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Market and competition analysis

Market and competitive analysis is essential for building a sustainable foundation for business growth. We believe this process provides value and influences overall business health.

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Mateusz Bober
Mateusz Bober
Marketing Project Manager
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Competitive analysis is the process of assessing a company's position and capabilities in comparison with competitors in a given market.

The goal is to understand how a company is doing in the face of competition - what its strengths and weaknesses are in the context of the business environment.

Market analysis is not just collecting dry data. It's trying to find hidden potential, discovering areas where you can grow faster, and being able to sense changes/trends that will be key in the future.

Studying the market and competition can spur innovation and change that can transform how a company operates.

Why is market and competitive analysis crucial?

In light of rapid market changes, it is crucial to understand what challenges today's trends pose. Market analysis helps identify areas that need attention, avoiding pitfalls that can lead to stagnation.

Knowledge of changing preferences is crucial when nurturing customer relationships and maintaining customer loyalty. With knowledge of consumer trends, your company can tailor offers to dynamically evolving expectations. It is essential to be aware that competitive analysis doesn't just involve tracking the activities of other companies.

That's not enough. It is more valuable to explore their strategies, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and, above all, draw conclusions that allow you to build a competitive advantage.

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Our Services

As part of a comprehensive competitive analysis, we examine various aspects to provide the company with the essential information needed to position itself successfully in the market. Our study covers the following areas:

Products or services - we will analyze your company's product or service offerings in comparison with the competition. Our goal is to identify unique features that differentiate your products or services from similar offerings. Our team will carefully examine your company's pricing strategy, analyzing price competitiveness and focusing on value-added. We will prepare a comprehensive assessment of price competitiveness and identify areas with potential for optimization.

Market and Segmentation - we will conduct an in-depth analysis of your company's market positioning, identifying essential target segments. Our goal is to understand how effectively your company tailors its products or services to different customer groups.

Innovation - we value your company's ability to innovate, examining whether the company maintains a step with new technologies, processes, or products compared to competitors.

Customer Relationship - we will analyze how your company builds and maintains customer relationships, covering customer service, marketing strategies, and communication effectiveness. We provide information on how to improve these relationships to build customer loyalty.

Distribution - we carefully screen the effectiveness of your company's distribution channels compared to your competitors. Our goal is to identify potential areas of optimization in market access.

Finance - we will conduct a financial analysis of your company, considering profitability, debt, and liquidity in a competitive context. We will provide the picture to enable proper financial decision-making.

Human resources - we will assess whether your company has the necessary human resources, including qualified staff and management capabilities. Tips for investing in staff development will also be included in our report.

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How do we work?

Our approach to market and competitive analysis focuses on transparency and meticulousness. We work in a six-step process that is structured to provide a complete picture of the business environment.

  1. Data collection
    A foundation that helps you get a complete picture of your market and competition.
  2. Trend analysis
    Identification of industry trends to understand market drivers.
  3. Competitive SWOT analysis
    The key is enabling the client to make informed strategic decisions.
  4. Data visualization
    Clear visualization to make complex analysis easy to understand.
  5. Benchmarking analysis
    Comparison of client's performance with industry best practices.
  6. Presentation of results
    A detailed report that provides a solid basis for strategic business decisions.

Who Our Offer Is For

Our offer is aimed at diverse companies, ranging from dynamic startups to established corporations. We understand that different companies have different needs and challenges. What types of companies can benefit from our services?

  • Startups in the development phase - for startups taking their first steps, we offer a package of support. Our market and competitive analysis helps define an effective strategy in the early stages of development, and access to experienced experts helps avoid the pitfalls associated with the dynamic startup environment.
  • Medium-sized companies - medium-sized companies that want to increase their competitiveness can use our services for more advanced market analysis.
  • Large corporations - for large corporations, our offer includes a comprehensive market analysis tailored to the specifics of the sector. We help identify effective technological solutions and optimize production processes.
  • Industrial companies - we specialize in industrial companies, providing market analysis tailored to the specifics of a given sector. We help identify effective technological solutions and optimize production processes. 
With our services, any type of company can find market potential and achieve success.