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How do mobile applications support online store sales?

Online sales, which soared during the pandemic, are beginning to slow. Consumers around the world have become more cautious with their spendings, which is affecting online sales.

Mobile applications are no longer just an additional channel for sales in e-commerce. Rather, they have now become a crucial tool for building a competitive edge and increasing the revenues of online stores. As technology advances and customer expectations grow, businesses are seeking novel solutions to make shopping more easily accessible and efficient.

This transformation is mainly focused on mobile applications. A smartphone is similar to an extension of our hands, and the use of mobile applications has become an essential part of our daily lives. It is, therefore, the key to successful e-commerce.

Benefits of the mobile application for e-commerce

In today's world of ubiquitous smartphone access, mobile applications for online commerce are becoming increasingly popular. They allow us to shop virtually anywhere, anytime, and offer the advantage of delivering personalized content to customers.

Personalized content is a key element of the marketing strategy that helps companies tailor their offers to their customers' individual needs and preferences. There are several ways that mobile apps can deliver personalized content, including:

  1. Product recommendations: Mobile apps can analyze customer behavior, such as products viewed, previous purchases, and ratings, to provide personalized product recommendations. For example, the application can suggest similar products or promotions if a customer often browses products in the Electronics category.
  2. Personalized offers: Companies can use customer data such as location, purchase history, and preferences to provide customized offers and discounts.
  3. PUSH notifications: PUSH notifications allow you to provide personalized messages about promotions, news and events. Businesses can use these alerts to inform customers of relevant events and offers tailored to their interests.
  4. Personalized inside content: Mobile apps can also provide customized content such as articles, reviews, tips, and multimedia. This allows users to receive information tailored to their interests and needs.
  5. Personalized shopping experience: Personalization is not limited to product offers. Apps can customize the entire shopping experience, from user interface to product categories to payment methods to delivery.

Personalized content in mobile apps is designed to increase customer engagement, improve the shopping experience, and increase conversions. Good practices in this area can contribute significantly to the success of online stores and increase customer loyalty.

Another benefit of mobile applications is their use in omnichannel. This is primarily due to the ability to integrate different communication and sales channels, which brings a number of benefits to both customers and companies. Here are some of the benefits of omnichannel.

  1. Consistent customer experience: This approach provides customers with a seamless and consistent shopping experience, regardless of the channel through which they shop. Customers can start shopping in a brick-and-mortar store and continue shopping online, or vice versa, making the whole experience more personalized and convenient.
  2. Customer convenience: Consumers can shop anywhere, anytime, across multiple devices and channels. This increases availability and flexibility, which is especially important in today's world, where customers expect convenience.
  3. Personalization: As mentioned above, it is possible to provide personalized offers, content and products, which effectively increases their engagement.
  4. Better data management: Channel integration helps you better manage customer, product, and sales data. As a result, companies can more accurately analyze consumer behavior and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.
  5. Online and offline integration: Omnichannel allows you to combine online and offline activities to maximize your sales and increase your visibility in the marketplace.

The use of loyalty programs in m-commerce

Loyalty programs are a marketing strategy to encourage customers to make repeat purchases and build a long-term relationship between them and the brand. These programs offer various rewards and benefits to loyal customers, making them increasingly popular in the mobile commerce world.

Loyalty programs can come in different forms, such as points-based, rewards-based, or membership-based. In a points-based program, customers earn points with every purchase and can redeem them for rewards or discount coupons in the store. Customer value is a crucial component of loyalty programs.

Companies can tailor rewards to fit their industry and audience preferences. These rewards can be discounts on future purchases, free products or services, gifts, or even bonuses for use in the e-store. It is essential that the benefits are attractive to customers and motivate them to participate in the program. Regular communication and engagement with loyalty program participants are essential to keep them engaged.

This means sending notifications, special offers, information about new products, or other content that is of interest to customers. As a result, participants feel more engaged and are more likely to continue shopping at a particular e-store. The ultimate and most important goal of loyalty programs is to build customer loyalty to the brand and the store so that, in the future, the store will be the first choice for finding the products they need.

Together we will analyze your needs and advise you on how to increase the efficiency of your e-commerce. Make an appointment for a free consultation.

Integration with other tools and platforms

An effective mobile e-commerce application cannot work in isolation; it must integrate with other tools and platforms, such as payment systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and warehouses. This ensures a smooth flow of information, reduces order fulfillment times, and minimizes the risk of errors.

Payment Systems - Integration with various payment systems is important to ensure a smooth financial flow in the mobile application. Offering multiple payment options, such as credit cards, mobile payments, or electronic wallets, increases customer convenience and can help increase conversions. Simultaneous integration with security systems ensures the protection of customers' financial data.

CRM systems - CRM systems enable better customer management. By integrating the mobile application with other channels and the system, all data on purchases, preferences, and interaction history is available in one place. In addition, the information stored in the CRM increases the ability to provide accurate, personalized offers.

Reduce order fulfillment time - Integration with warehouse systems is critical to reducing order fulfillment time. Updating inventory allows you to accurately inform customers of product availability, which also minimizes the risk associated with product availability. To encourage customers to download and use the application, it is worth offering exclusive promotions and offers available only in the mobile version of the store.

As a result, customers see value in the application and are more likely to use it.Examples of such offers include discounts, free shipping, or loyalty rewards. The key elements of an effective mobile e-commerce application are not static. As customer expectations evolve, the application should evolve with them.

Regular data analysis, gathering user feedback, and responding quickly to changing needs are key to keeping the application at the highest level. Dynamic adaptation of functions, user interface, and offers to current trends and customer preferences allows for maintaining a high level of quality of services provided in e-commerce.


How our Clients do it – case studies

In order to understand how mobile applications are used in e-commerce, let us take a look at some of the applications our experts have created to support e-commerce in various ways.

Lotto – play online
This application is designed to meet modern needs by eliminating the need to physically visit physical locations. Players can conveniently purchase tickets and participate in raffles with everything at their fingertips. It is a flexible solution that perfectly matches customer expectations. In its first month of release, the application was downloaded by over 130,000 users.

This is a testament to not only its popularity but also how a dedicated mobile application can be a key element of an e-commerce strategy.

​The world's leading logistics and transportation company continues to deliver innovative solutions that enable customers to manage their supply chain efficiently. Understanding the needs of the modern market, our experienced team decided to go one step further. We designed and implemented a new, optimized website for tracking courier shipments.

In the next stage, we developed the MójDHL application, which offers a wide range of functions and personalized services for registered users. The application has been developed using PWA and TWA technology to provide users with all functionalities regardless of the device used to manage the shipment or track the location of the courier.

All of this, combined with a transparent management panel, makes it easy to manage shipments and indispensable for those who value efficiency and customer convenience.

PWA for Black Red White
An alternative to mobile applications can be a PWA (Progressive Web App) solution. With the introduction of PWA, Black Red White not only wanted to provide an exceptional shopping experience but also to customize it.

It is an advanced solution that combines the best features of traditional websites and mobile applications. As a result, the company's customers can enjoy the full functionality of a furniture store without having to install additional applications on their mobile devices.


Mobile applications have become an essential tool for online stores that aim to stay competitive and offer their customers a unique shopping experience. What makes mobile applications so relevant to the e-commerce industry? These applications offer more than just accessibility on mobile devices; they provide the ability to create personalized customer interactions. By using mobile apps, online stores can offer products, build relationships, and engage with users on a new level.

Integration with other tools, promotions, and dynamic adaptation to evolving customer expectations are the essential elements that make mobile applications a strategic tool for e-commerce development. Mobile applications are not just a simple sales channel but an intelligent platform that can adapt to changing trends and customer preferences. For businesses, investing in mobile applications is not only a way to stay competitive but also a strategic step in attracting and retaining customers. It is a sales tool as well as an interactive gateway to build loyalty and provide customers with a unique shopping experience. .

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