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The intranet platform offers a wide range of possibilities, making its implementation an important step in the company's development. It improves and shortens processes, provides the sought-after knowledge, supports the development of the team. Employees, a while after implementation, cannot imagine their daily work without it.

In order to meet the expectations pin on it, the intranet must be fully adapted to the needs. The customer can choose from a wide range of available modules or commission Ideo to design and implement a dedicated module. This way, we are able to make a platform that is compatible with other client’s systems and meets their expectations.

Presented below analysis of sample modules, may help in defining the needs.

The module is used to publish current information about the company. It displays the content in two views. The first one is a list of short descriptions with a photo. Next, you see the full content with extra photos, files, tables, etc. The module has a WYSIWYG graphic editor.

The module allows you to design both, simple and very sophisticated forms. It collects the survey results in a database and the administrator has access to all entries. It is also possible to export data to a .xls file.

Database of knowledge/documents
It allows us to store all the documents needed in the company. We can add each of them to the appropriate categories. Authorization system allows you to give permission to add or modification of files to chosen users. You can also give limited access to documents or entire categories.

A module that allows users to blog. Blogs can be hosted and managed by either one person or an "team of editors".

Possibility to chat with anyone in the organization. It also enables group conversations.

Business trip
Electronic management of business trips along with their reckoning. The module allows for the circulation of documents between employee, supervisor and accounting.

Invoice register
The module enables electronic registering of cost invoices, their assignment and electronic signing.

The discussion forum is a mechanism that allows real-time communication between the company's employees.

Photo gallery
It gives each employee (who has assign appropriate permissions) to add photos with descriptions. Users can rate each photo. The images are grouped thematically into galleries. The editor can easily and quickly publish photos on the intranet. The user can view the photos using the "next" and "previous" buttons, without closing the photo.

Help desk
The module allows to manage work on service requests and transfer them between persons/departments. It monitors each notification status. On the basis of received applications, it creates a list with the most common problems.

Possibility of scheduling meetings (including group meetings) and making notes. The module allows you to view the calendars of subordinates. It is integrated with the vacation request and the company’s resources booking module.

Calendar of events
A module present company events. All employees have access to the calendar.

The module gives information on work absence for each employee. It has the possibility of adding by the user’s panel or import from another system. This information can be displayed in a block on the portal page or directly next to a list of employees.

Document workflow
The module allows for managing the flow of incoming, outgoing and internal documents. It enables endorsement of documents, setting the date of issue-resolving, checking the document flow, scanning letters, giving opinions, accepting. The intuitive full-text search engine allows you to efficiently find the right document.

A module, which allows each employee to add advertisements. The announcements could regard all topics (e.g. an announcement regarding a trip to the mountains, organizing paintball games after hours).

Staff opinions / comments
User reviews/comments are part of the news and description page. Each employee has the possibility of adding comments to the published information.

Employee profile
The employee card displays information about an employee. It contains information from various system modules (e.g. employee photo, contact details, absences, user activity, etc.). It also presents data from other IT systems integrated with the company's intranet.

Contract register
Possibility of file contracts and scanning documents. Entering the validity period to each contract, assigning a coordinator to the contract, access to the contract’s search engine.

Resource Reservation
A module that allows reserving the company’s resources (e.g. cars, conference rooms). The person who accepts reservations receives information after every application. It could accept or decline without reservation. Every resource has its own coordinator, which keeps the resource in proper condition. This module could have a calendar or a list view.

Descriptive page
The module is used to publish content, photos, files to download, etc.. Also, it is possible to insert tables, create bullets, and attach links. The module has a graphic WYSIWYG editor and is the basic module of the system.

Organizational structure integrated with the address book
This solution reflects the organizational structure of the company. Employees are assigned to each department. Along with the structure, there is an address book of employees.

Banner system
It allows to add banners and publish them in any place on the website (defined at the design stage). It is an excellent tool for informing users about important events/news related to the company and its offer.

Command system
Giving command to employees in an electronic form, monitoring, and control of instructions received by employees.

Bespoke modules tailored your needs

We implement effective intranets based on our proprietary modular framework. We are able to design any module extending the platform's capabilities. This way, we adjust it to the individual client’s preferences and make it fully compatible with the systems already existing in the company.

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