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2015: Effective implementation of ambitious plans

Another year has passed, and 2015 is already a distant memory. What is important – It was an excellent year for Ideo . Time for a summary!

"Another year has passed, and 2015 is already a distant memory. What is important – It was aa excellent year for Ideo. It brought many successes and little setbacks. It was another year of strong growth, gaining the hearts of new customers and implementing very ambitious plans. There is nothing else left except, working hard to ensure that future years will be even better." - Concludes Arkadiusz Michno, CEO at Ideo Sp. o.o.

We gain new markets

Each country has a different specificity, people and mentality, which brings entirely new challenges to be faced. 2015 was full of intensive action, and the areas of our operations were effectively extended. Currently, we are active not only in the Polish market but also in Austria, Germany, Norway and Sweden.

Our strategy of development in combination with an individual approach to each customer's ongoing needs, brings us tangible results. This is one of the main factors that contributes to the acquisition of well-known global brands as our clients. We hope by continuing in this direction, we will see positive results in the future.

It is worth mentioning the following clients, with whom we established cooperation with, in the last year: LOT Travel, NFZ, Provident, Santander Consumer Bank and ThyssenKrupp Energostal.

We enjoy the trust of customers

Ideo’s philosophy is not only about breaking into new markets or gaining brands. We care a lot about the active support of our existing customer’s development. We are committed to their success, and we want to be part of it. Those who have trusted us for many years, commission new projects with us or choose to further develop existing solutions are BPH TFI, Cobi, DNB, iParts, LG, PAP, PGNiG, Pratt & Whitney, Stock Polska, Śnieżka, Wirtualna Polska and Wolters Kluwer.

Continuous development

Intensive work and many projects do not prevent us from developing our own competencies further. Last year we paid particular attention to the continuous improvement of working methods and optimisation. We always try to learn new skills, broaden our knowledge and track new solutions appearing on the market. Only in this way are we able to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Our team of specialists has grown since last year. Over 20 new people have joined our team who are already fully involved in the implementation of current tasks. 2016 started with a total of more than 170 employees.

The growing market demand for e-marketing services resulted in an intensive development of one of our sub-brands - Ideo Force. In 2015, 10 creative people joined our team so that we could expand our range of professional services. One new option is the extension of competence in programmatic buying and automation marketing.

We share knowledge and experience

How much would even the best knowledge be worth if you could not share it? We are always keen to share our experience and skills. If we have such an opportunity - we take an active part in industry meetings and conferences. We also try to inform our customers about the latest trends and solutions available on the market.

We present our knowledge to the youth, which is particularly important to us – as they will create the future. In 2015 we significantly expanded our cooperation with many secondary schools and universities.

We are keen to hear appreciation :)

We are happy when customers are satisfied with projects which are made by us, and when we manage to contribute to their success. Client references are also satisfying to hear - both in an official document and by recommending us to their friends, because at the same time they could be our potential customers.

Our daily work is appreciated not only by our customers, but also by representatives of the industry in which we operate. One such award we received - The Webstarfestival statuette, was for the extensive online shop which was realised by our company.

We always ensure equal access to online services for all users, including people with disabilities. Therefore, the title of "Website without Barriers 2015" is an important one for us which we were awarded by the Visibles Foundation. The service was designed and realised by our company for the National Council of Radio and Television.

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    BRW the best in "Home and Garden" category website has been recognised as the best in its category, in this years, Webstarfestival.

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