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Mobile solutions

"Start working effectively outside the office."

Applications for mobile devices facilitate the work of managers, sales representatives, and employees working on advanced computer systems. There are also more and more educational and entertainment apps, an addition to the standard offer of information or functional web services.

Marcin Lipiec
Marcin Lipiec
Business Development, eCommerce
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Mobile devices have undergone a revolution – from useful gadgets to minicomputers.
Also, an access to advanced devices is increasing, while the operating costs are decreasing. As a result, mobile solutions are a better alternative to complex stationary systems.

Applications for mobile devices increase the efficiency of solutions such as dedicated b2b systems, intranets, and e-commerce.
As a result, smartphones and other mobile devices can be used more efficiently in everyday work, often effectively replacing standard computers.


Reliable solutions

We keep expanding our competences in building software for Android and iOS.
The experts from Ideo specialize in business applications created according to the requirements and specifics concerning a given project. We develop not only native but also hybrid apps – depending on the needs and expectations of a Client. For this purpose, we use Objective-C, Java, Swift and React Native technologies.

Case Study: Mobile app LOTTO

Main application types

  • Offline apps which are installed directly on the device and do not require access to the Internet (e.g., various types of games, calculators, etc.). This group also includes applications that allow for synchronization with other devices and sharing the results of work with others.
  • Client applications - mobile interfaces for desktop applications (the so-called access points). For proper functioning, they require access to the Internet and a server providing current data. The most common applications of this type are, for example, an e-mail user account, a warehouse and sales application, a platform for sales representatives, and a system for viewing offers.
  • PWA applications which resemble standard applications because of their appearance and functioning but are well-designed websites. They are the next level of technology progress after the RWD. Just like standard native apps, they can use mobile device features such as push notifications, geolocation, gesture navigation, and many more. They operate like normal pages - in a web browser without the need to download or install anything.

Tailor-made apps

We design mobile applications on a basis of detailed analysis of Clients’ needs from scratch. As a result of it, the created systems ensure optimization and comfortable execution of business tasks. They increase company efficiency by offering the possibility of cooperation with solutions such as intranet, B2B/B2C platform, warehouse systems, and accounting.

Distribution of mobile solutions

The success of each application depends on the adopted model of its distribution. After analysing application purposes, we will advise you on the best way to propagate it. We know that there is a vast number of apps on the market, which is why we conduct a comprehensive promotion of mobile applications. Ideo Force – the Internet Marketing Agency – is here to help you.

Very often, the systems we create are used internally, within companies' structures. In such cases, we are responsible for the correct implementation and support for employees' devices, as well as their further development basing on usage and employees' needs analysis.

Case Study: Mobile application mCommerce for Ucando

Regardless of whether the customer needs entertainment, educational, or business application – our specialists will advise on its optimal functioning, implementation technology, and the possibilities of distribution.
In the case of internal applications, we also provide employee training to assure more effective use of the application capabilities.

Marcin Wojtoń, Director of Client Service Department


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Clients rate our comprehensive approach to project implementation and business consulting very well. This is one of the main reasons we are considered by Clutch as a leading eCommerce Software Development Team in Poland.


In our daily work, we help to develop our clients' businesses. Their trust and effective cooperation make us grow as well. January, 2022, the new edition of Forbes Diamond Award report was published. We are proud to be listed among the fastest-growing Polish enterprises in this prestigious report.


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