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Magento vs Shopware - sales platforms analysis

Choosing the right sales platform is a matter that defines many aspects: what kind of e-commerce you want to build, how you will use it, and what consumer experience your customers will have.

Both Magento 2 and Shopware 6 are open-source solutions, so they can be freely developed and modified. However, they hold many significant differences that make them dedicated to completely different target groups. We present a compilation of these two systems on the basis of many categories. This analysis will help you choose and find the answer: which one fits your business best.

General information


One of the most popular e-commerce platforms on which 200,000 websites are currently based. It ranks 8th among all open-source solutions. The Magento system is used by the largest e-commerce companies in the world, such as Nike or Coca-Cola. A very large and active community has developed around the product.

Shopware 6

The German open-source platform has been present on the market for almost 20 years and has a 4.7% market share. It enjoys special interest in German-speaking countries. The system is very flexible, especially in version 6.

Price and implementation time

When analyzing the price, it is also worth taking into account the time factor, which may directly translate into the costs incurred. Sometimes building a less advanced system, but in a shorter time (which can be extended with new modules), will bring profit faster than a very complex tool at once.


The basic version of Magento Community Edition is of course free of charge. Magento Enterprise Edition costs about $18,000 per year. The highest Magento 2 Enterprise package costs up to $22,000 per year, and the price may be higher, depending on the sales volume. The highest package provides service to over 25 million customers, for a subscription of $125,000 per year.

Plugins cost from $40 to $10.00 (or more) depending on your needs. Magento offers over 5,000 plugins from 9 different categories, incl. finance, marketing, payments or security.

The implementation time of Magento is much longer than Shopware. A smaller project can be finished after about 3 months, while a larger one - up to a year.

Shopware 6

Already the basic (Starter Edition), free version, offers a very rich package of options. The Professional Edition costs 199€ per month or once per year for 2,495€. This edition gives you the choice between Shopware self-hosting or cloud hosting. The most advanced Enterprise Edition is priced individually. Overall, plugs can be purchased from 0€ to 7,900€.

As for the implementation time, the effects are noticeable much faster in the case of Shopware, the implementation of which can take from 2 to 6 months.

Technology and operating


At least basic technological knowledge is required. The very installation of the basic functions and their configuration requires attention and experience from a specialist. Daily use is enjoyable, but personalizing all settings is not so easy. Due to the popularity of the platform, you can find many tutorials on the Internet that will help you go through many complexities of the system. After all, it is a complex system that requires knowledge to operate.

Shopware 6

It does not require more technological knowledge. A very friendly panel allows even people without coding skills to make changes. Many elements are drag-and-drop-based. Constant preview of changes allows of quick modifications, even on your own. The customers of Shopware-based stores also have a brush with user-friendly interface.



It boasts one of the most developed communities in the world. Support is built from over 100 thousand members worldwide. Communication with them is possible through discussion forums as well as the official documentation of the company.

Shopware 6

The community is built of over 40 thousand members, however, it is worth bearing in mind that it is primarily German-speaking. In addition, it is possible to purchase a professional support service from the provider for the price of 49€ per month.


Both solutions are based on an open-source license, so it is possible to modify them. In addition, both brands offer an extensive package of plugins, both free and paid.


Due to the extremely extensive community, Magento can boast over 5,000 plugins, and because it enjoys unflagging interest, new ones are created all the time.

Shopware 6

Offers 3,500 different modules. Most of them are only available in German, due to the initial product development, only in German. This is currently changing and extensions are also appearing in English.

SEO and marketing


Which marketing features you get at your disposal depends on the package you choose. Worth mentioning are, incl. the ability to generate coupons and export them to the newsletter. Another example is the creation of a points and reward system. In addition, it is possible to buy additional plugins from almost 500 currently available. The prices of such a service reach even up to $1,000.

Shopware 6

SEO is built in automatically, but can be modified if needed. It is possible to buy a professional SEO plug, the cost of which is 249.00€. Certainly, a very large aspect of Shopware sales is based on storytelling. The customer's unique experience with the product is intended to encourage them to make a purchase.




It was designed for extensive e-commerces that serve a very large number of consumers. In addition, it offers a wide selection of currencies, shipments to different countries and payments. Therefore, creating a store with Magento is not a major problem - it is dedicated to corporate customers. Unfortunately, some modules from Magento 1 may not be compatible with Magento 2.

Shopware 6

Due to the fact that Shopware is dedicated primarily to small stores, if the store grows, it will be necessary to buy additional options. The fact that for a long time Shopware was developed only in German may be a major obstacle.

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What is Magento better at?

  • The biggest e-commerce system
  • The most extensive community support system
  • The possibility of setting up very advanced e-commerces
  • The possibility of creating e-commerce websites serving millions of customers

What is Shopware better at?

  • Flexible interface, also for less technologically advanced users
  • Most of options are available in free version
  • Short implementation time
  • Shopping experience based on storytelling

Drawbacks of Magento

  • Paid extensive options - if you are willing to use them, you have to reckon with high prices
  • The more modules, the longer implementation time
  • The complexity of the system makes it practically impossible to independently implement e-commerce - it is necessary to hire qualified IT specialists
  • Operating requires at least basic knowledge of programming languages

Drawbacks of Shopware

  • The community is made up mostly of German-speaking users and most of the older add-ons are only available in this language
  • Not as flexible and powerful as Magento, e.g. SEO options are slightly limited
  • The system is just conquering foreign markets and finding Shopware specialists is not easy
  • Unable to attend on huge, corporate shops

Final thoughts

It can be concluded that Magneto will be better suited to large e-commerce cases that serve thousands of customers. The brand, realizing the place it occupies on the market, also tries to reach smaller businesses. For this purpose, update 2.3.1 has been created with the aim of creating a friendlier environment for smaller businesses. On the other hand, Shopware is constantly developing and strives to offer an optimal product that combines many features of extensive e-commerce.

However, bear in mind that no matter which of the systems you choose, how it will perform depends to a large extent on how it will be configured. For this purpose, it is always worth consulting specialists, especially if you do not have experience in setting up e-commerce.

Do you need an efficient sales platform? Our experts will be happy to advise you on optimal solutions. Make an appointment for a free consultation.

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