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OSM (PGNiG Group) with Logito platform

We have implemented an electronic documents workflow system for Operator Systemu Magazynowania company (PGNiG group).

Operator Systemu Magazynowania Sp. z o.o. (OSM) is a company established by PGNiG S.A. whose main activity is to perform tasks of the storage system operator. OSM offers storage services of natural gas and operates in the field of design and construction of underground gas storage facilities in rock salt deposits. Due to the crucial role of the smooth functioning of the company, it was necessary to take steps to maximum organize and improve business processes in the company.

We have implemented LOGITO an electronic documents workflow system for Operator Systemu Magazynowania company. This system supports the digitization of documents which come and go from the company and is responsible for their workflow within the company. This allows to significantly reduce time of document workflow and at the same time it gives full control over all documents. This solution improves internal communication and increases efficiency in the company.

The cooperation started with a full analysis of OSM structure, relations between departments, individual positions and workflow tracks of various types of documents. This allowed for a full copy of the dependency structure and the process implemented in the platform. Moreover, the system has been integrated with IFS system in the area of contractors, contracts and Active Directory database users.

The implementation process started in the middle of the third quarter of 2014 and ended in December through training operating platform staff. At the moment it is used by approximately 160 of people in 3 branches of the company.

"Launching Logito platform allowed to realize objectives pursued by us during the planning phase of implementation. The system helped to organize the processes connected with processing and document flow in the company. The threat of documents loss was eliminated at all stages of document workflow. OCR mechanisms implementation makes it easier to search for new documents in the system. We have gained faster access to a daily basis information process which increases the effectiveness of our work" - sums up Joanna Olewska, Head of Administration and IT in OSM Sp. z o.o.

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