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With basic computer skills and access to the Internet, you can become a front-end developer by simply attending a 7-month workshop, and the best participants receive a guarantee of employment.

In recent years, the demand for workers in the IT sector (mainly developers) is increasing. Based on last year's CSO data, it is estimated that in Poland there are currently approx. 50 thousand unfilled specialist places, and the deficit will grow about 3-5% in each subsequent year.

"This type of data in conjunction with the daily observation of the IT job market was the reason the idea was conceived for the courses, which can help to reduce the scale of the problem. We prepared the WebAkademia.IT project together with the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. We put together an intensive seven-month "Junior Front-End Developer"workshop. After its completion, each participant has the opportunity to apply for the position of junior programmer – and not only at Ideo. We hope to inspire many people to take the initiative which will help them successfully find their place within the labour market." – says Ziemowit Michno, Strategy Director at Ideo Sp. z o.o.

Cooperation between educational institutions and business entities is essential for increasing the innovativeness of the economy. Long-term cooperation between Ideo and the School of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów has resulted in many activities and projects directed mainly towards students. The latest project is the which is an initiative that allows participants to gain practical programming skills. In addition to the 180 hours of workshops, participants will create various projects which will help them to build a portfolio that can be useful for future job interviews. We have also prepared classes for those who prefer to use the knowledge in other ways, and we have prepared classes which will discuss the needs of the labour market, the stages of building a career in IT and issues related to setting up startups.

After completion of the workshop, participants will receive proposals for internships in a number of IT companies in our region. The best participants will receive a job offer.

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