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Digitalization of one of the household appliances & electronics distribution leaders

Numerous extensions and modifications for better management of the extensive product database for one of the leaders of the Polish household appliances and electronics market.

GT Group Tomaszek has been operating since 1991 and is constantly developing. Currently, their products and services are offered under six well-known brands related to the household appliances and electronics sector and the interior design industry.

With a wide range of products (more than 60,000), numerous suppliers and many sales channels, the first step was to introduce a centralised tool to improve product information management.

The purpose was to facilitate data collection, processing, and distribution to different sales channels (with respect to their individual characteristics). As a response to the client's needs, Ideo Software developed numerous modifications and bespoke extensions for PimCore which led to fulfilling project objectives.



"People – this is the greatest value of the company. We value smart and ambitious employees because they are the ones who take part in the implementation of tools and innovative solutions. The synergy of the right technology and the right people it is a formula for success in e-Commerce."

Ewa Tomaszek, Vice President of the Management Board, GT Group Tomaszek Sp. z o.o.


Challenge: Digital transformation

In the era of digitalization, more and more companies are choosing to make technological changes in key business areas. A perfect example is the home appliance industry - the ever-expanding product offer requires relevant tools to organize the enterprises' data.

Ideo Software experts carried out a thorough analysis of the GT Group's problems and needs. It became clear that our business partner required a specific approach that went beyond the usual management of a large product base (61,855).

We made numerous modifications to the PimCore platform and programmed proprietary extension modules. The result is a versatile tool that accurately acquires, embellishes and distributes product data to multiple sales channels.


“I do strongly believe that in the era of digitalization, technological changes are an integral part of enterprise development. For Ideo Software, nothing is impossible. We do always approach each client individually, a good example of which is the implementation for GT Group. This cooperation has resulted in a platform that goes far beyond the standard management of an extensive product offer.”

Dawid Mądry, Certified Pimcore Consultant, Ideo Software


PimCore modifications and extensions

In response to the Client's needs, We developed several modifications and programmed additional, bespoke modules to optimize data management in different sales areas.

  • New product tabs with individual categorisation make it easy to quickly introduce new products to the various sales channels and manage data in the system.
  • Product add-on forms ensure intuitive entry of new product bookmarks, while distributing tasks to individual employees.
  • Promotional Graphics Generator with the ability to send promotional email messages to defined recipients or groups.
  • New product importer with validation to minimise the risk of entering incorrect product descriptions.
  • Product Asset Exporter streamlines transferring product data to the company's distributors (taking into account their individual needs).

Learn more in Case study: the PimCore implementation for GT Group.


“The long-term strategy and subsequent introduction of extensions by priorities – those are the basis of companies’ functioning. This makes it possible to effectively manage the company’s growth.When having a strong basis, one is able to effectively diversify sales in online channels and conduct marketing activities based on specialized tools. 

I believe that e-Commerce companies must choose business partners to wisely deal with the provision and implementation of IT systems. During the search for technological partners, it is initial to verify their previous implementations, development plans for the provided tools, and to determine the method of performing tasks."

Damian Sobaszek, Manager for Implementation and Development of e-Commerce Technologies


Modern and well-structured solution

The jointly developed extensions have maximally structured the GT Group product data in each sales channel.

Thanks to the introduced solutions, we obtained a more efficient information workflow and a more attractive presentation of the product offer. All users were given specific roles and priorities, which made the product implementation processes more intuitive and faster.

Our customized solutions are used daily by our business partners and their clients:


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