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Air-Com Pneumatyka invests in online sales

Ideo Agency designed, implemented, and provides further maintenance for the B2B online store. Simultaneously, we implemented the PimCore system and integrated it with Air-Com’s new B2B online platform.

Within 16 years, Air-Com Pneumatyka-Automatyka has become one of the leading distributors of pneumatic components and equipment in Poland. To show their success, they have the widest offer on the market (over 400K products) from leading industry manufactures. They provide custom manufacturing, e.g. actuators and many other services revolving around pneumatic technology. The Client wanted to respond to customers’ needs and expectations, and as a result, they expanded the online store and B2B platforms’ features and optimize altogether their operation.

Air-Com online store,, got a fresh look. Apart from that, the platform gained several extra features which required building them almost from scratch. They focus on a new product management system, new graphics layout, improving usability, and integration with many ERP applications and marketing tools. In parallel, we have implemented the PimCore platform and integrated it with the online store.

B2B eCommerce Platform

Implementing the new B2B system was one of many business milestones for 2020. Despite the turbulence in the Polish economy, we did not slow down, nor did we give up. We have always believed that online sales are an effective way to do business. Our motivation came from seeing the sales growth and being inspired by our partners and customers. Since 2017, the launch of our first online platform, customers have been reporting their needs, notes, and insights. Having collected that data, we could include them while working on the new online store - sums up Paweł Oskroba and Marcin Temperowicz, owners of Air-Com Pneumatyka-Automatyka Sp. z o. o. Sp. k.

Navigating through the extensive database of 400 thousand products is not a simple task so, we had to develop a well-thought-out Content Structure. Together with the Customer we discussed and chose the best solution. The quick and intuitive search engine became a crucial project element. As users and buyers search for an item, it prompts them in several ways. For instance, the search engine displays product categories, allows entering its code, SKU, and product name. To make the search easier, we have also implemented extended product filters and autocomplete feature. Even if there are ‘typos’ it will help you find whatever you are looking for.

Shoppers get additional support thanks to the Quick Shopping option. As a customer, you no longer have to search through the category tree or find individual items. Placing an order is much easier now. Users can either add products to the shopping cart by SKU or upload a file (txt, xls, or csv) with a collective order. The latter one is especially important for manufacturing companies where typical ‘shopping lists’ come as spreadsheets that contain vital product codes and quantities. The method works very well and saves a lot of time compared to traditional shopping, i.e., adding items to a shopping cart.

E-Commerce Solutions for Businesses

After the needs analysis (platform users and buyers), we started the pre-implementation analysis and developed a functional project. We collected all the data which helped to design the online store in Edito CMS. We integrated it simultaneously with the PimCore system and the financial software Subiekt GT - AirCom already used. Connecting them all improved the overall product management and the sales process. Also, we worked on its integration with the API GUS (Polish government’s web Statistics Poland). It means users can with ease verify the potential contractors or business partners.

We optimized the mobile store version and improved the customers’ purchase experience on smart devices. Even the Sales Reps can place orders on the go, in the field, and reduce the overall delivery time.

For the complex platform to be built, our Ideo team handled its design and its entire implementation, followed by several integrations. Also, we take care of its further maintenance.

Write to us. We will analyze your business and suggest how PIM platform may help in its development.

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