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Pre-implementation analysis

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Marcin Wojtoń
Marcin Wojtoń
Business development, Sales Director
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Pre-implementation analysis is the process of detailed research and planning before starting the implementation of an IT project.

From Ideo's perspective, the analysis is crucial because, at this stage, we can understand the business assumptions and collect all the information into a document that will provide substantive support to ensure efficient work by the implementation team.

During the pre-implementation analysis, you can define the scope of work, develop an action strategy, and estimate the costs and time needed to implement the project. 

This is a crucial stage in ensuring the success and effectiveness of the implemented IT solutions.

Why is pre-implementation analysis crucial?

Pre-implementation analysis is the foundation of our work. Here are some reasons why:

  • Precisely setting expectations
    Thanks to our pre-implementation analysis, we can precisely understand our customers' expectations. We analyze their needs and business goals in detail, which allows us to better adapt to their requirements.  
  • Minimizing the need for corrections
    By conducting an in-depth analysis before starting the project, we minimize the risk of making mistakes during its implementation. This allows us to avoid unnecessary complications and delays.  
  • Resource optimization
    A thorough analysis allows us to optimally plan the resources needed to implement the project. Thanks to this, we can manage time and costs more effectively, translating into customer satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Clear definition of project goals
    Pre-implementation analysis allows us to precisely define the project goals and the path to achieve them. Thanks to this, all team members have a clear idea of what is expected from our work.  
  • Consulting and advice
    During pre-implementation analysis, we offer our clients support and advice. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we help clients choose the best solutions that will meet their needs and business goals.

We will advise you how to conduct a pre-implementation analysis in your company.
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Benefits of pre-implementation analysis

Pre-implementation analysis is a tool that provides the client with control over the project stages and minimizes the risk of problems occurring during the implementation stage.

Thanks to our approach, the client can be sure that by understanding his needs precisely, we will provide a solution perfectly tailored to his requirements. Here are some benefits that the client gains by conducting a pre-implementation analysis with Ideo Software:

  • Knowledge of the real costs of the project - full project specifications allow for accurate cost control, eliminating financial surprises.
  • Reducing implementation time - knowing the exact scope of work allows for more accurate scheduling and more effective resource management, which shortens the project implementation time.
  • Easy introduction of changes – the client can consciously verify concepts and test solutions before actual implementation. If modifications are needed, they can be made without additional delays or costs.
  • Increased chances of meeting expectations - full knowledge of business requirements allows you to achieve project success and meet the assumed goals.

For the Ideo Software team, such an analysis is the basis for work that ensures that the client's expectations are known and met. Thanks to this approach, the team gains:

  • Clear expectations – precise definition of project requirements and goals allows us to better understand the tasks to be performed and plan and manage the project more effectively.  
  • Schedule planning – thanks to full knowledge of the scope of work, we can optimally plan the project implementation time, ensuring timely delivery of the final product.  
  • Customer involvement – ​​at the beginning of the project we build partnership relations with the customer, which facilitates communication and cooperation at every stage of the project.  
  • Risk avoidance - pre-implementation analysis allows you to detect potential problems and challenges at an early stage, which ensures timely completion of the project and increases its chances of success.

Pre-implementation analysis process

During business analysis, we focus on understanding the business context of the project, including its goals, strategies, operational processes, and end-user needs.

We also analyze the market and competitive environment, identifying essential success factors and threats. Thanks to this, we can provide a solution that not only meets technical requirements but also effectively supports the client's business goals. What does the step-by-step analysis look like?

  1. Understanding the requirements – at the beginning of the process, we focus on thoroughly understanding the client's needs and expectations. To this end, we conduct a thorough business analysis, identifying key project goals and guidelines for functionality and performance.
  2. Collecting information – the next step is to collect the necessary information regarding the project, including analysis of existing systems, identification of potential threats and challenges, and assessment of technological possibilities.
  3. Business process analysis – we conduct a detailed analysis of business processes related to the project, identifying areas requiring optimization and automation.
  4. Creating specific requirements - based on the collected information, we develop a detailed requirements specification, precisely defining functionalities, user interfaces, technological requirements and other important aspects of the project.
  5. Verification and validation – we verify the created specification through systematic testing and consultations with the client, ensuring that it meets all expectations and is ready for further implementation.

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Is it possible to implement the project without a pre-implementation analysis?

Implementing a project without conducting a pre-implementation analysis is a risky undertaking.

By skipping this crucial step, there is a high risk of not understanding the full scope of the project's requirements and goals, which can lead to inefficient resource allocation, schedule delays, and excessive costs.

 Pre-implementation analysis helps avoid misunderstandings, and identify threats and challenges, providing a clear basis for further planning of the project.


Pre-implementation analysis can be compared to the foundation on which the entire project stands.

A thorough understanding of business needs and a thorough understanding of the operational context allows us to develop optimal solutions tailored to the unique requirements and goals of the project. Systematic data collection and documentation determine the scope of basic requirements for the project.

This allows you to avoid misunderstandings, minimize the risk of failure, and ensure effective and efficient project implementation, meeting customer expectations and achieving intended business goals. As a result, pre-implementation analysis helps to achieve goals and creates a solid basis for further success and development of the company.

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