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How to ensure the effectiveness of e-learning training?

E-training is widely used today in many companies and government institutions. In order for this form of knowledge acquisition to be highly beneficial, it is necessary to properly prepare educational materials. So how to ensure the success of training?

E-learning is becoming an increasingly popular way of acquiring knowledge every year. A survey conducted in 2023 shows us that as many as 51% of Poles in the 16+ age group have used an online course or training.

The popularity of e-learning also makes many companies and other institutions decide to implement their own LMS and prepare training courses for their employees.

However, in order for these activities to be truly effective, it is necessary to take care of a few extremely important elements, thanks to which we will increase the involvement of users and make it easier for them to acquire knowledge.

A good understanding of the organization's and employees' needs is key to making e-learning training more effective

Clearly defining the areas of the company's operations that require optimization and the needs of its employees is the primary task that needs to be done to increase the effectiveness of e-learning training. Only by knowing what we want to achieve will we be able to select the appropriate measures and verify the effects of implementation.

But how to know the real needs of our organization? It will certainly be extremely important here to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and collect employee feedback. Such an approach will allow both to find areas where our company performs worse than the competition, and to discover potential reasons for unsatisfactory results.

Examples of organizational difficulties that can be overcome through e-learning training include:

  • excessive cost of training; decline in customer satisfaction with service;
  • less access to knowledge among remote employees;
  • decline in process efficiency after specific changes are implemented.

When creating effective e-training, however, we must take into account not only the goals of the organization, but also the needs of the people being trained. Collecting employee opinions in the form of surveys and reviewing the results of those surveys can also help us with this.

This is because the data will allow us, among other things, to verify what benefits users of training platforms consider most important. This knowledge will allow us to better adapt the LMS itself, as well as the training courses found there, to the needs of employees.

So what, according to the people surveyed, are the reasons for using online training? The data shows that as many as 53% of those surveyed point to their convenience, and 51% point to time savings. Importantly, 32% of those surveyed also say that an important advantage of such courses is the customization of the pace of learning.

When we create e-learning courses, therefore, we must remember to ensure that they provide the convenience and flexibility so valued by users, as well as the ability to learn at their own pace and at a time of their choosing. We should also ensure that the time required to acquire knowledge can be shorter than in the case of desktop training.

Appropriate length of e-learning training - how to choose it?

One way to accommodate these needs, and at the same time increase the effectiveness of e-learning, is to make sure that training is of the right length. But how do you determine how long one module should be?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, such as, for example, the audience or the level of complexity of the material included in the training courses. According to some specialists on the subject of e-learning, the length of one module should be about 15-30 minutes.

If all the material cannot be assimilated in this time, it is worth dividing the training into several smaller parts.

Thanks to this approach to the creation of training courses, it will be easier to maintain the attention of employees, which will translate into the effectiveness of knowledge acquisition. This, in turn, will allow the company to achieve its business goals.

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Repetition of material as a way to better assimilate e-training knowledge

In order for the implementation of an e-learning platform to really bring tangible benefits, employees must not only acquire the information they need to pass the training, but also permanently assimilate the knowledge and be able to use it in practice.

Experience shows, however, that a large part of what we learn - both during classroom training and e-training - will be forgotten very quickly. Key in this case is knowledge of the relationship commonly referred to as the forgetting curve.

Although this tendency is based on experiments conducted back in the late 19th century by Hermann Ebbinghaus, many modern studies confirm the general validity of the properties discovered at that time regarding the functioning of human memory.

What, then, can we learn from this correlation? First of all, the fact that most of the information we remember will be forgotten by us just a few hours or days after we finish learning it. How then can we protect ourselves from this? A good solution would be to repeat the material several times after a certain period of time.

We can achieve great results especially when the given information takes a different form than the first time. Knowledge of this mechanism will allow us to use appropriate tactics to create effective e-training that will permanently improve the competence of employees. To maximize the amount of memorable information, it is best to use repetition of the material in audio, video or in the form of short recall tests.

Prepare the right sequence of e-learning training courses

Multiple recollection of previously acquired knowledge is also possible, among other things, thanks to the appropriate arrangement of material in specially designed training paths. Inclusion of short repetitions of information contained in earlier modules, or creation of a summary ending a given stage of training will allow practical use of the mechanism of the forgetting curve and facilitate learning for all participants.

The training paths available on the Ideo e-learning platform guarantee the possibility to design the learning process in such a way that not only the material is repeated, but also the subsequent information is assimilated in the right order. This is because it is often necessary to acquire certain knowledge or competencies beforehand in order to correctly understand a given content.

By planning the entire training process for a given position, we will be sure that each person starting the next module will be able to understand all the information contained therein.

Form of e-learning training vs. user engagement

For the highest effectiveness of e-learning, however, it is not enough to ensure high content value of the material and its proper arrangement. It is also necessary to provide an attractive and engaging form, which will be tailored to a specific audience. Many different elements should be taken into account, such as:

  • the presence of multimedia materials;
  • the right font size and typeface;
  • appropriate color scheme;
  • clear segmentation of text.

The Graphics and Creation Department of the Ideo platform can help create engaging materials that will help use the full potential of e-learning. The support of specialists who know the needs of the audience will certainly make it possible to increase the visual attractiveness of the training.

However, keeping users' attention does not depend solely on the graphical form of training. In some situations, in order to increase audience engagement, it may be necessary to implement elements known from gamification, such as:

  • competition;
  • tracking progress;
  • earning achievements.

Implementation of gamification into training is possible by choosing solutions dedicated to Ideo e-learning. As research shows, such action can increase the level of employee motivation and reduce their sense of possible boredom.

Choosing a good LMS as a way to increase the effectiveness of e-training

Implementation of solutions to increase the effectiveness of e-training will only be possible if you use a good LMS system. All of the discussed elements can be implemented with our Ideo e-learning platform.

In addition to the great possibilities of customizing training courses to a given company or institution and to the needs of its employees, it also provides a clear interface, thanks to which each employee will be able to immediately use the full potential of this tool.

When creating e-learning training courses, we must take into account many elements that translate into the effectiveness of education. If we are not sure if our actions will bring the expected results, we can also use the help of specialists. Ideo experts can take care of the preparation of engaging materials. Entrusting us with this activity will allow us not only to save time, but also to gain certainty regarding the content's value and attractiveness.

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