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New book - "E-marketing – planning, tools and practice"

Containing over 400 pages of practical advice, the publication was edited by professor Grzegorz Mazurek from Kozminski University. Its co-author is Wojciech Szymanski, CEO of Ideo Force.

The book is a compendium that covers over 20 issues related to modern marketing. Readers can find out about social media, mobile marketing or how to build a brand image or create video content. The section on current SEO trends and content marketing was written by Wojciech Szymański.

The structure of the book is based not only on delivering theoretical information but also on presenting practical tools and additional case studies. The book is also filled with practical exercises which can be used during lectures or workshops.

This is what Wojciech Szymanski says about this book: "Digitization is currently one of the most essential trends that influence our life and the way of running the business. Adaptation to digital marketing rules is therefore necessary if you strive to remain competitive. The book E-marketing – planowanie, narzędzia i praktyka addresses key marketing issues, not only in the theoretical sense."


Translation of an excerpt from the book:

Case study

The impact of content on SEO is essential. The more content on the website, the better long-tail SEO and the whole website gains trust in Google algorithms. Content also helps to acquire new quality links to the website, for instance by publishing high-quality articles that contain hyperlinks to the website.

This case study analyzes the online furniture store that used content marketing to improve its positions in search engines results for long tail keywords as well as to increase organic web traffic. (…)

For a couple of months since the launch of the website, the organic traffic was relatively low. The main reason was Google’s lack of trust for new websites. The other reason was the fact that the furniture business is a highly competitive one. All this made the store owners search for alternative ways of SEO.

The company decided to expand content of the online store by:

  • creating an expanded section titled Advice. This one-time activity involved the preparation of 30 texts that answer precise questions of Internet users. This section includes texts with sample titles:
    • How to clean the mattress?
    • How to remove glue stains from furniture?
    • How to remove pet hair from the sofa?
  • launching and running a company Blog. Compared to Advice, this section was constantly updated – 2 or 3 unique texts every week. Sample titles:
    • Colors of 2017
    • Interior designer advice – Scandinavian style
    • Warm and cozy, the magic of Christmas at your own home.

3 years since the implementation of the new strategy, traffic of these two sections reaches around 12 000 unique users. (…)

It is necessary to take a look at the speed of growth of the number of users. In first two years, the increase in the number of users was 2 800 per year. However, 6 400 in the third year – which is twice as many than in previous years. This is mainly due to the increase in Google’s trust in the website as well as the number of links referring to the website (including Advice and Blog sections). It can be assumed that the number will increase in the next year.

Running a blog and a guide helped an organic SEO of the whole store. Given the accessibility of the topics (Advice and Blog), it was easier for SEO specialists to acquire links. Even some of the users willingly began to share posts from previously mentioned sections, which improved results. It is easier to publish articles with advice than a furniture category or a specific model. As it was stated before, the more content on the website results in Google's trust and higher positions. Trust Rank (search engines’ trust in the website) is another crucial aspect of SEO. Organic traffic statistics are the confirmation:


You can order the book on the Poltext publishing house website  E-marketing – planowanie, narzędzia i praktyka

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