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Comparing React Native vs. Flutter

Innovation is constantly accelerating in the mobile app world, and choosing the appropriate framework is becoming an essential step for developers and entrepreneurs.

React Native and Flutter, two leading platforms in the field of mobile app development, stand out for their unique features, tools, and capabilities.

In this article, we will analyze this dynamic duo and its advantages, disadvantages, and potential for integration with different business models. While React Native offers code portability, strong community support, and JavaScript familiarity, Flutter impresses with its unified user interface, hot code reload, and Dart programming language stability.

The analysis of these two frameworks is intended to help you make an informed decision in matching the tool to your specific business needs and project requirements.


Flutter is distinguished by its advanced approach to building user interfaces. It uses the Dart programming language, designed for speed and simplicity. One of Flutter's main features is its ability to create beautiful and smooth user interfaces, thanks to its proprietary rendering engine.

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Flutter advantages:

  • One code, multiple platforms - Flutter allows developers to write a single source code that can be used to build apps for different platforms, including iOS and Android.
  • Fast UI development - Hot reload makes code changes instantly visible on the device. This speeds up the UI development and testing process.
  • Proprietary rendering engine - Flutter is currently switching from the Skia rendering engine to the Impeller engine, which is even more powerful and has lower memory consumption.
  • Extensive widget library - Flutter offers a wide selection of ready-made widgets that can be easily customized and used to build complex user interfaces.

Flutter disadvantages:

  • Application size - Flutter applications can be larger than those written in other technologies due to the need to include a rendering engine and other dependencies.
  • Smaller community - despite its growing popularity, Flutter's community is still smaller than React Native.

React Native

React Native is a framework that has gained immense popularity due to its flexibility and performance. One of the main features of RN is the ability to develop applications for several platforms using a single base code. This JavaScript-based solution allows developers to use similar syntax and tools as when developing web applications in React.js.

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Advantages of React Native:

  • Fast development - thanks to a single base code, it is possible to develop applications for various mobile platforms.
  • Large community - such high popularity translates into access to numerous libraries, tools, and solutions.
  • Access to APIs - RN works better than hybrid apps. Due to access to native APIs, it gives a better experience compared to TWA.
  • Easy update - updates to the framework are regular and easy to implement, keeping the application in line with the latest trends and standards.

Disadvantages of React Native:

  • Native performance issues - despite the use of native components, some advanced features may still require additional optimization to achieve expected performance.
  • Less control over native features - in some cases, it may be necessary to create special native modules or use additional tools to gain control over device functionality.
  • Dependency on React Native version - updates to the framework can sometimes introduce changes that require customization of existing code, which can generate additional work for developers.

Comparing React Native vs. Flutter

When comparing React Native and Flutter, there are several factors to consider to make an informed choice. So, we will analyze these two platforms in terms of their features to understand which one will best suit your project needs.

  • Performance - React Native uses JavaScript to render the user interface on mobile platforms, which can affect the performance of the application when compared to native solutions. On the other hand, Flutter uses a rendering engine that allows you to create smooth and responsive user interfaces, ensuring high performance even with complex animations and visual effects.
  • Community support - both frameworks enjoy an active developer community, but RN may have more libraries and tools available. Flutter's popularity is growing rapidly and is attracting a growing community, which means that the number of available solutions is also increasing.
  • Programming language - RN uses JavaScript, which is widely known and used in the IT industry. Flutter uses the Dart language, which may require some programmers to learn. However, it is worth noting that Dart offers many advantages, such as static typing and tools for optimizing application performance.
  • Tools and libraries - both frameworks offer a rich array of tools and libraries to support mobile app development. React Native uses a wide range of JavaScript libraries available in the NPM ecosystem. Flutter, on the other hand, has a wide selection of pre-built widgets and tools for rapid prototyping and UI testing.
  • Native integration - RN enables integration with native device features via native modules and additional tools, allowing developers to access the full range of mobile platform capabilities. Flutter also offers native integration via channel platforms and access to native APIs via Dart.

Both React Native and Flutter have their strengths. Flutter offers higher performance and a rich widget library, while React Native may be more appealing to JavaScript developers.

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Which framework to choose?

If you are considering a choice between React Native and Flutter, it is worth looking at their potential applications. React Native is often chosen for rapid prototyping and building applications that need to be brought to market.

On the other hand, Flutter is particularly attractive for projects that require excellent performance and native design across multiple platforms. It is often the preferred framework for developing interactive applications, games, and complex applications that require advanced visual effects.

Both frameworks are tools for mobile app development. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences, project specifics, and native integration requirements. Are you wondering which framework to choose to meet your business goals? Do you want to learn more about the benefits of each solution? Get in touch with us.

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