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The most common mistakes made when implementing an e-learning

Providing fast and convenient access to knowledge is one of the most important challenges of modern organizations.

An enabling solution, which more and more companies and institutions are interested in, is the implementation of an e-learning platform. However, in order for it to bring the best results, it is necessary to avoid the mistakes most often made during this process.

Many organizations are now interested in implementing e-learning platforms, which are keen to increase the availability of training, reduce training costs or improve the efficiency of education.

Both schools and universities, as well as public institutions and private companies, are increasingly recognizing the advantages of e-training. For the best results, however, it is necessary to properly conduct the entire process of implementing an e-learning platform.

Knowing the mistakes that are most often made during the implementation of such a solution will help you better prepare for the challenges ahead and avoid the most serious risks. So what is worth watching out for when implementing an e-learning platform?

Inaccurate analysis of the needs of the company implementing the e-learning platform

One of the most important mistakes that can contribute to the failure of the entire e-learning platform implementation process is the lack of a proper needs analysis. Some organizations decide to implement modern software without a clearly defined goal.

Such an approach will not allow the training platform to be optimally adapted to the challenges faced by the client, and thus will not bring significant benefits to the client. But what needs can e-learning address? We can mention among others:

  • facilitating onboarding;
  • reducing training costs;
  • improving employee competence;
  • reducing the time required for training;
  • adapting training processes to remote workers.

Statistical data can further highlight the importance of e-learning. For example:

  • According to a study by McKinsey, companies that use e-learning can increase productivity by 50%.
  • A report by Brandon Hall Group shows that organizations that use e-learning perform 40% better on average in achieving business goals than organizations that do not use the method.
  • According to data provided by Ambient Insight, the e-learning market globally has grown from $46.9 billion in 2016 to $325 billion by 2025.

Thus, the entire process of implementing an e-learning platform should begin by analyzing the needs and expectations of the client who wants to implement the new software. It is this stage of work that is particularly important for our specialists. With the support of experts with years of experience in this industry, it will be much more effective to identify the most important requirements and goals of the organization.

Failure to determine the real needs of the target group

A major threat to the success of the entire project is also to start implementing the e-learning platform without first determining the needs of the target group, i.e. the people who will participate in the training courses. This is because it cannot be assumed that the expectations, habits and motivations of students, people employed in private companies and government employees are the same.

Statistics and data can make you realize how important it is to consider the needs of the target group:

  • According to an IBM report, tailoring training content to employees' needs can increase employee engagement by 36%.

  • According to a study by Deloitte, organizations that tailor their training programs to employees' needs are 42% more productive.

  • According to a LinkedIn Learning report, as many as 94% of employees stay with a company longer when they have access to training that is tailored to their needs and skills.

To better understand why it's important to tailor the e-learning platform to the target audience, it's also worth adding some interesting facts:

  • Depending on age and work experience, preferences for learning modality may vary. For example, younger people may prefer interactive online courses more, while older people may value traditional lecture-based lessons more.
  • According to the Training Industry report, 60% of employees prefer to access training anytime and anywhere, highlighting the need for flexibility in an e-learning platform.
  • Research conducted by Bersin by Deloitte shows that 70% of employees believe that the ability to customize training is crucial to their professional development.

Therefore, it is important that both the design of the e-learning platform itself and the mechanisms used for training are tailored to the specific audience. By determining the needs of users before proceeding, we will immediately gain a tool that will achieve the best results.

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Inadequately communicated needs of the organization

Even organizations that have properly analyzed their needs and set specific goals for implementing an e-learning platform may struggle with some difficulties at the stage of communicating their expectations to developers.

If a company ends up with a contractor who prepares software without properly listening to the client's expectations, chances are that the finished product will not meet all requirements anyway.

It is worth citing at this point the result of a study conducted by PMI (Project Management Institute), which shows that misunderstandings and lack of effective communication are the cause of as much as 56% of project failures.

That's why it's important to bet on working with experts who will only start preparing an LMS once they are sure that their vision for the software is in line with the client's vision. Many of our implementations are proof that we can effectively communicate with different organizations and prepare an e-learning platform that meets their needs.

Ignoring the need to take care of the security of the implemented e-learning platform

One of the challenges of implementing an e-learning platform is the need to take care of the system's security. Some organizations ignore this requirement and implement software that does not have sufficient security features.

This can lead to the leakage of sensitive data, which will cause numerous problems. Any institution wishing to implement changes must therefore take care of the security of dedicated e-learning platforms.

Data and statistics also underscore the importance of security in e-learning platforms:

  • According to a Cisco report, the number of cyberattacks on education platforms has increased 15-fold over the past year.
  • According to a study by IBM, the average cost of a data breach in the education sector is $6.35 million.
  • According to a report by Kaspersky, 80% of educational institutions experienced at least one cyber security incident in 2020.
  • According to a report by Educause, up to 91% of students believe their data is at risk when using online education platforms.

Creating ineffective e-training

Many people appreciate that e-learning allows them to acquire knowledge effectively. According to the survey, only less than 28% of people answered "rather not" or "definitely not" when asked whether they think online courses and training are more effective than traditional forms of learning.

Some of the organizations that have implemented an e-learning platform, however, express the opinion that this action has not translated into increased user competence. This is most often due to the fact that the created training courses were poorly designed and learners do not want to exert themselves in acquiring knowledge.

In order for an organization to achieve real and measurable benefits, it is not enough that employees pass a given training - it is far more important that they actually gain useful knowledge and skills. Choosing the Ideo e-learning platform, we entrust the creation of training courses with didactic preparation to specialists.

This will give you a guarantee that the finished material will allow you to really expand your competencies. We also offer various options for creating training courses on your own, which include: SCORM or PDF file import, training wizard or AI support.

Creating visually unattractive e-training courses

Even when training courses are well prepared in terms of content, they will not always interest all users. This is because their very form and the presence of multimedia materials is also crucial.

A good e-learning platform should therefore give the possibility to easily create visually attractive training courses, which will be tailored to the needs of a specific recipient.

However, organizations often have problems with creating all the materials on their own. Our creation department can be of support here, helping to prepare various graphic materials for dedicated training courses.

Implementing an e-learning platform that does not allow for the implementation of engaging solutions

A high level of learner motivation is a key factor in the success associated with the implementation of a training platform.

Implementing solutions that are not engaging will not allow e-learning to reach its full potential. As the data shows, 83% of people who have participated in training courses with gamification elements feel motivated.

On the other hand, as many as 49% indicated that they are bored by trainings that do not use gamification. The benefits of gamification beyond motivation are also worth mentioning:

  • Gamification can increase the ability to focus and concentrate in trainees, resulting in better learning outcomes.
  • Through gamification elements, trainees can better assimilate and remember the content being taught.
  • Gamification can also support the building of cooperation and competition among participants, which promotes interaction and the creation of a positive group atmosphere.

The dedicated solutions of the Ideo e-learning platform will allow the implementation of numerous gamification elements in training courses. Thanks to this, the motivation and involvement of participants in the education process will remain at a very high level.

No e-learning platform training provided

A big mistake that can significantly limit the benefits of implementing an e-learning platform is also to overlook issues related to training users on how to use the platform. While many systems are highly readable and intuitive, it should be taken into account that not every person is equally proficient with new technologies.

In order to enable users to take advantage of the full potential of the e-learning platform, it may therefore be necessary to organize appropriate training.

Its format should, of course, be chosen so that as many people as possible can benefit from it. If you choose Ideo e-learning platform, we can offer both on-site training, as well as telephone and online consultations with its users.

How to effectively implement an e-learning platform?

E-learning platforms are constantly developing tools that provide easy and flexible access to knowledge.

Their implementation should therefore interest all institutions and companies that care about improving work efficiency, reducing training costs or optimizing individual processes.

Knowing what to keep in mind when implementing an e-learning platform can protect us from the most common mistakes. Thanks to it, we will thus guarantee the success of the entire project and achieve the goals we have set.

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