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AI transforms e-commerce: Implementation for GT Group Tomaszek

Find out more about our latest implementation of AI.

GT Group Tomaszek is a leading company in the Polish household appliances and electronics market.

To enhance organizational efficiency, the company initiated a project with the aim of automating and personalizing content for its online stores. The project is designed to improve the level of automation and customization of content, catering to the needs of the Group's online stores.

During the development of the Pimcore platform, we integrated with the Chat GPT API. This new tool allows for the creation of dynamic product descriptions, which have a significant impact on channel efficiency and improve the end-customer experience.

Chat GPT supports the creation of personalized descriptions tailored to different sales channels, which is crucial in an industry with such a wide variety of products.

The implementation of Chat GPT has significantly reduced the content development time for multiple sales channels. As a result, GT Group Tomaszek can utilize this saved time for further development and innovation, while being confident that their offer is being consistently and attractively presented in all sales channels.


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ChatGPT is an intelligent system for chatting with people, using artificial intelligence to analyze user text and generate responses. Its functionality is based on advanced natural language processing. A key element is the use of precise "prompts," or questions that guide responses.

ChatGPT's artificial intelligence opens new perspectives in business, enabling automation, personalization and increased efficiency. This revolutionary tool is not only changing the way companies operate, but is also transforming customer service, taking it to the next level. Discover how AI technology is transforming the customer experience and shaping the future of eCommerce.

Effectively managing an online store is becoming increasingly complex. However, thanks to the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), e-commerce managers have access to advanced tools that can significantly increase their effectiveness and help them respond skillfully to changes. One of the key areas where AI can assist e-commerce managers is in personalizing the customer experience (CX).

Advanced machine learning algorithms can analyze data on customer behavior, purchase preferences and transaction history to deliver personalized product and content recommendations. Read the article, in which we will introduce various AI tools that support e-commerce managers, and discuss how their use contributes to market advantage.

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