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The landscape of education and business is evolving rapidly.

To stay abreast of the latest trends in employee management and training, it's worth contemplating the integration of an e-learning platform within your organization.

This can greatly enhance the work and onboarding procedures for newly hired while having a tangible impact on the knowledge level of the employees.

What are e-learning platforms?

E-learning platforms are a popular form of online education that have gained tremendous success in recent years. Their popularity has been further accentuated by the global pandemic, which has led to an increase in remote work and distance learning. To enable people to work together despite their different locations, there was a need for systems that could allow for fast coordination and workflow of documents and information.

E-learning platforms are an advanced educational tool that uses digital technologies to enable the acquisition of knowledge and skills. These virtual platforms integrate various learning content such as multimedia, courses, tests, interactive modules, and assignments. They are revolutionizing the learning process by allowing education to be accessed anytime, anywhere, and enabling users to progress at their own pace.

E-learning platforms can be used in various areas, such as formal education (schools, universities), vocational training, soft skills development, product training, sales training, etc. They continually evolve to provide an effective and modern learning experience in the digital era. 

If you want to learn more about e-learning platforms, we invite you to explore this topic here. 


Why is online education here to stay?

The pace of change is incredibly fast, and what was new a short time ago can now be considered outdated. To stay competitive in the market, companies need to develop new methods and technologies that are aligned with current trends and changes. Knowledge management is key to developing the best business strategy.

Employee training and skills development are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. To stay ahead of the curve, it's crucial to constantly update knowledge and introduce new methods and strategies. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

That's why it's worth exploring e-learning platforms that are becoming increasingly popular in organizations. These platforms can be customized to meet the unique needs and nature of each company, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Implementing an e-learning platform is a step towards building an educational culture that will benefit the company.

To further support the legitimacy of implementing training platforms in the company, it is worth noting that a report titled "Global Corporate E-learning Market" states that 90% of companies worldwide already use e-learning platforms. While this figure may be exaggerated, it is undeniable that online training has a bright future. If you are interested in a current analysis of corporate e-learning, including information on the size of this market, its forecasts, and industry analysis, you should read our report. According to GlobeNewswire's estimates, the e-learning training market will have a growth rate of approximately 10% per year.

Benefits of using e-learning within a company's structures

It is common to feel discouraged when faced with the prospect of sitting down with a book and absorbing a lot of complicated information. This is what our education system was like from elementary school to graduation. The workplace should be different! However, the saying that "man learns all his life" is not just a common phrase - it is the truth of life. If we do not want to remain stagnant and wish to improve our skills, we have to keep expanding our knowledge.

But, what if learning could be enjoyable? With the help of multimedia and modern methods of memorization, we can make learning a pleasure, not a chore. Let's take a closer look at the advantages that make e-learning a standout system:

  • Learning anytime, anywhere. This means that you can choose the time that suits you best to learn new information. Continuous access to training resources is also important.
  • A vast range of material comes in various forms, such as video, graphics, and text, but also in the form of interactive games or quizzes, which increases the level of interest of the learners.

  • Personalized learning process by adapting the learning process to the needs and level of progress. Thus, everyone finds the most effective way to acquire knowledge and skills.

  • Unification of the message, preventing key information from getting muddled.
  • Using the e-learning platform is a big saving. There is no need to worry about the availability of classrooms or other training costs, which are often a drain on corporate budgets. Implementing an e-learning platform can avoid the high costs associated with employee training and development. It also saves a lot of time and money when onboarding new employees, who only need to be given access to the platform where the training is already waiting for them. Not only do we save money, but we also save the time needed to commute, especially if the training is held out of the place of residence. Time is money, for sure!
  • Comprehensive onboarding for new employees allows you to be sure that all the information is provided accurately, and employees enter the company with the knowledge that will allow them to quickly get up to speed on their new role.
  • Progress monitoring is critical not only for the management team, who receive information about each employee's progress almost instantly, but also for the learners. Seeing their progress is a great motivator for even the most knowledge-averse!
  • Influencing public relations and establishing relationships with the internal and external environment are essential. An organization that cares about developing employee skills and keeping customers and salespeople informed is becoming very attractive.

E-learning – what affects its effectiveness

Personalization, mentioned earlier in this article, is one of the most important elements that has a direct impact on the teaching process. Since everyone has different preferences and learning styles, e-learning platforms allow each employee to work through a set of materials at their own pace and according to their preferences. This enables them to spend more time on elements that are more difficult for them and less time on those they have already mastered.

The main difference between traditional training and an e-learning platform is the long-term nature of the curriculum. Compared to traditional training, e-learning platforms can cover the topic more comprehensively. The problem of limited program hours in full-time education can be eliminated by constantly adding new lessons and scientific materials to the e-learning platform.

The use of new pedagogical techniques and the best memorization techniques developed by scientists play a significant role in the pedagogical effectiveness of e-learning platforms.

Factors influencing the choice of e-learning provider

Implementing online training is a crucial decision for any company that wants to achieve results. To ensure that the objectives, which led to the creation of e-learning courses for employees, are being met, it is important to focus on how the e-learning platform is implemented by the provider.

The course structure and content should engage students and encourage them to go through the material thoroughly. It is to provide and consolidate key information, as well as introducing an incentive system to motivate employees to develop their skills through the courses offered.

The success of any training platform depends on the content and how it is delivered to the learner. The materials provided must stimulate the mind and be delivered through the latest educational and memorization techniques. The success of the e-learning platform depends on the creativity and the level of knowledge of the experts who create it. When choosing an e-learning provider, it is essential to look for their experience in the industry, a positive review of their previous implementations, and whether they are using new technologies in line with your vision.

To find the right e-learning provider, seek professional advice, high-quality solutions in terms of content, technology, and methodology, as well as a partnership-based approach.

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How to become a leader in the online education industry?

Software and platform management system

To ensure that your training and knowledge resources are optimized, choose a transparent training management system. If your course is part of a larger educational project that's divided into stages, modules, and levels, your organization will undoubtedly benefit in the long run.

When selecting a software system, make sure that it is precise, transparent, and intuitive to manage the platform in the administration area. Pay attention to whether the data is both extensive and organized, as this will enable you to make specific decisions about the educational development of employees and the company.

Track progress and generate individual and group reports

The monitoring is not only crucial for the company, but also for the trainees themselves. The software should provide easy access to learning results, presented in clear individual and group reports that depend on the training specifications. Some features that can be included in the reports are:

  • On-time implementation of a given educational goal,
  • Test results
  • Summary of employee results of various branches of the company.

These reports enable in-depth analysis and improvement of the platform according to real needs. The data can be used to make changes and corrections, particularly in those parts of the courses and training that show the lowest level of mastery of the material. This optimization process increases the effectiveness of your training and allows a quick response to identified issues.

Fundamentals of modern education and multimedia potential

There is nothing new under the sun, and this is true for many issues, such as social and historical ones. However, there is no doubt that we are going back to the days of pictorial forms. We like to feast our eyes on works of art or movie productions of the highest possible quality. We are surrounded by visual messages, and marketing visualization creators are outdoing each other with projects that will most effectively grab recipients' attention.

That is why it is worth differentiating the training platform from the beginning by making the interface clear yet graphically interesting. In this matter, it is worth relying on the experience of a graphic designer who can choose the colors, contrasts, consistency of the overall aesthetic, and the proportions of the elements. Although a book should not be judged by its cover, recipients make judgments in the first dozen or so seconds after encountering the product.Therefore, it is worth making the first impression to encourage them to give the platform a try and, as a result, use its resources on an ongoing basis.

The introduction of gamification and interactive elements to the training platform is supported by the fact that our brain can absorb and remember the received message faster by interacting with it. That is why it is essential to ensure that training on the platform is interactive. And what is behind this concept? In fact, we are limited only by imagination!

Students can discover more information by earning points and developing more interesting sections, and unlocking more parts of the course after a well-executed simulation of a given problem that fits their industry. Quizzes and questions force learners to memorize and mobilize to prove themselves in competitions. Or, perhaps, give employees a chance to compete with each other? There can be many ideas. It is essential to develop solutions during the analysis that fit the dynamics and interactions that characterize your business. Equip your platform with useful features such as:

  • Share learning materials - some people prefer to learn with printed materials, making notes on them, organizing them in folders, or creating their own mind maps. Give them the ability to access content easily so they do not have to manually rewrite it, which can be daunting.
  • Chatting - the ability to ask questions, share how you feel, and work together to solve problems also influences effective learning. Chatting also allows sharing problems with other employees, which may result in a new selling technique or best practice to implement. The best ideas are usually born thanks to the " brainstorming " method!
  • Access granting
  • Calendar - the calendar module allows you to inform users about all the upcoming events, as well as adding them to the calendar. The added events can be visible only to the person who created them, but they can also be shared with selected users. This feature helps efficiently plan and effectively organize the time of employees.
  • Certificates - this is an element of satisfaction for users who receive a positive result from completing the training. It also provides an opportunity to document the knowledge gained, which can have a positive impact on the motivation of employees who participate in training.
  • Link directory – this module allows you to store all the necessary documents, files, videos, or links to external websites in one place. The implementation of this module organizes the knowledge assets on the platform - allowing users to quickly find the material they are interested in.

Certainly, the use of these features will affect the comfort of working with the platform and make it even more accessible and attractive to users.

Compatibility of the platform with various devices

When selecting modern software, we no longer have to worry about its compatibility with mobile devices that run on different operating systems. This is especially important as it enables us to access subsequent training modules while on-the-go, such as when walking our dog or commuting to work. Streaming platforms have accustomed us to being able to watch or listen to content of our choice at any time, using our own mobile phone or tablet.

Therefore, it makes sense to try accessing e-learning platforms in a similar fashion, allowing for greater flexibility in learning. So why not give it a go on the e-learning platform?

Adding your own courses

In any company, a fast and efficient workflow of information is crucial for success. However, it is equally crucial to ensure that knowledge sharing is just as fast. Whether it's a new sales strategy or modern techniques for acquiring customers, it is essential that all employees have access to relevant information and training as soon as possible. To achieve this, the e-learning platform must allow for quick editing of training courses and easy creation of new materials.

It would also be helpful if the system could import training materials that already exist in the company and use them to expand future trainings. Moreover, it is worth considering the compatibility of the platform with other eLearning tools such as Rise, Captivate, or Storyline. This will help to ensure that the training materials are easily accessible, and the employees can benefit from them without any hassle.

A platform integrated with your branding

When discussing the multimedia potential of a platform, it is crucial to consider its visual aspects. A well-executed design can be the key to success and can provide image and marketing benefits. To achieve this, the style of the e-learning platform should be in line with your brand's visual identity. When people feel a sense of belonging, it creates positive emotions.

By making your training platform feel like a community working towards a common goal, you can strengthen your position as a company focused on continuous development and improving the skills of your employees. This can also help build an image of a company that embraces new technologies and is constantly developing its potential.

Stand out of the competition!

Consider using an e-learning platform to create a dedicated space for your distributors and customers. By doing so, you can provide your audience with easy access to instructions and guidelines for implementing or using your products. This approach ensures consistent communication and allows you to provide all the necessary information.

Moreover, you can use this tool during customer meetings and presentations of new product specifications. By organizing videoconferencing meetings on your training platform, you can collaborate with your distributors and demonstrate your commitment to maximizing the impact of their activities. Using your own platform to communicate will surely catch their attention and be well-received!


Training platforms have become an essential part of modern businesses. They not only increase the effectiveness of training and respond quickly to emerging skill gaps but also facilitate knowledge management. It is essential to remember that to achieve maximum results, the training application must be tailored to the company's needs and vision.

Once we know what our e-learning platform should look like and what functions it should perform, it's worth seeking help from a software house with the experience and skills to help us determine the scope of the platform's functionality and choose the right technology. Creating an e-learning platform requires specialized and extensive knowledge of how to create web applications that offer a range of functionalities to their recipients, which will positively influence the perception of the platform as a professional place to improve skills.

If you're interested in the impact of e-learning platforms on the development of the sales department and sales network, or if you want to find out how to create a training platform step by step, download our free guide - "E-learning: Effective tool for improving the skills of sales teams" and lead your company to the greatest possible success!

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