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Wolters Kluwer Sp. z o.o. specializes in providing publications for experts in various fields, including law, health care, education, economics, etc. Besides publishing, Wolters Kluwer conducts training courses for companies, conferences, and webinars. It is also the owner of a professional platform for lawyers, which provides access to a complete, constantly updated database of law, judicial decision, and legal literature.

Tasks and objectives

Ideo got the task to prepare an online store equipped with all the functions necessary for online sales. The platform offer includes books, ebooks, online products, magazines, and subscriptions. The first stage of our task included the migration of the existing Wolters Kluwer store - (together with additional functional elements) to the new platform.

As part of the work, we made optimization of existing ERP and CRM solutions through the implementation of a central database.

The biggest advantage of such a solution is the ability to manage, among others: products, orders, and customers from one administrative panel. The website has also been equipped with dedicated functionalities supporting the sales department, such as: an extensive promotion module, client area module, or reporting module working for all stores connected to the central database. The recommendation module enables the presentation of products in line with the user's interests.

An important tool adapted to the requirements of the project is the full-text search engine ElasticSearch, which takes into account the need for advanced search of page resources. Its speed and flexibility affect for faster and effective product search.

To achieve full benefits of implementation, it was necessary to integrate the website with other applications used by Wolters Kluwer, including:

  • SARE - newsletter
  • CRM SAP – customer data management
  • ERP SAP – order management
  • BORG - user authentication and authorization system
  • WK Store – a system for licensing WK electronic products
  • Azymut – book wholesaler
  • VM – WK book database
  • Watermark – 2bits ebook security system
  • Dotpay – electronic payment system

Important elements of the project were also the website’s promotion and optimization. The Internet Marketing Department conducted a pre-implementation audit (examination of the existing situation, website visibility, and position in search engines) and post-implementation audit (examination of the effectiveness of solutions). In this way was created the specificity of implementation, including elements necessary for subsequent successful page’s positioning and obtaining more organic traffic.

We have also implemented solutions enabling effective marketing and sales activities as well as supporting customers making purchasing decisions. These types of mechanisms include push notifications and tolls, which support conversion’s analysis and optimization.

Big changes in extensive website structures bring a risk of losing earned positions in search results. Therefore, one of the key tasks was to develop appropriate mechanisms, and a schedule of activities that aimed to mitigate this risk.

The project implemented for Wolters Kluwer set us many challenges not only from the programming and UX side but also in the marketing field. A vast assortment of bookstores, as well as strong thematic specialization, forced the development of a dedicated marketing plan. We subjected all work to constant control and monitored the network using specialized tools. Thanks to this, it was possible to optimize activities and quickly respond to any changes. More about e-marketing activities implemented for Wolters Kluwer.

Main benefits for the Client
  • Modern and functional website,
  • sales department support - ERP and CRM processes in one panel,
  • responsive design.


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