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Ideo and Kozminski – we examine the users of the Intranet

In cooperation with scientists from Kozminski University, we try to evaluate the condition of using internal communication systems and the level of user satisfaction.

The use of Social Media, mobile apps or the process of involving workers in creating innovations, are examples of trends associated with the development of internal communication. These trends, noticed by western research groups, i.e. Gartner or Nielsen Norman, have not been analyzed in Poland yet.

The research titled “Intranet - an internal communication platform in a company” is a first complex research project addressed to people who use similar platforms. The aim of this project is: to examine to what extent Intranets are used in Polish companies, to identify its benefits and to determine the level of user satisfaction. This research is executed by Ideo and Kozminski University’s scientists, under the leadership of professor Grzegorz Mazurek.

Clients more often ask us to design and create the Intranet system or to optimize the previously acquired internal communication platform. As an agency that offers consultancy and software services, we suggest the best solutions. In order to find out more about its “market average”, we decided to conduct research. Based on it, we will prepare a detailed report that will provide answers and help effectively improve communication within the company – describes Arkadiusz Michno, CEO of Ideo Agency.

There is a quite distinctive gap between Polish and foreign research regarding the in-depth knowledge on applying the latest tools in internal communication. We believe that the combination of research methodology prepared by scientists from Kozminski University and Ideo Agency’s expertise in implementing Intranets will allow us to gather extremely interesting knowledge that we will later share – claims professor Grzegorz Mazurek from Kozminski University.

The results of the research will contribute to the creation of the valuable guidebook that will help readers effectively design and implement Intranets. The book will also feature information about Ideo Agency’s successful projects.

Intranet implementation, that had a beneficial effect on the company, is the one executed for Provident. The careful analysis and the adjustment of the tool to match client’s expectations and needs resulted in a 2.5 increase in workers’ involvement. The platform turned out the be the timesaving tool for managers and the rest of the company.

The final report and the guide will be available for everyone who will participate in the survey

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