B2B Ecommerce platform (Magento) for Saint-Gobain group member - TADMAR

The TADMAR Installation Center is a part of the global Saint-Gobain industrial group. The company is a wholesale warehouse for heating, installation, and sanitary products. The sales network of 53 retail outlets makes them one of the largest distributors in Poland. They have been developing a vast product catalog for over 30 years. The company strives for professionalism and applies innovative technology to manufacture top-quality equipment.

Tasks and objectives

Our client requested us to design an online B2B shopping platform based on Magento 2.3 Open Source. Now the company’s business partners can place orders for needed products at www.e-tadmar.pl store.

TADMAR has many business partnerships with traders, wholesalers, design offices, investors, and real estate developers. They wished to facilitate that cooperation by creating a platform aimed solely at B2B companies. Also, the goal was to match it perfectly to market and business needs. To achieve that, we had to apply specially designed IT solutions.

The new B2B platform significantly improved the day-to-day cooperation with all company’s contractors.

The product catalog is dynamic and varies per each client and warehouse facility. To synchronize data in real-time, the platform uses geolocation service and postal codes system.

We have altered the ordering process sequence. Now, a customer has to select the delivery address at first to place an order. Afterward, the system displays product availability for any selected location in Poland. Meanwhile, the buyers also get precise information on when the order will be complete and delivered. The catalog items vary per each client and location, likewise the prices per individual client.

Anyone who wishes to purchase any items needs to create an account in the TADMAR system. Users with accounts enjoy extra benefits. For instance, they can:

  • view detailed product information,
  • go through the purchasing process more quickly,
  • check their orders’ status,
  • receive individual discounts and enter promotions,
  • negotiate prices more flexibly,
  • manage their trade limits.

For the accounts to work smoothly, we used a proprietary microservice, programmed in .NET Core technology. Also, we have integrated the ecommerce platform with the ERP system via the Magento REST API. The purpose was to enable our Client to manage any ecommerce features directly in ERP without going back and forth between systems.

The implementation included developing an invoice management application e-Faktury (eInvoices). This app type, we tailor individually to any clients' business needs. We have built the app in the ASP.NET MVC platform and integrated it with the www.e-tadmar.pl. Now, all company’s customers can view their invoices and check their current status.

The website search engine uses Elasticsearch to help users quickly find any product or other information they need.

Main benefits for the Client
  • Professional ecommerce platform for business clients,
  • Convenient and fast purchase process tailored to B2B industry,
  • ERP integration to improve sales management,
  • Useful features for facilitating and speeding up the ordering process.
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