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PIM – effective way to manage extensive product database

We have prepared a free guidebook to give you an insight into implementation of a system supporting the product information management in your organization.

Since the e-commerce industry is growing so rapidly, the consumers got used to online shopping and do not want to stop doing it this way.

Those people are also increasingly demanding when it comes to online stores – they expect positive digital experiences and high-quality information.

A few years ago, companies managed data basing on tabular structures; however, the increase in the number of products, data sources, and sales channels, proved that this method also generates a lot of problems and challenges. To eliminate them, it has been necessary to use a system for product data management - PIM (Product Information Management).

In response to the challenges posed by the market, we decided to prepare a guidebook on "How to implement PIM." It is a compendium of knowledge describing how to prepare the organization step-by-step to correctly implement this tool - both in terms of content and technology.

Case study - GT Group Tomaszek.

Digitalization of one of the household appliances & electronics distribution leaders

Product Information Management is a tool designed to store product data. It facilitates and streamlines information obtaining and processing, designing attractive product cards, distributing data to all sales channels of a given company, and managing the whole offer. This maintains data consistency within all sales channels.

PIM is designed for large- and medium-sized companies characterized by a wide product range and omnichannel.

What are you to learn from our guidebook?

  • How does PIM answer the needs of the e-commerce industry?
  • What are the business benefits of implementing a PIM system?
  • How does PIM organize the marketing part of the online platform?
  • How does PIM improve the work of manufacturers and distributors?
  • Pre-implementation analysis – how to prepare the organization for the implementation of PIM?
  • How to effectively implement PIM in your company – step-by-step
  • PIM tools – which, among the most popular systems, will best fit your needs?

Let's broaden your knowledge on PIM with our latest e-book.

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