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Key modules to support motivation of e-learning training users

Employee engagement is a very important element to successfully acquire knowledge through e-learning training. However, how to maintain them? Key modules that support the motivation of e-training users will help.

Maintaining a high level of employee engagement is one of the important factors for achieving a company's business goals. As the data shows, accomplishing this task is not at all easy.

The problem with low motivation of employed people is very serious. The “State of the Global Workplace 2023” report published by the Gallup Institute indicates that only 14% of Polish employees are engaged in their work. In this regard, we are ahead of most European countries.

Poor employee motivation can be a major setback for companies wishing to conduct e-training. This is because low engagement will prevent the sustained and effective acquisition of knowledge, and thus will not allow the e-learning goals set by the organization to be realized.

The use of appropriate mechanisms and the implementation of key modules to support the motivation of users is essential for a venture such as the implementation of an e-learning platform to be successful. So what elements of training must we pay attention to?

Knowing the needs of users - the first step in determining modules to support motivation

Matching the shape and content of e-learning training to the needs of employees is necessary, to increase or maintain their level of motivation. One way to find out what employees expect is to conduct surveys among them. However, it can also be effective to base efforts on research and scientific theories.

Data such as the “E-learning in the Face of Change and the New Normal” report created by Gromar, among others, shows what factors encourage people to pursue online education. The most common responses include:

  • saving time and money;
  • mobility;
  • the ability to learn anywhere;
  • condensed knowledge.

When customizing an LMS and the e-learning courses therein, it is also worth considering the teaching models used by many companies. One of them should certainly be the ARCS model.

How will the ARCS model help understand what motivates e-learning training users?

The ARCS didactic model was created by John Keller and allows for a better understanding of the factors affecting learner motivation. Denoting the key elements affecting engagement, the letters are, in order:

  • A - attention - maintaining the trainee's attention is possible by, among other things, ensuring a variety of materials and ways of presenting them, the presence of test questions or the use of humor or storytelling;
  • R - relevance - a sense of relevance of the acquired knowledge is essential for the trainee to want to continue learning, so it's worth showing the practical application of the information and referring to the knowledge the user has acquired during earlier stages of training;
  • C - confidence - thanks to the conviction of continuous progress, employees will be more willing to complete training; therefore, it should be ensured that they can observe the process and provide feedback on the achievement of subsequent goals;
  • S - satisfaction - an employee who is satisfied with the results of the training will be much more likely to continue acquiring knowledge; so we can ensure the presence of evaluations, rewards or the possibility of practical use of the acquired information.

Knowledge of these principles will help us to properly tailor the platform to the needs of users. This is because it will make it possible to identify the most important modules to support the motivation of trainees.

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Trainings combining different forms of knowledge transfer

A key way to keep the attention and motivation of e-learning training users will certainly be well-planned, engaging lessons. The information they contain should be delivered in various forms - text, audio and video.

Thus, it will be important to choose an LMS that allows easy creation of training courses and adding multimedia to them. This is exactly what the Ideo e-learning platform provides. If we want to make it easier to prepare an engaging e-learning training course, we can also use expert help.

Choosing the services provided by our specialists will guarantee that the material will not only contain all the important information, but will also be presented in a form that guarantees easier retention of employees' attention.

Tests as a way to increase the sense of relevance of acquired knowledge

Training modules with appropriately designed tests are also important both for keeping the users' attention and for building in them a sense of usefulness of the acquired knowledge.

The questions contained therein will be able to perform various functions - to remind and consolidate previously learned information, to increase employee involvement or to verify the effects of their learning.

Thanks to the possibilities provided by the Ideo e-learning platform, creating various quizzes and exams will be very easy. This will allow you to select the shape, volume or frequency of tests to meet the needs of users.

Training tracks to check e-learning progres

Tracking one's progress and believing that the process of acquiring knowledge is going well is another of the factors that influence trainees' motivation, according to the ARCS model. Arranging the material in the right and clear order will ensure that employees can see their progress through the training.

So how to provide them with this opportunity? A module such as training paths will be extremely helpful in this case. Thanks to this solution, present in the Ideo e-learning platform, users will be able to see how many stages of training they have already completed, and how many of them they still need to complete.

In addition, the administrator will be able to create several different individual training paths. This will avoid situations in which employees have to acquire knowledge that will not be useful to them in the performance of their duties.

E-learning training certificates

The last of the elements described in the ARCS model that affect employee motivation is ensuring that employees are satisfied with the results of the training.

Achieving this goal is possible through a variety of measures. However, the satisfaction of the trainees will certainly also be influenced by the certificates they receive.

The Ideo e-learning platform ensures automatic generation of certificates containing all the data of the trainee. So employees will not have to wait to receive the document. On the other hand, the appearance of the certificate itself can be freely changed, which will help to customize it to the customer's needs and the expectations of the training participants.

Gamification - a way to engage e-learning trainees even more

Gamification is an engagement-enhancing and motivational technique that more and more e-training developers are interested in. This tool can prove very useful in certain circumstances - as individual elements taken from games can respond to all of the factors described in the ARCS model. The effectiveness of gamification in increasing the involvement of e-training participants is also confirmed by numerous studies.

As the data indicate, as many as 83% of people participating in training courses that use game elements feel motivated. This is a result that certainly cannot be passed by indifferently.

The Ideo e-learning platform also allows the implementation of modules using gamification elements. This is made possible by dedicated solutions created to meet the needs of our clients.


A good LMS makes it easier to keep employees motivated and engaged

Creating engaging training is a process that requires us to have a lot of knowledge. Even if we are aware of what elements will help increase employee motivation, we will not be able to use them without an e-learning platform that provides the right modules.

Choosing a system that offers the most important functionalities is therefore key to achieving the business goals of companies that rely on online education. A solution like the Ideo e-learning platform will provide all the tools necessary to create engaging training courses that will increase the motivation of your employees.

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