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The holiday season at work

The summer holidays are a blessing for most of us, but can present problems when the work solitaire is going up. And when key people in IT, for example, take a vacation at the same time, things can suddenly stop...


Here comes the holiday season, so the time that everyone is looking forward to. While some of the people will be lying on the beach, others may be worrying how to deal with the lack of employees, who are on the holiday leave. The problem is even more serious as those are the key IT employees who keep track of the continuous growth and functioning of a business.

It is very common problem that there is a shortage staff during the holiday season. Employees do often go on holidays with each other and, as a result, there appear the so-called work downtime, which has a negative effect and sometimes even is intolerable in some of the projects.

The IT industry requires constant monitoring, analysis, and on-time implementation of changes that are significant to the competitive market. So, how to efficiently maintain the continuity of projects and be able to enjoy a stress-free holiday?

One of the effective solutions is to outsource the IT services. Choosing the right business partner provides a possibility to effectively achieve the objectives and continue the work on projects smoothly. For example, here in Poland there is no problem with maintaining the continuity of work, as the employees usually take up to 2 weeks of a holiday leave. Thanks to this, a summer is as stable and productive as other seasons. As a result, we are flexible enough to successfully carry out projects for our global clients - without chaos and backlogs.


How do things work in practice?

Ideo Solutions AS offers local Norwegian consultancy, however its main offices are located in Poland in Ideo Software, which function in a nearshoring model. Within 20 years, Ideo Software, a company which specializes in IT Project Outsourcing, has grown from a small company in Rzeszów into a large IT development centre which provides almost all types of IT solutions to both small and large clients. During this time we worked for over a thousand companies and public institutions. 76% of them are our long-term clients with whom we have been working for 7 years or more.

 "The Internet offers unlimited possibilities now. Communicating and carrying out mutual projects at great distances is no longer a problem. In fact, it opens the door to new opportunities. At Ideo Solutions we use proven tools and solutions that help to manage projects and communicate efficiently." - says Piotr Biernacki, CEO at Ideo Solutions AS.

Today, companies operate internationally, even on various continents, and the work among dispersed offices is smooth and trouble-free. However, each country, company, or person has its own rules and culture that should be respected and taken into consideration during the process of planning the cooperation.

In the case of Poland and Norway cultural differences are not a barrier. Actually, we even have a something in common. Another advantages for these countries to cooperate is the same time zone, European standards of corporate social responsibility, and English language which is used in team communication.

"In Ideo Solutions we put great emphasis on relations among people who work together. Nearshoring itself provides many opportunities for that. At the same time our programmers are able to easily and quickly reach clients, get to know their business culture, and with use of these information conduct the cooperation." says Piotr.

The IT outsourcing comprehensively meets the needs of entrepreneurs and employees, who are able to plan their holiday being sure that everything works smoothly. Moreover, in this way they do not neglect the needs of their clients who can use the services without any issue. The quality of business conducted in this way is undoubtedly high, and the benefits can be seen at every corner.

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