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E-learning - what to look for when choosing a provider?

Autor: Paweł Teper, eLearning Project Owner, Ideo.

There is no doubt that there is nothing better than an e-learning platform to meet the many challenges of remote training. And not only does it have that function, but it is also the perfect tool to share fresh and up-to-date knowledge with those employees who for some reason are physically absent.

It is common knowledge that when starting a new job, new joiners need to go through an onboarding process, which includes training on their future functions or the rules and policies of the company and, of course, the various functions of e-learning platforms help to improve this process.

Well-prepared training material is extremely useful and beneficial for companies as it, in a way, fulfills some of the functions of their qualified personnel. In addition, the same content can be used repeatedly, which translates into reduced personnel costs.

Distance learning tools, as part of knowledge and competence expansion, are essential for large corporations, especially those for which training delivery is particularly difficult due to the large number of departments, varied shifts, positions, and sections they have.

All training requires the time and commitment of both superiors and subordinates. In that sense, e-learning platforms allow employees to access the materials at any time and they can also evaluate their knowledge at the end of each training. Something important to mention is that throughout the training, they can consult and solve any of their doubts via chat or video conference.

What to look for when choosing an e-learning platform implementer

A frequently asked question is how to choose a good e-learning platform provider. Is it enough to put a good term in the search engine? Well, the answer is partly yes and partly no.

Yes, of course, that search will generate a long list of results, however, it is precisely this wide variety of options in terms of manufacturers, professionalism, experience, and quality of services that complicates the choice. For that reason, we list below some important elements to consider when looking for the best e-learning platform provider.

Platform expandability

Like any other IT tool, an e-learning platform is neither designed forever. That is why it is of utmost importance that it can expand its capabilities in the future. The modular design is a huge advantage that is worth taking full advantage of.

And of course, don't forget to pay special attention to the technical facilities offered by the manufacturer, and be sure to check whether the company is indeed capable of creating a fully customized solution.

Self-management of the system

Although access to the platform panel and the ability to self-manage the system are standard features, not all providers offer them. In some cases, access to the panel comes at a cost, so it is recommended to check this type of details before deciding on one or another service provider.

Insights from completed projects

Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to evaluate is the company's experience in implementing this type of platforms. Therefore, we recommend paying special attention to the descriptions and complexity of their previously implemented projects.

The more elaborate and complex they are, the more likely they will also be able to implement complex modifications to your platform and satisfy your needs. At the same time, this is a good way to discover new and attractive functionalities that could be useful to your company.

Comprehensive assistance in the implementation and launch of e-training

It is not at all strange that even though some companies offer us suitable e-learning material, its presentation, and accessibility are not the clearest and simplest. It is not enough to have an attractive platform, but it is also important that the producer provides assistance during each stage of the implementation and development of the training material.

Follow-up support

The implementation of such a new tool requires adequate training. For this reason, if an error occurs during this process, the intervention and assistance of the supplier are indispensable. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you make sure that your manufacturer offers a good comprehensive support service during and after the implementation, especially if you are working with a dedicated system.

Monitoring and reporting support

Such a system requires constant monitoring to ensure that it functions optimally and achieves its long-term goals. An analysis of how it is used by various users can show an expert implementer which areas need to be improved. Likewise, a quick response to any possible improvements needed allows training to be more effective, which, after all, is the main purpose of implementing e-learning solutions.

The potential of an e-learning platform in a company

The distance learning model is successful in many industries, largely because of its varied practical application options; always dependent on the specific needs of each company.

Although e-learning platforms are almost always associated with traditional training and courses, they can also be of great help to other departments such as Human Resources. This is because this tool allows, among other things, to perform a specific analysis of training needs, to develop appropriate strategies to improve employees' competencies, and obtain an automatic evaluation of their knowledge, pre- and post-training.

But the possibilities do not end there, since thanks to this resource, superiors can also evaluate the satisfaction levels of their subordinates, in addition to knowing their opinion on various subjects. And of course, we have to mention another benefit. We are referring to the function that allows the user to generate reports and statistics automatically, which undoubtedly enhances the work processes.

An e-learning platform as support for remote work

An e-learning platform is especially useful to address various challenges such as employee dispersion and the need to access various materials online.

Due to the constant creation of new products and services, many changes are generated in the process, so it is necessary to organize internal trainings.

Traditional models are too time-consuming for both trainers and participants, so the only practical and effective solution is to create training materials and make them available for employees on a suitable training platform. In addition to other resources, this tool also offers the possibility of videoconferencing, an extremely useful feature for businesses.

The possibility of choosing modules or creating a dedicated one means that both superiors and subordinates will have at their disposal a support tool in their daily work activities, especially in the case of remote work.

Additional advantages of the distance learning platform

E-learning platforms have a wide capacity of functions that allow the integration of varied content loaded with a large amount of information. Of course, this would be much more complicated to achieve with a traditional model.

Fortunately, these systems have some interactive and audiovisual elements that diversify and enhance the teaching-learning process, speeding it up and making them an interesting alternative to replace those monotonous texts and blocks.

Traditional trainings are usually designed for large groups of people, in a short time, and instructed only once. This often results in content that does not fulfill its informative functions and is ambiguous for most participants. In that sense, one of the greatest advantages of e-learning platforms is that users can refer to any specific content they want, over and over again, at any time, allowing them to consolidate knowledge at their own pace. This, of course, is reflected in the quality of their work performance.

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One more of the benefits of this educational model is the automation of its testing activities, since thanks to this feature both instructors and participants optimize their time by obtaining their final score immediately after they apply the test. Not only that, but they also receive a report of what their correct and incorrect answers were. And of course, the icing on the cake is the possibility of generating a certificate containing all the necessary data of the participants.

In short

E-learning platforms are an extraordinarily flexible tool from which any company, regardless of its size, can benefit from its functions. All the possibilities they offer, which include the customization of their modules and their expansion options, integrate an efficient system for the optimization, improvement, and enhancement of the company's quality of work and operations.

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