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We create innovative marketing automation solutions that revolutionize how you communicate with your customers, increasing campaign effectiveness and optimizing costs.

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Mateusz Bober
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Marketing automation is one of the factors of effective and efficient communication. It allows you to automate and improve your marketing activities using specialized software. Thanks to this, companies can respond effectively and quickly to actions taken by customers, adapting their marketing messages to them.

Marketing Automation changes e-commerce. It enables companies to effectively target customers based on their behavior and preferences. Such personalized communication:

  • leads to greater customer engagement,
  • increases the effectiveness of marketing activities,
  • translates into increased conversions and sales.

This advanced tool allows companies to better understand their customers and build lasting relationships, which is the key to success in today's competitive e-commerce market.

What will you gain from marketing automation?

Marketing Automation brings many benefits to companies operating in e-commerce. The most important of them are:

  1. Increasing marketing efficiency by automating processes
    Marketing Automation enables the automation of essential marketing tasks, such as segmenting the customer base, implementing campaigns, and analyzing results.

    It eliminates the need to perform tasks manually, which saves time and ensures consistency of operations. The efficiency of marketing processes increases, and the team can focus on strategic activities, using precise data to make decisions.
  2. Personalization of customer communication thanks to data collection and analysis
    Marketing Automation allows you to collect customer data, such as preferences, purchasing behavior, and website activity. The collected information enables you to create personalized content and offers more relevance to individual recipients. Personalizing your communications increases customer engagement, builds loyalty, and improves conversion rates.
  3. Building customer engagement through personalized content and offers
    Thanks to Marketing Automation, it is possible to provide customers with customized content and offers tailored to their needs and behavior. Individual product recommendations, special offers, and reminders about abandoned carts effectively engage customers and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

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What to remember when choosing a Marketing Automation tool?

Choosing the tool itself is an important step. Consider several factors that will influence the success of your e-commerce strategy. These include:

  • company needs and goals that you want to achieve thanks to marketing automation,
  • offered functions, scalability, implementation, and maintenance costs,
  • integration with other systems used in the company (CRM, e-commerce platform, or analytical system),
  • technical support and quality of service provided by the tool provider, data security standards to protect customer privacy.

The final choice should be carefully considered and tailored to the individual requirements of the company to ensure the practical and effective use of this solution.

How to use Marketing Automation in practice?

After choosing the right tool, you should focus on the practical implementation of Marketing Automation in your marketing strategy, which includes several steps:

  1. Configuring the tool and adapting it to the company's goals, automating simple processes, such as automatic sending of purchase confirmations or welcome campaigns for new customers.
  2. Gradually expanding the strategy and implementing more advanced campaigns (for example, automatic sending of product recommendations based on the customer's purchase history or reminders about abandoned carts).
  3. Continuous analysis of results and modification of strategies depending on the collected data, optimization of campaigns, testing different variants, and reacting to customer behavior.
  4. It is worth paying attention to building relationships by personalizing communication and providing valuable content. Marketing Automation allows you to effectively service large customer bases while allowing for an individual approach.

Marketing Automation and data privacy

Collecting information about customers, their preferences and purchase history allows you to personalize communication and provide personalized offers. With this functionality comes the company's responsibility for personal data protection. Data privacy is a crucial aspect of Marketing Automation.

Businesses must ensure that customer data is secure and used lawfully. It is necessary to comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to ensure data is protected and used following their consent. Customer trust depends on how we communicate information about the topic.

It is worth being transparent on this matter. Transparent information about the privacy policy and ensuring the possibility of withdrawing consent to data processing at any time will allow customers to maintain control over their data. In the context of data protection, system integration is essential.

What does it mean? Withdrawing consent in one system should automatically affect all related systems to ensure consistency and compliance in the processing of customer data. Implementing conscious and responsible data protection in Marketing Automation allows companies to effectively use communication personalization while respecting customer privacy.

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Tools for Marketing Automation

There are many Marketing Automation tools available in the market. Each offers different features and capabilities, so companies can choose the tool that best meets their needs. Here are a few of them:

  • GetResponse
    GetResponse is a tool that stands out for its ease of use and a wide range of functions. It is particularly known for its email marketing and landing page creation features. Additionally, it offers a dedicated IP address for mailing campaigns, which is rare among other platforms. This means that these addresses have no sending history, which may affect the way they are treated by spam filters.
  • edrone
    This e-commerce marketing tool offers unique features such as artificial intelligence (AI)-based recommendations and a loyalty program. This is invaluable support for e-commerce stores that want to tailor their offers to the customers' needs and build long-term relationships with them.

    Such personalized recommendations are more attractive to customers because they select content and offers that are consistent with their interests and customer needs. This, in turn, contributes to increased conversions, customer loyalty, and long-term customer relationships. By offering special promotions, discounts, loyalty points, or rewards for purchases, stores can encourage customers to return and purchase.
  • Hubspot
    Hubspot is a comprehensive platform for managing marketing, sales, and customer service. It stands out from other tools thanks to its CRM functions and ready-made scenarios that allow you to automate many marketing and sales processes. Thanks to this, companies have insight into the history of customer relationships, which makes it easier to take more conscious and targeted marketing and sales activities.

    Another crucial feature of HubSpot is ready-made automation scenarios, which can automatically implement several marketing and sales activities (including sending personalized e-mails, responding to specific customer behavior, and monitoring progress in achieving specific goals). This allows you to manage processes more effectively, save time, and increase conversions.
  • SALESmanago
    This solution offers features such as advanced customer behavior tracking and A/B testing. These features allow for a deep understanding of customer needs and optimization of marketing campaigns. SALESmanago also offers other functions, such as marketing automation, lead generation, content personalization, data analysis, and many others, which enable marketers to comprehensively and effectively manage their marketing campaigns. The platform is popular among e-commerce companies that want to optimize their marketing activities and achieve success in online sales.
  • is a tool that stands out for its artificial intelligence-based features. This allows for effective customer segmentation and tailoring communication to their individual needs. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the platform provides a competitive advantage, enabling companies to deliver more personalized and efficient marketing messages to their customers.
    This platform offers individual functionalities, including chatbot and push notifications. These features allow you to interact with your customers in real-time, which helps to increase engagement and improve the user experience. also enables the personalization of marketing messages, making communication more tailored to the individual needs and preferences of customers.


Ideo Software and Ideo Force are an excellent partnership that can efficiently help companies implement and manage Marketing Automation. Thanks to our expertise in technology and marketing strategy, we can adapt Marketing Automation tools to individual customer needs and goals.

Ideo Software provides comprehensive consulting and high-quality, easily scalable tools that enable the automation of many essential marketing processes. Ideo Force offers strategic support and know-how in planning and implementing effective campaigns. Together, we are a strong team that can help companies achieve e-commerce success through Marketing Automation.

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