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E-learning can improve the work of public administration, 18th January 2017. Author: Paweł Teper

The increasing informatization of society and the development of technology are factors that cannot be stopped in any way. However, this is far from being a necessity because their proper use can benefit and increase the efficiency of work - institutions, organizations, or offices.

It is not uncommon for the new IT solutions introduction in public administration to be associated (with good reason) with fear and resistance. New solutions are associated with a change in habits or the need to learn something “from scratch.” As a result, it feels as if activities that were previously performed almost automatically are being completed in a much longer time...

What would this situation look like for a platform implementation used for teaching? It is one big instruction manual that shows how to simplify and reduce the time spent working on daily tasks as much as possible. In fact, e-learning is a tool that can also help in public administration.

What exactly is e-learning?

Distance learning in the form of e-learning is primarily associated with education. For centuries, universities have been the cradle of the most innovative ideas. Modern technology, combined with the constant need to increase the attractiveness of teaching materials, has contributed to the creation of educational platforms. Impressive achievements in this area can be boasted, for example, Harvard, whose online "live" lectures are attended by more than 30,000 people simultaneously.

E-learning is a flexible tool because it allows learners and trainers to customize the content. The interactive use of multimedia content contributes to knowledge accumulation and transfer in a convenient, efficient, and enjoyable form. This solution is gaining more and more recognition not only in education itself but also in the world of business and government.

Information and education of citizens

One of the overriding tasks of government offices is to manage the affairs of citizens - both individuals and companies. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the procedures in force are not familiar to them, so the process requires more work. That is why it is necessary to instruct, prepare, and receive instructions.

E-learning platforms offer the opportunity to simplify and optimize the course of administrative affairs by performing an informative and educational function. Properly prepared materials, such as instructions and “step-by-step” procedure descriptions, are available to all interested parties.

This provides petitioners with information on where to go with an issue, what kind of documents to prepare before coming to the office, and how to fill out various applications. Clear, readable, and publicly available messages also help build a positive image of the offices. This solution also allows you to create repositories of official documents.

Its intuitive mechanisms enable you to build and freely modify applications, forms, or surveys. It is also possible to prepare them as downloadable files or direct printing. Particularly noteworthy are the electronic documents, which keep you informed of any irregularities through validation mechanisms.

In addition, it is possible to automatically export the entered content directly to the database. An example of such a repository of knowledge and documents can be found in the e-learning platform of the Ministry of the Interior's Pension Institution.

Employee training

E-learning is not only an aid to managing citizens’ affairs but also a convenient and efficient way to conduct internal training, induction of new employees, refreshing knowledge of procedures, or mandatory health and safety training – which can be carried on using an electronic platform.

One of the most outstanding advantages of this software is the relatively low cost of training per employee, especially if we compare it to traditional training courses, which require hiring external instructors, renting a room, or additional costs associated with travel and the disorganization of the individual’s time.

After the training courses have been prepared, they can be utilized multiple times without limitations. You can take the online courses as many times as needed and spend as much time as you require on them. This way, anyone can have access to the most recent knowledge at a time that is suitable for them.

The course preparation, uploading them into the system, and using them is intuitive, and no specialized knowledge is required. An example of a powerful and highly intuitive e-learning platform is, for example, the Okno na Wschód Foundation’s educational program, which is an e-learning platform created to improve Polish language learning from A1 to B1 levels. This site is directed primarily to our neighbors from across the eastern border.

Quick access to knowledge and coordination of activities

Reliably prepared and developed e-learning platforms can also act as an intranet. This is made possible by the function of storing and efficiently transmitting information in a form that is attractive to employees.

Efficient search and access to documents, files, and data allow you to improve the performance of daily tasks. It is also an invaluable aid in overseeing the activities of the entire institution and employees. Internal notification mechanisms streamline communication and ensure that all relevant data reaches everyone involved on time. On the other hand, the company’s online calendar allows you to plan the work of all departments and note important events or task deadlines.

Experience the key to success

For the implementation of the new IT system to be successful, there are several relevant elements. It is crucial to select contractors who have experience working with public administration. It is recommended to choose contractors who have previously developed websites, workflow systems, intranet platforms, and other tools specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of public administration.

Only such companies can fully understand the conditions and dependencies they will face. They will also be able to prepare and implement the product efficiently. However, it is worth remembering that the lack of such experience does not mean the company will not cope with the commissioned task. However, a wealth of knowledge helps streamline and speed up the entire process of preparing and implementing new tools.

This saves the time needed to finalize the project and maximizes confidence that the planned implementation will be successful. Extensive experience is the key to preparing a tool and modules tailored to the employees’ specific needs yet easy to use.

Such a system makes it possible to operate and perform daily tasks regardless of the IT knowledge. One of the overriding elements that dedicated administration solutions must guarantee is the maintenance of security principles and WCAG requirements.

IT systems that are implemented for this group of customers must be adapted for people who have difficulty using the Internet. This is especially true for senior citizens and people with special needs.


Reliably prepared e-learning platforms can be valuable for public administration entities, including municipal offices, ministries, and international institutions.

However, it is often forgotten that public offices and institutions are characterized by different operating characteristics, different processes, legal peculiarities, and the way they treat "customers." The innovation implementation’s success will be evident when the people who work with a particular information system daily are satisfied with those changes.

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