Among them, one of the most important tasks is precisely to support communication within an organization. Thanks to this, it is possible to contact employees quickly. Functionalities such as chat or video conferencing are just examples of possible forms of immediate contact.

Therefore, it is safe to say that this type of solution works well in every industry and company, where one of the priorities is fast and trouble-free communication.

Speaking of functionalities, it is worth pointing out that, ideally, the company responsible for implementing the platform can modify and add new features. This allows adapting the platform to the organization’s needs, and at the same time meets its own expectations.

This approach works best in companies where the basis of competitive advantage is fast and effective communication between employees. Active use of the platform's capabilities brings tangible benefits, which is associated with a quick return on investment.

What is the situation regarding relations with partners or contractors? How can the platform be used in this case?

One major benefit of these platforms is their ability to be tailored to fit the unique ideas and characteristics of virtually any company, making their implementation and design highly effective. Flexibility and a rich base of offered functions, combined with the possibility of personalization make every e-learning element different.

A solution that is fully tailored to the needs and goals of a particular organization becomes a versatile tool that supports the process of improving the skills of employees uniquely.

Let's take a company that sells products through a partner network as an example. Its operations depend highly on good cooperation with contractors. Therefore, it is very important to have a channel for communication or knowledge sharing and frequent training. This is especially important if the company's offerings change frequently.

The introduction of a new offer or its changes force frequent and maximum rapid training of people who have contact with customers. That is why a dedicated e-learning platform is a perfect solution here, for it will represent a common space connecting contractors and the company. What's more, it can serve as a source of information on colleagues or a database of documents.

Of course, it will also be a place for learning and communication. In addition, it can also take the form of an interactive brochure, presented to potential customers. The ways of using e-learning as a tool are many, and this example is just one of the possibilities. Adapting a given solution to the customer's needs makes each platform an individual and unique solution.

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It's no secret that we absorb visual materials much more easily than traditional text. In what ways can video capabilities be utilized in e-learning?

Video-based learning has become very popular. The reason is the much greater impact of a visual and audio message than a textual one. Learning through various interactive tasks, tutorials or training videos is faster and much more enjoyable.

One of the more effective solutions is a video showing a specific situation, which can then be easily translated into life and work.

When individuals are exposed to visuals, they tend to retain information better and acquire applicable skills. Additionally, this mode of learning is less monotonous.

Videos in e-learning can be used as a supplement to the training material or can be the main part of it. A major advantage in such cases is the ability to simply combine video elements with other forms of learning - exercises, surveys, lessons, etc. In addition, by verifying the time spent on a given video, supervisors can corroborate whether the material was actually watched.

Where else can e-learning be used? What are the trends in this field for the coming months?

The pandemic and social isolation have made e-learning platforms gain a lot of ground in a relatively short period. They are slowly becoming an indispensable tool for remote work. The application possibilities for e-learning platforms are really rich, and in addition, thanks to their flexibility and modular design, each solution can be tailored to the needs of the clients and their businesses.

However, their primary function is the transfer of knowledge, so they are a comprehensive database of information, which is equipped with various elements for fast and effective learning. The topic of various training courses - product, language, or health and safety - that can be organized with the help of the platform cannot be omitted here.

Moreover, it is a great communication channel and a place where it is possible to verify knowledge almost immediately.

Concerning the future of e-learning, the market for LMS platforms is growing, not just because of the pandemic but because an increasing number of entrepreneurs are noticing the numerous advantages of the platforms and are incorporating them into their business operations, where they are proving to be a tremendous support.

In conclusion, the trend and the interest of companies in the use of this type of resource will continue to grow, which in turn will make distance learning an increasingly recurrent model.

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