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Lotto is one of the most recognizable and distinguished Polish brands. Totalizator Sportowy (operator of has been operating for over 63 years. It has a network of over 17,000 points of sale, which offer a wide range of lottery products every day. You can buy them also online. Over 400,000 registered users enjoy various lottery games at brand new website.

Tasks and objectives

We designed and implemented a new website. The primary focus was to create an attractive, user-friendly, and efficient site. All this, to provide the devoted lotto enthusiasts with a pleasant experience.

The platform must be up and running during Lotto drawings for over 100 000 visitors at a time. Every month, the number of website visitors comes up to almost 12 million people.

While working on the project, we also helped with data migration. It included all historical winning results and associated data since the first Lotto draw in 1957. is the most visited website in Poland (the highest ACV) at the time of drawing and publishing the results.

While working on the project, we included all the crucial factors for the website to run smoothly.

  • High popularity and a lot of web traffic. is 85th in Polish ranking for the average monthly viewership.
  • Frequent draws and results published on the website in real time. Every 2 minutes new results for a game appear.
  • Implementation of the best technologies.

While working on the project, we also helped with data migration. It included all historical winning results and associated data since the first Lotto draw in 1957.

We used the proprietary Edito CMS in the .NET Core version. It ensures high operating efficiency. Nuxt.js helped us to speed up page load, keep transitions smooth, and reduce server load. All data is processed and maintained on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Built-in tools and functions ensure high reliability of the platform and resistance to any failures.

High performance allows us to scale the load and run regular penetration tests. Encrypted communication and features prevent cyberattacks and make the platform more secure. The Microsoft Azure platform is perfect for this project type because of its innovative spirit. The idea is to match clients’ present and future requirements perfectly through scaling up

Used technologies enhance the better website running and automate processes on the website. First, they optimize our client's working time. Lottery results are visible in real-time thanks to API updates. The participants can even see the exact number of remaining ‘lucky’ scratchers.

The Lotto website layout is modern, responsive and, intuitive. You can access the page and use online services via mobile application or a browser. All data visible is up-to-date and synchronized with the LOTTO application.

Apart from providing extensive IT resources, we also created a modern graphic design. Apart from that, the users will find on the website new and attractive features.

We also optimized all available games, the ones with lotto and scratch-off cards. They match their character in terms of visual aspect and the game idea itself. Now, our client has a convenient CMS tool for managing various content types. Those include blocks for news, messages, descriptions, game rules, and other products.

Main benefits for the Client
  • modern, functional and intuitive website,
  • responsive layout,
  • simple and quick navigation on the website,
  • proven technologies ensure fast and trouble-free working order,
  • attractive layout,
  • the website adapted for people with disabilities (WCAG)
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