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Our experts share a summary of 2017

Our experts were asked to share their summaries of 2017. You can read their statements on and

Summaries like that not only help to visualize what happened in the last 12 months but also allow to predict upcoming trends.

Our experts were asked to share their summaries of 2017. You can read their statements on and They provide careful analyses in following categories: Online Advertising. Social Media, Content marketing, SEO/SEM and Web Design/UX.


Online Advertising

Daniel Kazanecki, Marketing strategist at Ideo Force, summarizes the most important matters concerning Online Advertising.

(…) Nowadays there are many interesting ways to create unique ads, promote brands or use tools. However, generic, less original and often irritating ads are still being created. (…) What becomes clear is the increase in the awareness and the understanding of the modern audience. The creativity, the search for exceptional solutions as well as the mutual trust between the agency and the client, are developing.

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When it comes to the biggest trends of 2017, it is hard to find the one that had suddenly emerged and instantly became successful. (…) Nevertheless, effective attempts to collide two ‘worlds’ – digital and real - are worth mentioning. It particularly can be noticed in the influence marketing. In Poland, as well as the rest of the world, ‘online celebrities (YouTubers, bloggers, streamers) become the vital part of the marketing strategy – not only through product placement but also as real members of communication (…).

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Social Media

Joanna Tymowicz, Client Service Director at Ideo Force, provides a short summary of what Social Media had to offer in 2017.

Dynamic development of social media platforms (…) forces brands to personalize their content and adjust it to the individual users. The process of using the same content on all platforms is less effective and might do more harm than good. That is why more pressure should be put into the preparation of quality, engaging and unique content on all channels.


This year was very dynamic in terms of social media technologies (…) i.e. the launch of Facebook Stories, Messenger Ads, Snap Map, Instagram Stories ads, Facebook Analytics or Facebook Marketplace in Poland. These changes indicate that marketers should keep their fingers on the pulse if they want to apply latest tools and possibilities effectively.



Content marketing

The evaluation of the current state of content marketing, as well as its upcoming changes, provide Magdalena Tobiasz, Content Marketing Specialist at Ideo Force.

(…) content marketing will still be an important element of marketing strategies. (…) However, we can expect the entirely new approach when it comes to content. I think that more pressure will be put on delivering added value and building the relationship based on co-operation (with users). It results partially from the power of recommendation – it is worth engaging users to create material and then make use of it. The importance of the interaction will increase; as a result of it, the lines between media (owned, paid, shared) will blur more and more, which will result in their more effective co-operation.




E-commerce’s dynamic progress and increasing influence describes Dominik Kaznowski, Ideo Konsulting partner

(…) in the third quarter of 2017, 50% of sales in 5 product categories came from the mobile channel. (…). This is a significant change that soon other segments will follow. In the USA, the overall contribution of mobile in online sales equaled 23% in terms of the value of sales. The statistics from Black Friday and Cyber Monday confirm it. According to Shopify, 64% of all orders came from mobile devices. This information emphasizes the importance of this channel as a tool supporting impulse shopping.


(…) everything indicates that by the end of 2017 e-commerce would exceed 10% of retail sales value globally. I predict that by the end of 2020 it would be 15%, taking into consideration yearly growth dynamics of 24%. It is worth mentioning that 2/3 of Internet users did their shopping online.




What will 2018 bring to the SEO sector predicts Daniel Holuk, Senior SEO specialist at Ideo Force.

The biggest change in 2018 will most likely be “Mobile First Index” – the new way of evaluating websites by Google indexing robots. Currently, the search engine evaluates the website by analyzing its desktop version (…). Based on that, the website’s rank in organic search results is being determined. When “Mobile First Index” will go live, the search engine will also start analyzing the mobile version of the website (…). In 2018, marketers will also face numerous challenges such as keeping up (…)  with the dynamically changing SEO market, predicting Google’s next steps, implementing good solutions that consider customers’ needs.



Łukasz Suchy, Senior SEO Specialist at Ideo Force shares his short summary on SEO/SEM in 2017.

I think that the biggest success of 2017 is the constant improvement of algorithms responsible for SEO/SEM. Google more often takes advantage of  AI and Machine Learning. It results in the acceleration of algorithms’ development and their constant improvement. It also helps to eliminate spam and unethical websites. Algorithms still have their flaws, but comparing to previous years they really improved.



Web Design/UX

Mateusz Bober, UX expert at Ideo Force, answers questions about Web Design/UX.

2017 continued trends initiated in previous years, such as progressive minimalistic design (…). Audiovisual message in a video form (visible on websites instead of regular sliders) is still going strong. Websites’ content is complemented by HD illustrations, which constitute the added value. When it comes to mobile devices, attention to details becomes more and more important. Web designers pay a lot of attention to animations that increase satisfaction during many micro-interactions that user makes when using an application.


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